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NONPROFITS GET OUT THE VOTE Countdown to Election Day.

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1 NONPROFITS GET OUT THE VOTE Countdown to Election Day

2 ABOUT US About Us A national hub of voter engagement resources and trainings to help nonprofits encourage our staff and the people we serve to participate and vote. Find more about our mission and partners on our website:

3 MICHAEL WEEKES Nonprofits GOTV! Founder and Board Chair, Nonprofit VOTE, President and CEO of the Providers Council of Massachusetts

4 About Us

5 NONPROFITS Get Out The Vote! About Us

6 DAN HAWKINS - NACHC NACHC Senior Vice President for Public Policy and Research, National Association of Community Health Centers

7 WWW.CHCVOTE.ORG Community Health Vote NACHC

8 Jessica Ebelhar/Las Vegas Review-Journal Nevada Health Centers Martin Luther King Family Health Center in Las Vegas

9 Southern Jersey Community Health Center

10 Clinica Family Health Services – Boulder, CO

11 NACHC GOTV Poster Contest Winners





16 AGENDA COUNTDOWN TO ELECTION DAY Agenda Get Out the Vote Principles Early Voting Mobilizing for GOTV Election Day Tools and Resources Questions

17 WHAT NONPROFITS CAN DO We cant endorse candidates, but we can endorse voting! One Rule: A 501(c)(3) nonprofit may not support or oppose candidates for public office. Voter Engagement: However, 501(c)(3) may undertake a wide variety of nonpartisan voter engagement activities, including: –Voter Registration –Voter Education –Get Out the Vote Get Out The Vote

18 GOTV PRINCIPLES Make it Personal: Personal contact works best! Promote Turnout: Everyones doing it. Turnouts expected to be high Create Urgency: Theres a lot at stake. On issues, for your nonprofit, for the community Make it Easy: Votings easy to do Get Out The Vote

19 Content is important. The messenger is more important Use positive messages –Your voice, your vote –Stand up and be counted –You decide - Dont let others decide for you. Avoid negative ones –Scale back voter suppression talk that makes voting seem confusing or hard GOTV MESSAGES Talking About Voting

20 Your relationship with your staff, constituents and community is one of your greatest assets Face to face interaction is most effective (social media counts too) TALK ABOUT VOTING! Talking About Voting

21 Assume that people plan to vote and help them to do that Ask questions based on that assumption: – Are you voting early or on Election Day? – Do you know your polling place? – What help do you need voting? Scheduling an appointment to vote –Research has shown that being asked to think about or visualize your plan to vote increases the chance that you will vote TIPS ON TALKING ABOUT VOTING Talking About Voting


23 EARLY VOTING IN THE STATES National Conference of State Legislators

24 EARLY VOTING MATTERS! Vote by Mail/Absentee Ballots: –Help your community get and fill out absentee ballot applications. –Find and promote the deadlines dates for applying and turning it in. Early Voting In Person: –Promote where and when to early vote in person GOTV

25 Nonprofit VOTE 50 State Guide: Links to official information on Absentee and Early in-person voting on your state election website Long Distance Voter: The absentee ballot experts and guide to early voting US Vote Foundation: Fill out, print and send in absentee ballot request on your states form Call your local election board for more! EARLY VOTING RESOURCES

26 GETTING OUT THE VOTE – last 2 weeks Targeting your audiences and activities Reminding people to vote Helping people vote Creating visibility and excitement Get Out The Vote

27 Crisis Assistance Ministry - Charlotte NC

28 Voter Engagement Partners Crisis Assistance Ministry

29 One-Stop Early Voting Crisis Assistance Ministry

30 GOTV Follow Up

31 THE INAUGURAL CIVIC ENGAGMENT CAMPAIGN AT HARBOR HEALTH SERVICES, INC. Kate Audette, MSW Sr. Policy Analyst Harbor Health Services, Inc. READY, SET, REGISTER! Harbor Health Services

32 Non profit community health agency serving communities in Boston and Cape Cod –Over 500 staff –Over 30,000 patients –Consumer Board of Directors Our partners for our civic engagement strategy include: –The National Association of Community Health Centers –The Mass League of Community Health Centers –MassVote –The League of Women Voters WHO ARE WE? Harbor Health Services

33 GOTV is part of a larger civic engagement strategy Our targets include: – Staff (and consumer Board) – Health center patients – PACE participants – Community OUR GOTV STRATEGY Harbor Health Services

34 Courtesy of the Mass League of Community Health Centers

35 Courtesy of the Mass League of Community Health Centers

36 Courtesy of the Mass League of Community Health Centers

37 Courtesy of the Mass League of Community Health Centers

38 MORE IDEAS - THE FINAL TWO WEEKS Orient staff to answer basic election questions When providing services, ask people if they need help voting Hold a Get Out The Vote event (like a Trick or Vote event) Give out sample ballots, voter guides, palm cards Phone message for callers, etc. Get Out The Vote

39 Be prepared: Be able to answer questions –Where to get help voting –How to find your poll Ask if you voted: Ask everyone if they voted or need help voting Celebrate Democracy: Make Election Day special. Have a party. ELECTION DAY! Election Day

40 Zachary Markovits, Manager of Elections Initiative, Pew Center on the States TOOLS AND RESOURCES

41 Local Local Election Board or Secretary of State National 866-OUR VOTE 888-VE Y VOTA VOTER HELP LINES



44 617.357.VOTE (8683) Nonprofit VOTE 89 South Street Suite 203 Boston, MA 02111 Jeff Narabrook Julian Johannesen

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