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1 RIPA R EAL E STATE P ERSONAL A SSISTANT The future has arrived

2 Some-one asked me the other day, What does RIPA do? Initially I thought about all the time it saves, how it eliminates mistakes, reduces the need for staff and most importantly how it continually wins listings and sells properties.…. But then I thought, no, RIPA simply puts our agency so far in front of every other local agent that theres really no comparison between us.

3 From a single desktop PC you can control your entire business or you can easily link RIPA to up to 5 office based computers. RIPA can also operated remotely from your home address or via tablet PCs whilst in the field.

4 RIPA is a single entry system and nothing is entered twice. Selections made on every page such as this one automatically flow through to every document in the data base.

5 Specific area allocation allows you to narrow down search fields for purchasers

6 Arranging open homes now takes minutes. Simply drag a property address from the list on the left to the open home grid. Once completed a personalized email is easily sent to each vendor with their open time and a list is forwarded to the local paper again at the click of a button and with no mistakes.

7 Our open home attendees area allows you to enter attendee details on the spot. You can even see what previous properties they have inspected and any comments made in relation to those properties.

8 At the end of each open home you can easily send each attendee an email thanking them for their attendance and asking them for their thoughts on the property. You can even send the vendor an email detailing the number of attendees, comments made and proposed action.

9 With our templates section you can create brochures, fliers and a whole range of other documents in a matter of seconds with the click of a mouse.

10 Theres also a huge number of letter templates which allows you to create personally addressed emails or letters at the click of a mouse. Just click to create and send.

11 Out Tablet PC also comes with a pre-installed house plan drawing program and with a with a laser measure you can drawer house plans like architects.

12 Company branded online Victorian Exclusive Sale Authorities are also included and with our built in encryption system then can be signed by vendors on the computer screen. If you want paper based authorities as a secondary tool then we can supply these as well.

13 To help you along the way there is a comprehensive Help Guide together with a range of video tutorials. Free personal telephone support is also included.

14 Theres even some great little appraisal tools for making appraisals easy such as calculators for the Turner Method, Summation Method and Capitalization Methods. Just enter the details and everything is calculated automatically

15 Theres also a key register for easy key identification. For agencies with numerous agents we can also supply you with key safe locks if required.

16 RIPA can also be linked directly to your very own web site which is one of the best in the industry. For an example go to As a bonus all participating agencies are discretely linked together so that they help one and other to get the highest possible ranking on search

17 Researching historical property sales is also a breeze and can be done from your car. Green icons indicate sales in the past year, blue icons indicate sales from 1-2 years ago and red icons indicated sales over 2 years old. Click on any icon and you will see the date of sale, number of bedrooms and sale price. * A subscription to land data is required to obtain this information.

18 Providing you are a subscriber to each portal, all your property listings are automatically up- loaded to the following web sites with a single click. Coming soon

19 All of your historical office sales are also easily found for easy comparisons

20 All of the nice tools such as Google Maps, Skype, Teamviewer are there as well

21 Your results will go through the roof Sales

22 What do you need? Modern office PC with: 2 GB RAM, Dual Processor, 100 GB hard drive, Pentium 4, 32 bit operating system. Windows 7 Professional, (not home edition) or Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 or Windows Vista. Modern tablet PC with: Windows, Andriod or Apple operating system, built in camera / video, stylus pen and internet connection.

23 Contact information Kate Ph (03) 5831 6405

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