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An Introduction to the Four Seasons

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1 An Introduction to the Four Seasons
Kristen J. Downs

2 What is a Season? A season is…
a traditional division of the year based on unique weather conditions.  In temperate regions, there are four seasons, spring, summer, fall, and winter, while in tropical countries there are often only two, a dry season and a rainy season.

3 How Many Seasons are There?
1 3 5 2 4 8 7 6 10 9

4 ?

5 There are … 4 Seasons!

6 What are the Four Seasons?
Spring Summer Autumn Winter

7 Spring Facts: Spring is the first season of the year.
The Spring season lasts from March 21 – June 20 The average Spring temperature in New Jersey is 52 degrees.

8 Spring Things: “April Showers Bring May Flowers!”
Warmer Weather Rain Flowers Umbrellas Rainbows Butterflies

9 What to Wear in the Spring:
Light Jackets Jeans or Long Pants Light Long Sleeve Shirts Sometimes Shorts and Sometimes Short Sleeve Shirts

10 Things to do in the Spring:
Spring Cleaning Plant Flowers Grow a Garden Fly a Kite

11 Spring Holidays: Easter Passover April Fool’s Day Earth Day
Memorial Day Mother’s Day Father’s Day

12 Summer Facts: Summer is the second season of the year.
The Summer season lasts from June 21 – September 20 The average Summer temperature in New Jersey is 76 degrees.

13 Summer Things: HOT Weather! Sunshine Beach Pool Sunscreen Beach Ball
Ice Cream Sea Shells Beach Towel Sandcastle

14 What to Wear in the Summer:
Shorts Short Sleeve Shirts Sunglasses Bathing Suits Sandals Flip Flops

15 Things to do in the Summer:
Go to the Beach Build Sandcastles Swim in the Pool Play Outside Go on Vacation

16 Summer Holidays: Fourth of July Labor Day

17 Autumn Facts: Autumn is also called “Fall”
The Autumn season lasts from September 21 – December 20 Autumn is the third season of the year. The average Autumn temperature in New Jersey is 56 degrees.

18 Autumn Things: Cooler Weather Colorful Leaves Rakes Pumpkins Apples
Acorns Scarecrow Turkey

19 What to Wear in the Autumn:
Light Jackets Long Pants or Jeans Long Sleeve Shirts Sweatshirts

20 Things to do in the Autumn:
Go Back to School Rake the Leaves Go Trick-or-Treating Go Pumpkin Picking Eat Turkey

21 Autumn Holidays: Halloween Veteran’s Day Thanksgiving

22 Winter Facts: Winter is the fourth season of the year.
The Winter season lasts from December 21 – March 20 The average Winter temperature in New Jersey is 30 degrees… brrrrr!!!

23 Winter Things: Snowmen Cold Weather Skis Snowflakes Ice Skates Icicles
Sleds Snowboards Cold Weather Snowflakes Icicles Hot Chocolate Marshmallows

24 What to Wear in the Winter:
Warm Coats Hats Gloves Scarf Earmuffs Sweaters Snow Boots

25 Things to do in the Winter:
Build a snowman Go sleigh riding Go skiing Go ice skating

26 Winter Holidays: Christmas Hanukah Kwanzaa New Year’s President’s Day
Martin Luther King Jr. Day Groundhog’s Day Valentine’s Day St. Patrick’s Day

27 Now that we have Learned about all Four Seasons…
Lets Sing a Song about the Seasons!

28 “Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall” (to the tune of "This Old Man")
Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall There are seasons, four in all. Weather changes, sun and rain and snow, Leaves fall down and flowers grow. Look outside and you will see Just what season it will be! Sing Along!

29 The End

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