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Localism & Community Rights Processes & Procedures for Hounslow Ian Duke Head of Policy & Scrutiny HCN 28 July 2013.

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1 Localism & Community Rights Processes & Procedures for Hounslow Ian Duke Head of Policy & Scrutiny HCN 28 July 2013

2 Processes at Hounslow Localism webpage can be found in Community & Living section of council website

3 Community right to bid application process 1.Council receives application 2.After initial criteria check owner of asset & local ward members are consulted 3.Council will assess application in detail and make recommendation on whether to list asset 4.Asset added to list (owner right to request review of decision – process will take at least 8 weeks, longer if owner requests review) 5.Community will have 6 weeks to give notice of intention to bid when assets come up for sale 6.If community decides to bid they will have up to 6 months to prepare and submit bid

4 Assets of community value - Community right to bid Enquiries and submission of application forms contact Corporate Property: Application forms and guidance can be accessed from website We will publish details of all listings including both successful and unsuccessful applications on our website

5 Right to challenge process Timeframes for when council will accept expressions of interest are listed on our website Expressions of Interest may only be submitted by not-for- profit, voluntary or community bodies or by two or more Council employees They may only be submitted in relation to a 'relevant service', i.e. one provided by or on behalf of the council in exercise of its functions that it is not excluded by regulations The council must advise the relevant body of the maximum period that it will take to notify them of its decision on an EOI. This must be done either within 30 days after the close of any period specified by the authority for submitting EOIs or, if no such period has been specified within 30 days of receiving the EOI. These details will be published on the our website.

6 Community right to challenge Enquiries and submission of “Expressions of Interest” contact Corporate Procurement: Application form & guidance can be accessed from council website Applicants will receive an initial response within 30 days of the close of application window or within 30 days of submission were no window has been specified Council will assess EOIs for how they would promote or improve local social, economic and environmental wellbeing

7 Feedback Not as friendly as it needs to be and we are keen to get your feedback Send feedback and suggestions on accessibility, usefulness & potential improvements to: or write to us at: Corporate Policy Civic Centre Lampton Road Hounslow TW3 4DN Localism webpage link: ex/community_and_living/locali sm.htm

8 Neighbourhood planning The neighbourhood planning webpage which can be found within the Environment and Planning section of our website

9 Neighbourhood planning process Applications and enquiries sent to planning policy team. Planning policy assess application for compliance with required criteria such as ‘relevant body’ status of organisation and boundaries of proposed area Draft application published on council website and consultation process begun Following consultation period officers prepare report for consultation with Cabinet and Planning Committee Report presented to Borough Council for approval For neighbourhood plans, neighbourhood development and right to build orders the council must also support the undertaking of an independent examination of proposals and the holding of local referendums before adoption by the Borough Council.

10 Neighbourhood planning For all enquiries related to neighbourhood planning including advice on how we will assess applications for setting up neighbourhood areas and forums contact our planning policy team via email: or in writing: Planning Policy London Borough of Hounslow Civic Centre Lampton Road TW3 4DN


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