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Ways t o s ave MONEY !!! Ten money saving tips for teenagers.

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1 Ways t o s ave MONEY !!! Ten money saving tips for teenagers

2 Tip #1: Save up all of your loose change ! Have a small jar of some sort or a piggy bank in you room. Every time you spend money and receive loose change, place it all in this jar. Believe it or not, money from this jar will add up more quickly than you think, and you will have lots saved up! The trick is, keep yourself from going to the jar and taking out money when you need it.

3 Tip #2: When you receive money, keep some aside for saving first ! Whenever you receive money from any source (allowance, work, gift, etc.) automatically put some of it aside for savings instead of spending it. You will automatically have some money that will be put into savings! If you try to save after you have spent, chances are you won’t have any money left for savings! The amount you save prior to spending is up to you, but make sure it is a reasonable and achievable amount. Maybe start by saving about 25% first, and slowly work you way up to your desired amount!

4 Tip #3: Do not take all your money when you go out ! When you go out (dinner, shopping, hangouts, ect.) do not take all of your spending money; take only the amount you will need. This will help you spend your money gradually rather than all at once. This will also help you decrease the chances of losing your money. Decide on how much you want to take with you, and put limits on how much you spend. Less cash on you will cause you to hold back from free spending. Keep in mind that this money is only from what you have left for spending, not from your savings.

5 Tip #4: Create your own shopping list when you go out ! Create a list of these items that you “need”, so when you go out, you will hold back from spending money on things that you “want”. There might be times that you didn’t plan on buying something. You can buy the item, as long as you don’t go over your budget. If you must choose between two items, look at your shopping list and go for the need first, and decide which one would be most useful. The key idea here is to know which items are needs and which items are wants.

6 Tip #5: Look around for the best deals, and get items on sale ! You can actually save money and still get what you want. If what you “need” is not urgent, wait for it to go on sale. Look around at different stores or shop online and compare the prices and quality. If the item you want is not specific or limited to a brand, look for similar items which may be cheaper, but still satisfy what you want. This might take a bit of time and patience, but in many cases, its worth the wait!

7 Tip #6: Get a savings account ! When your jar full of loose change fills up, the best way to keep it safe is the bank! You can get a savings account, and store all your money where no one else will have access to it except for you. The good thing about a savings account is that you do not mix up your spending money with your savings. Many savings accounts also do not allow you to withdraw money at all times and make you pay a fee if you do, so that will also keep you from taking your savings money.

8 Tip #7: Have someone you trust keep your savings money for you ! If you can’t keep your money for you because your tempted to spend it, a great way to keep your savings money safe without you having direct access to it is a close family member. When you have put aside money for savings, just temporarily give it to your parent to keep hold of it for you. Once you get the chance to go out, head over to the bank and deposit your money into your savings account.

9 Tip #8: Get a job ! If you see that you are not earning money in any way, getting a job can be a great way of earning money for savings. You can apply for jobs at fast food restaurants as well as stores. Some easy ways to make money is to ask your parents if you can do any chores around the house to get money (washing the car, mowing the lawn, ect.) Consider asking close family and friend members if they need a dog walker or even a temporary baby sitter!

10 Tip #9: D o n ot b uy things t hat y ou have o r c an m ake a t home r egularly ! Many teenagers find themselves buying different food and drinks outside rather than making them at home. Many buy Starbucks coffee daily, which can add up to a lot of money due to the price. Try making your coffee at home by purchasing instant make at home coffee which gives you the taste you love at a cheaper price. Make eating out a weekly treat rather than a daily routine.

11 Tip #10: Use everything you have to the fullest ! Many teenagers tend to take what they have for granted, especially expensive items such as various electronic devices. A great way to save money long term is to avoid buying the newest model of something when the one you have works perfectly fine. Make sure to take good care of things you have that are of high value, use them to their fullest ability, and be careful not to misplace or break them.

12 Those are all the ten MONEY saving tips for teens ! Try to follow these tips and after a while, I guarantee you will have more money saved up than you ever have, even if its a small amount! Remember, not all of these tips work for everybody, so try the ones that seem most achievable and suitable for your goal, and then pick the ones that work best for you! You could even try a combination if you like! A little bit saved up is better than nothing, and you will feel better too! Good luck!

13 Thanks f or watching ! -Bita -Planning 10

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