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Policies and procedures for reserving and using state fleet vehicles for VCSU faculty, staff, and students. State Fleet/Motor Pool Training 09/13.

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1 Policies and procedures for reserving and using state fleet vehicles for VCSU faculty, staff, and students. State Fleet/Motor Pool Training 09/13

2 HOW DO I RESERVE A VEHICLE? VCSU State Fleet Vehicles are reserved through the Facilities Services Office. The VCSU Vehicle Request Form can be found online at: Complete and submit your Supervisor for approval. Once your supervisor has approved, the request will be routed to Facilities Services for completion. Please turn in vehicle requests 48 hours PRIOR to departure date to allow enough time for the approval/reservation process. Vehicles are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis. If a VCSU State Fleet Vehicle isnt available, you will be instructed to contact Valley City DOT (701-845-8803) to reserve a vehicle. Once a vehicle reservation is confirmed with the Facilities Services Office, you will receive a calendar invite for the vehicle.

3 WHAT IF A STUDENT WILL BE DRIVING THE VEHICLE? Be sure to indicate whether or not a student will be driving the vehicle on the online Vehicle Request Form. If a student is driving, please send in the Request for Volunteer or Student Driver form. This form needs to be submitted AT LEAST 2 WEEKS PRIOR to the trip. IF FACULTY/STAFF ARE GOING ON THE TRIP, THEY ARE REQUIRED TO DRIVE! Facilities Services encourages all student drivers to review this safety training.

4 HOW DO I KNOW IF A VEHICLE IS AVAILABLE? The vehicle schedule is available online at: p=1204 p=1204 OR Contact the Facilities Services Office: 701-845-7705

5 WHERE DO I PICK UP KEYS? Vehicle & garage keys are available at the Facilities Services office. If no one is in the office, please contact the Power House at 845-7708- they will be able to issue your keys. Please present a valid drivers license at the time of key pick up.

6 WHERE DO I PICK UP THE VEHICLE? State Fleet Vehicles are kept in the campus garage across from the Bubble (unless an email is sent out to campus indicating an alternate location). You may leave your personal vehicle in west garage lot or the Bubble parking lot. Parking a personal vehicle in the garage is discouraged due to insurance reasons.

7 HOW DO I CHECK OUT A VEHICLE? There is a vehicle check-out form located in each of the state vehicles (including the vans, People Mover and select maintenance vehicles) Provide the following information on the check-out form: Vehicle # Name Department to be charged Time/Date BEGINNING Odometer Reading

8 WHAT IF THERE IS A MINOR PROBLEM WITH THE VEHICLE? In efforts to ensure the safety and cleanliness of the VCSU State Fleet vehicles, there is a Comment Box located at the front of the garage to report any issues with the vehicle you were assigned. The Comment Box is checked every morning by a Facilities Services staff member. Comment Cards are available for employees to report MINOR problems with the car (i.e. cleanliness, low tire pressure, mechanical problems, etc.). If there is a MAJOR problem PRIOR to taking the car on a trip, call the Facilities Services Office to be issued a new vehicle.

9 WHAT DO I DO IF THE VEHICLE I WAS ASSIGNED IS UNSANITARY? Report the issue on a Comment Card before leaving on your trip. If you have time, contact the Facilities Services Office to see if there is another vehicle available for you to drive. When a car is reported as being unsanitary, the Facilities office will review the schedule and bill the previous users department for the cleaning charges up to $30.00. No one wants to drive/ride in a dirty car! Respect others and the vehicles and leave the vehicle in a clean state.

10 WHERE SHOULD I FUEL A STATE FLEET VEHICLE? Gasoline/diesel fuel is available from state fuel sites. These sites are available for use 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with an automated fuel dispensing system (AFDS). Operators are encouraged to use DOT pumps as much as possible. Do not fill up at local gas stations unless absolutely necessary.

11 HOW DO I PAY FOR THE FUEL? ALL North Dakota State Fleet vehicle have a Voyager gas card: This a vehicle assigned credit card which allows you to fill fuel at State Fleet fueling locations: At the fueling location: Insert and remove card (magnetic strip down and to the right). Enter your PIN Key (each state fleet user is issued a unique ID/PIN# through the State Fleet Driver ID program). Press enter. Enter the odometer reading and press enter. ( For trucks and buses, key in the hour meter and press enter). Select the dispenser, press enter, and begin fueling. If there is an error, try the card again. If the card does not work, contact Facilities Services. 701-845-7705

