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Components of Food CLASS – VI SCIENCE Dr. P. Pathak.

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1 Components of Food CLASS – VI SCIENCE Dr. P. Pathak

2 Food: Food is one of the basic requirement of living organisms. It is required for growth, development and wear and tear of the body tissues.

3 Nutrients: The Components of food which are required by our body for growth, development and wear and tear of our body are called nutrients. Type of Nutrients: Carbohydrates: These are main energy giving foods. Main carbohydrates are starches and sugars. examples potato, Wheat etc.

4 Fats: These are also energy giving foods but they provide us more energy as compared to carbohydrates. There are two sources of fats Plant sources – example ground nut, Soyabean oil, Coconut oil etc. Animals Sources – Butter, Ghee, Meat etc.

5 Proteins: · These are known as body building foods · They helping wear and tear of body tissues for example pulses, moong, peas, meat etc.

6 Vitamins & Minerals These are called protective foods. They help us in protecting our body from diseases.

7 Water 1- It is also an important component of our food. 2- It helps in removal of waste products of our body. 3- It is a medium for many biological reaction taking place in our body 4- It regulates the body temperature

8 Roughage (Dietary Fibers) -- It is mainly provided by plant products in our body for example whole grains, pulses, fresh fruits etc. It does no provide any nutrient to our body but is an essential component of our food and add to its bulk. It helps our body to get rid of undigested food.

9 Balanced Diet The Diet which contains all the nutrients in right amount and also have good amount of roughage and water is called balanced diet. IMPORTANCE OF BALANCED DIET. A balanced diet provides natural disease prevention, weight control and proper sleep without the use of sleeping pills. A balanced diet is also important because it enables you to meet your daily nutritional needs and enjoy a higher overall quality of life.

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