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The Months of the Year For Second Grade.

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1 The Months of the Year For Second Grade

2 January First month of the year New Years’ Day
Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Snow days?!?

3 February Second month of the year Shortest month at 28 days
Valentine’s Day President’s Day

4 March Beginning of Spring

5 March St. Patrick’s Day Third month of the year
Comes in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb PSSA tests are just around the corner

6 April Spring your clocks ahead April showers bring May flowers
The Easter holiday is most often in this month

7 May Memorial Day Mother’s Day
Warmer weather means that field day is coming up

8 June Summer begins

9 June First day of Summer Father’s Day Flag Day
Last days of school for the year 

10 July Independence Day Fourth of July Fireworks

11 August Hot days = great swimming Last days of summer vacation

12 September Autumn Begins!!!!

13 September School starts Labor Day First Of Autumn

14 October Columbus Day Halloween Turn your clocks back one hour

15 November Election Day Veterans Day Parent teacher conferences
Thanksgiving Day

16 December Winter Begins!!!

17 December First day of Winter Hanukkah Christmas Day New Year’s Eve
Winter break

18 Say the months in order:
January July February August March September April October May November June December

19 Do you know how many days each month has?
This poem may help you: Thirty days hath September, April, June, and November. All the rest have 31, Though February's underdone With 28--hold the line!-- Leap Day makes it 29.

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