12 WHAT IS THE STATE FLEET DRIVER ID PROGRAM? Starting in the Fall of 2013, State Fleet Services will be issuing unique driver ID/PIN #s to each state fleet user. This ID/PIN # will be entered when using the Voyager card to fuel vehicles. This new program will replace the old pin number (10+unit #) program that is currently being used at NDDOT fueling sites, retail fueling, and retail repair shops for State Fleet vehicles. Please do not share or give this number to anyone else to use. Please start using the new individual numbers immediately when prompted for driver ID/Pin # when using the Voyager card. If you experience problems, please call the 24/7 emergency telephone number on the bottom of the card. If problems occur that the emergency number does not resolve, you may contact State Fleet Services @ 701- 328-1434 during regular business hours for further assistance. If you do not receive a letter from State Fleet Services via campus mail by the end of next week and need to request an ID/PIN #, please contact Jessica in the Facilities Services Office- 3-7710.

13 CAN I USE THE VOYAGER CARD FOR ANY OTHER PURCHASES? The gas card may be used to purchase fuel, oil, wash, and other motor vehicle repairs from a commercial outlet when a state fleet facility is not available. Operators are to use self- service and follow these instructions: Verify that the station accepts the credit card– try to use major name brand stations. Actual prompting at a retail facility will depend upon the card-scanning software available at the station. Ask the attendant to scan the card as a FLEET CARD. If the retail facility is capturing the maximum amount of fueling information, the driver will be prompted for the following: DRIVER NUMBER – Key in the assigned PIN number. ODOMETER – Key in odometer or hour meter reading. (If the retail facility does not get a prompt for driver number and odometer, the fueling transaction is still captured. State fleet will not require a copy of the gas receipt, if it is gas only).

14 WILL THE VOYAGER CARD WORK OUT OF STATE? The Voyage Card will work out of state, but verify the gas station accepts the card PRIOR to purchasing the fuel/other vehicle supplies. The Voyage gas card does NOT work in Canada If you are traveling to Canada, a different fueling card is available at the Facilities Services Office.

15 WHAT IF MY VEHICLE HAS MECHANICAL TROUBLE WHILE ON A TRIP? Contact the Facilities Services Office- 701-845-7705. If you are in state, contact the nearest DOT station for repairs and pay with the Voyage Card. If the nearest DOT Shop is closed or you are out of state, contact a services garage to repair the vehicle. Pay the invoice with the Voyage Card. If you are unable to pay with the Voyage Card, you will need to pay with your personal credit card. Please turn in any receipts to the Facilities Services Office upon return for reimbursement.

16 WHAT IF I GET IN AN ACCIDENT WITH A STATE FLEET VEHICLE? In the event of an accident, the insurance and registration cards are in the vehicles glove box. Make sure you give the other party the information from the card. Make sure you get the same information from the other party and turn in to Facilities Services as soon as possible! Report all accidents, even minor ones to the Safety Office immediately- 701-845-7710. Give a detailed report to the Safety Coordinator. The Safety Coordinator will then take your information and fill out the state form SFN 51301. Be prepared to be contacted by the Safety Coordinator or NDDOT representative with more questions.

17 WHAT DO I NEED TO DO BEFORE RETURNING A VEHICLE TO THE VCSU GARAGE? The user of the vehicle is responsible for the following: Refueling at the Department of Transportation location on Kathryn Road, south of the Interstate. Refueling instructions can be found in the glove box of the vehicle. If needed, washing the car at Johns Tesoro. Carwash instructions can be found in the glove box of the vehicle. Removing debris from the interior of the car, including trash, dirt/mud, and spills. Vacuums are available at the DOT refueling station, in the VCSU garage and at Johns I-94 Tesoro. Removing any personal items from the car. Remember to check the trunk as well.

18 ARE THERE ANY OTHER CHECK-IN PROCEDURES? Fill-out the check-out form with ending odometer reading, time and date. Return keys to the key drop box. If you do forget personal belongings in a vehicle, contact Facilities Services to retrieve the item(s).

19 NORTH DAKOTA DOT POLICIES The driver must have valid drivers license. Only state employees and students are allowed in state vehicles. Spouses, children, animals or hitchhikers may not ride in the vehicle Operators must obey and comply with all traffic laws and regulations. Operators will pay all fines or parking fees issued while operating the state vehicle.

20 NORTH DAKOTA DOT POLICIES (CONT.) State vehicles are for STATE BUSINESS ONLY. Do not take vehicle to personal residences for overnight parking (unless you have received prior approval). Smoking is prohibited in all state vehicles. Texting is prohibited in all state vehicles. All occupants MUST wear their seatbelt properly. All faculty and staff need to attend Defensive Driving every 4 years (you will be notified when you are due to take the course).

21 THANK YOU! Thank you for taking the time to review this information. If you have any questions concerning VCSU State Fleet, please contact Facilities Services- 701-845-7705.

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