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Refresher: Direct object pronouns.

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1 Refresher: Direct object pronouns.
Direct objects receive the actions of the verb. The boy kicks the ball. The girl calls her friend. Pronouns are used to replace the noun. me nos te lo/la los/las

2 Refresher: Indirect object pronouns.
Indirect objects answer the question “to whom” or “for whom” an action is done. The boy buys a balloon for his brother. The girl gives a letter to her friend. The IO pronouns that are used to replace the noun include: me nos te le les

3 Double Object Pronouns

4 This is also possible in Spanish.
In both English and Spanish it is possible to have two object pronouns together (one direct and one indirect.) I give it to them. They give them to me. The boy tells it to his mother. This is also possible in Spanish.

5 In Spanish the direct object pronoun always goes right before the conjugated verb. The indirect object comes right before the direct object pronoun. Yo te digo la verdad a ti. Yo te la digo. Juan me da los libros a mí. Yo me los da.

6 However, in Spanish two pronouns that begin with the letter “l” cannot be used together. Therefore, the IO pronouns “le” and “les” change to “se” when they are used with lo/la/los/las. Yo les digo la verdad a mis padres. Yo les la digo a mis padres. Yo ___ la digo a mis padres. Yo le da los zapatos a él. Yo le los da a él. Yo ___ los da a él.

7 The double object pronouns will go right before a conjugated verb or attached to an infinitive.
Te lo voy a decir.  Voy a decirtelo. Ella me la quiere mostrar.  Ella quiere mostrármela.

8 Try these: 1. The flight attendant gives him the life jacket.
El asistente de vuelo le da el chaleco salvavidas a él. **Now say “The flight attendant gives it to him.” 2. The teacher tells the students the truth. El profesor les dice la verdad a los estudiantes. **Now say “The teacher tells it to them.”

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