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2 Healthy Body 101 100% Your Responsibility The Cavalry aint coming

3 Step By Step Lost your health and shape over time with poor choices. Gain back your health and shape over time with wise choices. Do you want to age Fast or Slow?

4 Not Fate – Choice! Health not 100% predetermined by genetics. Identical twins – different lifestyles = different health issues. TIME magazine: Lifespan determined 70-80% by Lifestyle. You Choose!

5 Cellular Level Absorb nutrition Convert to energy Remove waste

6 3 Main Issues 1.Lifeless, over–processed, nutrient & fiber deficient foods. GMO. 2.Colon impacted: reabsorbing toxins and blocking nutrients. 3.Environmental toxic overload. Personal care, cosmetics, home cleaning products. Air pollution. Water contaminants: chlorine, fluoride, other, etc. Non organic foods.

7 Symptoms Disease Cancer Heart Disease Diabetes Lethargic – low energy Bloated Aches, Pain & Headaches High Cholesterol and Blood Pressure. Stress, Anxiety, Depression Dull pasty Skin Psoriasis, eczema, asthma Male & Female health challenges Fibromyalgia Obesity - Most people cant see their toes. 70% Americans Obese. WHY WHY WHY?

8 Treating Symptoms Cholesterol from lack of cholesterol medication? High Blood Pressure from lack of blood pressure medication? Headaches from lack of aspirin? No drug heals or fixes anything. Drugs treat symptoms/mask problems. You wouldnt disconnect engine oil light vs. adding oil. 1 Drug company sales rep for every 6 doctors. Drugs make lots of $$$. Must treat cause not symptoms. The incomprehensibly intelligent living body itself is always the healer, and when properly supported will do just that. Toxic medications will never reverse poor health that is due to poor food choices. Let food (nutrition) be your medicine & medicine be your food (nutrition).

9 4 Step Wellness Protocol 1.Some basics everyone can do. 2.Cleanse Colon 3.Add Essential Nutrients 4.Avoid Toxins

10 1. Basics everyone can do. Adequate Sleep Water intake – ½ body weight in ounces Diet – more fresh fruits, vegetables, fiber and whole foods. Less processed foods. No – corn syrup, sugar, flour, hydrogenated oils – trans fats, soda pop, high fat dairy. Daily Exercise - stretch, push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks, walk or anything that gets you moving. Sunlight – 20 minutes per day

11 2. Cleanse Colon Neways Cleansing Tea Neways Feelin Good Fiber Tablets Increase fresh fruit and vegetable intake Less processed foods. Adequate Water

12 3. Essential Nutrients Minerals Vitamins Amino Acids Essential Fatty Acids – EFAs Enzymes Anti-Oxidants Pre and Pro Biotics – beneficial enzymes Not accomplished by just one product

13 Your Role Body Systems - All Connected - Involuntary The immune system consists of a finely orchestrated, complex collection of tissues and cells that protect your body from allergens, bacteria, viruses, and other potentially harmful organisms, collectively known as antigens. To work smoothly, these cells depend on YOU and your WISE CHOICES to keep your body in top shape and healthy.

14 Core 4 Nutritionals Maximol Solutions is known as the worlds #1 selling mineral solutions! Use Maximol to supplement your diet with minerals and vitamins and give your body what it needs to feel great! Green Qi gives you your daily serving of vegetables in just one serving! Also great for detoxifying, nutrifying and balancing your pH! Omega 3 EPA is an Essential Fatty Acid source derived from a combination of the highest quality fish oils and are tested free from bacteria, heavy metals and PCBs. Its challenging to eat the recommended servings of fish in your diet, so supplementing with Omega 3 EFA can help! Revenol is a potent Anti-Oxidant! Everyone needs a good anti-oxidant for protection against environmental toxins to help prevent disease and deterioration of the body! Feelin Good Fiber and Cleansing Tea – Colon Health.

15 4. Healthy Home - Avoid Toxins Drink water- free of harmful chemicals. Shower filter. Use toxin-free personal care and cosmetics. Use safe home cleaning products. Eat organic foods where possible.

16 383 cosmetic products on US market that may contain ingredients banned in other countries 447 products on US market that industry safety panels have found to be unsafe when used as directed Environmental Working Group Source: Montague-Jones, Guy. Consumer lobby group slams cosmetics safety in US. Cosmetics, 10/1/2007

17 Convert Your Bathroom Shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, mouthwash, lotion deodorant, shave cream, moisturizers, wrinkle creams, cosmetics, baby products, etc. Only 11% of 10,500 ingredients used are tested. What is on your skin enters your blood stream and accumulates in organs and tissues and interferes with normal metabolism.

18 LIFE CYCLE OF YOUR CELLS Human Body is made up of 60 trillion cells. Old cells dying and new cells are coming into being. Most cells – except for brain cells – are replaced in 6 months. In order to ensure that the new cells are of higher quality than older cells – You must make wise choices.


20 Transform Your Body Feel The Difference Follow the 4 Wellness Protocols (1. Some Basics, 2. Cleanse Colon, 3. Add Nutrients, 4. Avoid Toxins) for 60 days and transform your body from its current state to one of: Vibrant Health & Energy


22 Why the Company Neways? Neways... Manufactures their own products (very rare in network marketing) pays out 52% in commissionable sales (Paid $300 Million in 2007) Millionaire leaders teach system for creating wealth has in-house scientists and biochemists to formulate products is a 20-year-old, stable, well-established company. Most new network marketing companies fail within 2-3 years. is the second largest company in Japan, the third largest company in Australia. North America poised for explosive growth! is a privately held company owned by $9 Billion Golden Gate Capital whose major investors are the following Universities: Harvard Yale Stanford M.I.T. Princeton

23 Great Products For You and Your Family! Vibrant Health and Energy Personal Care Aromatherapy/Essential Oils Bath and Body Dental Care Hair Care (Home and Professional Salon Use) Skin Care Sun Care Baby Products True Touch Non-toxic Color Cosmetics Household Products Cleaners (laundry, kitchen, bathroom, house) Automotive Health and Wellness 60 + other Nutritional Products to Renew, Replenish and Rejuvenate -Something for Everyone -See Catalog and Neways Website for All Products –

24 RECIPE FOR SUCCESS Work for yourself Minimal start up costs Unlimited Income potential Expanding market Work once and get paid forever Income tax benefits – keep more income Recession proof business

25 GETTING STARTED YOU enroll and become an IBO (Neways Independent Business Owner) with a $150 Direct Ship (DS) Signature Pack. Each new distributor you enroll with a $150 DS Signature Pack - Earns YOU $50. Each month that you enroll 3 new people your monthly $150 Direct Ship is FREE $50 X 3 New Distributors = $150

26 INCOME LEVERAGE IBOs Monthly Income 3 $150 Free Product 9 $180 Free Product 27 $585 Car Payment 81 $1800 House Payment 243 363 IBOs x $150 DS purchases = $ 54,450 $54,450 x 10% commission = $5,445/month Career Income

27 In order to generate a residual income of $5,000 per month you would need to save $1 million earning 6% interest. $1,000,000 @ 6% = $60,000 /12 Months = $5,000 per month

28 INCOME LEVERAGE IBOs 3 9 27 81 243 363 IBOs x $150 DS purchases = $ 54,450 $54,450 x 10% commission = $5,445/month X 2 $10,890/month

29 A Healthy Body – Healthy Home? Getting Products for Free? ($150 + per month) Earning $2,000 + per month and receiving a car paid for by Neways? Earning over $10,000 per month for a career income? Financial Independence? How Can We Help YOU Get Started With NEWAYS? What Interests You Most?


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