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2 ABOUT US About Us Founded in 2005, Nonprofit VOTE partners with America's nonprofits to help the people they serve participate and vote. We are a leading source of nonpartisan training, materials and other resources for nonprofits doing voter engagement work. Find out more about our mission and partners on our site

3 TODAY’S PRESENTERS Who Jeff Narabrook Voter Outreach Director The Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State

4 AGENDA Agenda Why Voter Registration Nonpartisan Guidelines Making a Plan Doing Voter Registration

5 The entire House of Representatives, 33 Senators and 36 Governors will be on ballots across the country! Eighty-six ballot questions are certified for spots on 36 statewide ballots in 2014 OPPORTUNITY 2014 Opportunity

6 Of the 225 million Americans who are eligible to vote in 2014, roughly 1 in 4 is not registered to vote* Engaging the Rising American Electorate Who votes matters! * Pew_Upgrading_Voter_ Registration.pdf WHY VOTER REGISTRATION Why Voter Registration

7 Voter registration is the first step on the road to becoming an active and engaged voter Registered voters are more likely to join neighborhood activities, contact elected officials and be active citizens* * voters- and-non- registered-eligible-citizens WHY VOTER REGISTRATION Why Voter Registration

8 Longer term benefits to your organizations and your community: Get the Attention of Candidates Build Community Clout Foster Community-Based Leadership WHY VOTER REGISTRATION (CONTINUED) Why Voter Registration


10 THE BASIC GUIDELINE A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization MAY NOT support or oppose a candidate for public office. 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations MAY engage in nonpartisan: Voter Registration Voter Education Get Out The Vote Efforts Guidelines

11 When registering someone to vote: You may not suggest which candidate to support or which political party to join You may explain what it means to register without party affiliation You may provide nonpartisan voter guides or encourage people to ask friends or neighbors to learn more about the candidates GUIDELINES FOR VOTER REGISTRATION Guidelines

12 Section 7 of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (aka “Motor Voter”) requires: Agencies signing up people for federal benefits like SNAP, Medicaid, SCHIP, WIC, TANF to proactively offer voter registration States to designate state-funded programs for people with disabilities to offer voter registration THE NATIONAL VOTER REGISTRATION ACT Guidelines

13 MAKING A PLAN Making a Plan Getting Started Knowing the Rules

14 What to expect when starting out: Updating an address on a registration is just as important as registering for the first time Since many people are already registered, it is useful to combine registration with other activities like a voter pledge card or promoting your services or an event. GETTING STARTED Making a Plan

15 When planning your efforts keep the following in mind: Put your plan on paper! Designate a staff person to take the lead Gain buy-in from the executive director and staff Connect with your local elections office GETTING STARTED (CONTINUED) Making a Plan

16 Voter registration deadlines –EDR Voter registration eligibility requirements –The basics –Pre-registration –Ex-offenders State specific rules on voter registration –Turnaround time KNOWING THE RULES Making a Plan

17 DOING VOTER REGISTRATION When and Where to Do It Training Staff and Volunteers Getting and Returning Forms Promoting Your Efforts Doing Voter Reg

18 Registration Drive: Conduct registration over the weeks or months leading up to the voter registration deadline in your state, e.g. during August, September and October. Single Day: Focus on a single day, like a weekend or special event WHEN TO DO VOTER REGISTRATION Doing Voter Reg

19 September 23 rd is National Voter Registration Day! Sign up now at: NATIONAL VOTER REGISTRATION DAY Doing Voter Reg

20 At your agency : As a part of services: Integrated into intake or other interactions with constituents Tabling: In your lobby, outside your front door or in a high traffic area WHERE TO DO VOTER REGISTRATION Doing Voter Reg

21 Outside your agency: At events: A citizenship ceremony, a community festival In your neighborhood: A highly trafficked location like a transit stop or shopping area WHERE TO DO VOTER REGISTRATION NOTE: Door-to-door canvassing is not always effective when registering voters. Doing Voter Reg

22 Provide training for staff and volunteers on: Why this work is important Answering frequently asked questions about voting Answering questions about the voter registration form RECRUIT/TRAIN STAFF AND VOLUNTEERS Doing Voter Reg

23 Confidence, assertiveness and eye contact “Are you registered to vote at your current address?” Be accurate. An incomplete form or a form filled out incorrectly does not count Cultural competency when discussing citizenship or a past felony conviction MAKING AN EFFECTIVE ASK Doing Voter Reg

24 Getting voter registration forms Returning completed voter registration forms to your local election office –Turnaround time –Retaining information for GOTV GETTING AND RETURNING PAPER FORMS Doing Voter Reg

25 Frequently missed items –Eligibility check boxes –ID number –Date of birth –Party affiliation –Signature and date HELPING COMPLETE THE PAPER FORM Doing Voter Reg

26 19 states now have paperless online voter registration What about collecting information for GOTV? PAPERLESS ONLINE REGISTRATION Doing Voter Reg

27 Online tools like Nonprofit VOTE’s make registering to vote fast and easy Follow the prompts to fill out the form, then print it, sign it, date it and return it to your election officials at the address provided USING AN ONLINE TOOL Doing Voter Reg

28 Create a display in your agency using signs, posters, decorations When interacting with clients, let them know they can register to vote in your agency! Use your communications like your website and newsletter PROMOTING VOTER REGISTRATION Promote!


30 617.357.VOTE (8683) Nonprofit VOTE 89 South Street Suite 203 Boston, MA 02111 Jeff Narabrook Julian Johannesen


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