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MOBILE STRATEGY IN PUBLIC RELATIONS How to Be Mobile Ready for Your Campaigns.

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1 MOBILE STRATEGY IN PUBLIC RELATIONS How to Be Mobile Ready for Your Campaigns

2 WHAT IS MOBILE? For Public Relations, Mobile is: A way of communicating through any device that the consumer takes with them everywhere and uses anywhere.

3 THE MOBILE REVOLUTION The Internet will very soon be everywhere Increased spectrum 100s of millions in new builds Federal subsidization to create a completely connected county This will be a thing of the past:

4 THE MOBILE REVOLUTION Mobile devices are getting much cheaper 25% decrease in the price of cell phones Cell company subsidies have reduced the price to basically free Tablet prices have decreased – average of $300 Theyre replacing laptops functionality Tablets can now perform nearly every task of a laptop Web based programs negating small memory of tablets

5 THE MOBILE REVOLUTION Mobile Devices are now everywhere Smartphones: 140 million smartphones in America 1.4 billion in the world Use of these devices is set to explode Tablets 34% of adults own a tablet 50% of these consumers make more than $75,000 and have a college degree.

6 HOW DOES MOBILE DIFFER Mobile isnt about devices, its about the behavior Mobile Behavior is Immediate Augmented Reality Hyper-local GPS knows exactly where you are Easy There is no patience in mobile Visual More images and Video, less text Unobtrusive You can keep doing what youre doing and use it

7 HOW DOES MOBILE DIFFER What Mobile Isnt Patient or Tolerant Dont make them wait For every one second of load time you lose 10% of traffic Intrusive Doesnt force your to stop what youre doing Built in Flash Why? Why?

8 BEING MOBILE READY How do you integrate mobile into your PR initiatives? By Being Mobile Ready Ensure that your communications are: Easily consumable on a mobile device That it is easy for the consumer to access That it appeals to geo-tagging and hyper-local search That you take advantage of shifted mobile consumption

9 MOBILE READY WEBSITE Do you use Flash? Stop. Stop Now. What does your site look like at two inches tall? Is your site responsive Do you have a mobile version? How deep is your navigation? Do you force users to download content? HTML vs PDF Does your site tell browsers where you are or where you serve? Are you taking advantage of hyper local search?

10 ADDING LOCATION Creating Google Maps Tag places where you are prevalent Tag places where you have done a big project or launched a new initiative Use Google Places More than half of the devices sold are Android Bow to the Google Gods Enter location into the code or your website, application or other online content. Geo Tag images, video, even white papers

11 MOBILE READY MEDIA RELATIONS Take advantage of the shift Consumption expansion vs. consumption replacement The new viewing hours Work vs. mobile viewing What days are back on the table? Are your press releases tagged for local search? What type of media is used with the article? Is the site mobile-friendly?

12 MOBILE READY CONTENT DEVELOPMENT New consumption times especially important More eyeballs, less noise Think about keeping it light on the weekends but still push messaging Employee insights Pictures from your past Pop Culture and Your Brand Charity work Etc. Think about less text and more images

13 MOBILE READY SOCIAL MEDIA Social Media is inherently mobile YouTube over self-hosting videos streamlines the process and suits data needs Added apps to Facebook should be data light Shorter is better – Think the new 10 second Instragram videos Is what Im doing going to read on a small screen

14 MOBILE READY YOU Understanding images and video Were word people Determine how to tell your story in three images or less. Determine how to tell your story in a minute or less of video Know how to use your phones camera well Use for crisis communications Sharing feel-good moments Adding life to planned events

15 MOBILE READY YOU How to tell your story from a mobile perspective Can they access reviews directly from the store? Can you get them to donate five dollars via text after watching a compelling video? Do you make the ask? Can a purchasing manager set up a Face time chat while viewing a website? Where can you find extra opportunities? Is everything that you are putting out easy to consume and fast to load? Can I add location to this?

16 SHOULD I CREATE AN APP? Stay platform agnostic Operating systems may come and go Preferences shift The web can grow with you better than an O/S The aveage user only downloads about ten apps How do you break through the noise? Is an application necessary? Does it have a real objective? Can you recreate in on the web? Dont waster users time or memory!

17 QUESTIONS? Heather Tweedy Bright Sky Interactive @heathertweedy 402-301-7320

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