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SAVING MONEY. Shopping Things you want Things you need.

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2 Shopping Things you want Things you need

3 So how do we have our cake and eat too? When shopping prepare a list and only bring the money that you need. No need to bring money to spend on things you dont need. Use coupons and try to go shopping when stores have sales. Dont go shopping just if you are bored, if so leave your cash at home. Keep a lookout for markdowns and clearance prices. Dont get sucked into deals too quick. Buy bundles of items that you use regularly.

4 Health Care Instead of paying for health care through insurance companies, find programs based on your income or what you can pay. Wholesale pharmacies can save you, and you dont have to be a member to have your prescriptions filled. Look online for glasses if you already have a prescription.

5 Utilities Unplug devices that are not Being used. Use fans instead of running the AC unit. Keep lights turned off when not in a room, during the day open the curtains or windows for light. Make sure to seal any open cracked or gaps through out your house. Contact your local electric company for savings programs and discounts.

6 Travel Look for places in your state or neighboring, that would be fun for the family. If your flying, buy tickets in January and February airline have the best deals then. Travel with groups, companies will often give discounts for a certain quantity. Cruise lines are less expensive in the midsummer and fall. Insurance companies and some programs for seniors also offer discounts for your travels when you are a member.

7 Car Expenses Keep up with all the regular maintance, this will save money in the long run if problems occurred. When buying a car, choose a car and color that does not raise your insurance. Sign up at your local grocery stores to save money at the pump.

8 Good saving habits are better developed at a young age. But as adults, it can be more difficult to learn how to organize our finances. Saving money just takes reasonability and knowing your limits. Follow the small simple steps to saving money and you will be enjoying that long beach front vacation in no time.

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