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NONPROFITS GET OUT THE VOTE The Final Six Weeks. ABOUT US About Us A national hub of voter engagement resources and trainings to help nonprofits integrate.

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2 ABOUT US About Us A national hub of voter engagement resources and trainings to help nonprofits integrate nonpartisan voter participation into their ongoing activities and services. Find more about our mission and partners on our website:

3 TODAY’S PRESENTERS Who Julian Johannesen Director of Research and Training Nonprofit VOTE Ashley Herad Civic Engagement and Policy Director Louisiana Association of Nonprofits Organizations


5 AGENDA Agenda Talking about voting Voter Registration Voter Education Get Out the Vote Election Day


7 Your relationship with your clients and constituents is one of your greatest assets Face to face interaction is most effective Use every interaction and all of your communications channels to talk about voting TALK ABOUT IT! Talking About Voting

8 Assume that people plan to vote and help them to do that Ask questions based on that assumption: –Is your registration up to date? –Do you know where you’re polling place? –Are you voting in the morning or after work? “Scheduling an appointment” to vote –Research has shown that being asked to think about or visualize your plan to vote increase the chance that you will vote TIPS ON TALKING ABOUT VOTING Talking About Voting

9 It’s your civic duty: As an American citizen, it is your responsibility to do your civic duty and vote on Election Day. Improve your future: Voting brings us together as Americans and is something you can do to help strengthen your community. All eligible Americans should cast a ballot on Election Day for their future, their children’s futures, and the future of our great nation. Taking control: Voting is your chance to take control over what happens to your family and your community. Many Americans are struggling these days and all Americans deserve a say in how to solve these problems. MESSAGES THAT WORK Talking About Voting

10 Stand up: It’s important to stand up for our rights and elect leaders who will lift up our country and our communities. America’s future is our future, and we need to vote and make sure the politicians hear our voices and know we count and we matter. We can’t complain about the way things are going if we don’t take responsibility and stand up for what we believe in. Your voice matters: Your vote — along with everyone’s vote — matters. It lets politicians know that the American people have an opinion, and that they need to listen to what we have to say. Understand the rules: In order to participate in our democracy and have your voice heard, you need to understand the voting rules in your state, register on time, and show up at the correct polling place.. MESSAGES THAT WORK (CONT.) Talking About Voting


12 Promote the voter registration deadline Conduct a voter registration drive at your location or in your community Take part in National Voter Registration Day on Tuesday, September 25th THERE’S STILL TIME! Voter Registration


14 VOTING IN YOUR STATE graphic Voter Registration

15 VOTER EDUCATION How to vote What’s on the ballot

16 HOW TO VOTE: COMMON QUESTIONS Make sure you can answer questions from your clients and constituents about things like: How to vote early The day of the week and date of the election The polling place hours How to find their polling place What ID they might need to vote How to get help voting Voter Education

17 WHAT’S ON THE BALLOT Provide sample ballots (if available) Give out a short, one page guide to a ballot question or all of the ballot questions Distribute a short, one page guide to the issues most important to your organization Voter Education

18 GET OUT THE VOTE Principles of GOTV Key activities Creating visibility Early voting Promoting Election Day Voting

19 PRINCIPLES OF GOTV Make it personal: Personal contact works best! Create urgency around your issue or the impact of the election Turn up the volume close to Election Day when people are most tuned in GOTV

20 Create visibility: Make the election visible at your agency and in your communications Promote Early Voting: Encourage people to vote early by mail or in person Promote Election Day voting: Contact constituents about voting on Election Day KEY ACTIVITIES GOTV

21 CREATE VISIBILITY The election should be visible to everyone you interact with Make announcements about the election Put up “Vote November 6” posters or signage Use your communications GOTV

22 EARLY VOTING MATTERS! In 2008, nearly 1 in 3 voters voted early! Let your community know about the opportunity to vote early – how and where to do it. GOTV

23 VOTE EARLY BY MAIL/ABSENTEE Promote the absentee voting dates Help community members get an absentee ballot application GOTV

24 VOTE EARLY IN-PERSON Voting by absentee ballot in person Voting at a designated early voting location GOTV

25 THE FINAL TWO WEEKS Continue to turn up the volume! Orient staff to answer basic election questions When providing services, ask people if they’re planning to vote and if they need help Hold a Get Out The Vote event (like a Trick or Vote event) GOTV


27 Provide election assistance Give staff time off to take part in nonpartisan get out the vote activities or to work at the polls Celebrate democracy! WHAT TO DO ON ELECTION DAY Election Day

28 Talk to clients and constituents about voting and office assistance Help constituents find their polling place Promote the toll free voter assistance hotlines and the free smart phone app: –1-866-OUR-VOTE –1-888-Ve-Y-Vota PROVIDE ELECTION ASSISTANCE Election Day

29 Allow staff to take part in nonpartisan get out the vote activities Or as a staff person, take personal time to work for a campaign Become a poll worker or translator TIME OFF ON ELECTION DAY

30 Make the election visible and create a festive atmosphere Ask people about voting and if possible provide assistance CELEBRATE DEMOCRACY! Election Day


32 SUPPORT VOTING! Resources

33 Factsheets, Guides, Toolkits and more available at RESOURCES Resources

34 617.357.VOTE (8683) Nonprofit VOTE 89 South Street Suite 203 Boston, MA 02111 Ashley Herad Julian Johannesen

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