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WHAT NONPROFIT STAFF CAN DO in elections on and off the job Presented by.

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1 WHAT NONPROFIT STAFF CAN DO in elections on and off the job Presented by

2 ABOUT US About A national hub of voter engagement resources and trainings to help nonprofits integrate nonpartisan voter participation into ongoing activities and services. Find more about our mission and partners on our website:

3 TODAYS PRESENTERS Who Julian Johannesen Director of Research and Training Nonprofit VOTE George Pillsbury Executive Director Nonprofit VOTE

4 AGENDA Agenda Voter Engagement at Work Political Activity Outside of Work Example Cases

5 VOTER ENGAGEMENT AT WORK 501(c)(3) Guidelines for Election Activity Voter Registration Voter Education Candidate Engagement Get Out The Vote

6 THE ONE RULE A 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization may not support or oppose a candidate for public office. May NOT – Make an endorsement Donate money or resources Rate candidates on your issue AT WORK

7 WHAT NONPROFITS CAN DO Nonprofits may conduct nonpartisan voter engagement activities designed to help the public participate in elections. Voter Registration Voter Education Candidate Forums Get Out The Vote (GOTV) AT WORK

8 Promote voter registration –Use your communications and events to announce registration deadlines, where to register. Conduct a voter registration activity –Set up a table in your lobby, do voter registration as part of services –Hold a voter registration event or drive 1. VOTER REGISTRATION May not suggest which party to join or candidate to vote for. AT WORK

9 2. VOTER EDUCATION On the process of voting –Date of the election, polling place hours, what ID they need to vote, etc. On candidates and issues –Nonpartisan voter guides or a sample ballot Voter guides must be balanced and cant compare your position with the candidates AT WORK

10 Invite candidates to an event Sponsor a candidate forum Prepare a candidate questionnaire Send candidates your policy ideas 3. CANDIDATE ENGAGEMENT Include all candidates (not all must participate) Review nonpartisan guidelines on our website- AT WORK

11 Create visibility: Make the election visible at your agency Help people vote: Help people to vote early; answer questions Get out the vote: Contact all your constituents about voting 4. GET OUT THE VOTE 501(c)(3) nonprofits may not endorse candidates. But we may endorse voting! AT WORK

12 501c3 nonprofits may work for or against a ballot measure as a lobbying activity Activity on ballot measures is lobbying. Its influencing the passage or defeat of a law– not the election of a candidate 5. BALLOT MEASURES AT WORK

13 501c3 RESOURCES

14 POLITICAL ACTIVITY OUTSIDE OF WORK The Basic Guideline What Nonprofit Staff Can Do OUTSIDE WORK

15 Nonprofit staff are free to engage in partisan activities, such as supporting a candidate, outside of normal work hours – off the clock THE BASIC GUIDELINE OUTSIDE WORK

16 Use nonprofit resources including your time for partisan political purposes Be partisan when representing your nonprofit at or outside of work WHAT TO AVOID OUTSIDE WORK

17 What: –Volunteer on campaigns –Attend political events –Support your candidate –Run for office When: –Personal time outside work hours –On vacation –On personal days –On unpaid leave WHAT STAFF CAN DO OUTSIDE WORK

18 EXAMPLES Partisan Communications at Work Using Your Nonprofit Resources Communicating with Volunteers Appearing at Events & Fundraisers Going Public with Your Support Running for Office EXAMPLES

19 Phone calls and emails –Keeping it separate –Incidental use ok Social media accounts –Higher standards for Executive Directors PARTISAN COMMUNICATIONS AT WORK EXAMPLES

20 Public space (if available to all) Reimbursed use of phones, etc? USING YOUR NONPROFIT RESOURCES 501c3 nonprofits may not use resources for partisan purposes EXAMPLES

21 Volunteers Showing your colors (Political attire, etc) COMMUNICATING WITH STAFF & VOLUNTEERS EXAMPLES

22 Guidelines for all staff Guidelines for Executive Director APPEARING AT EVENTS & FUNDRAISERS EXAMPLES

23 Being listed on Campaign Literature/Websites Using an *asterix GOING PUBLIC WITH YOUR SUPPORT EXAMPLES

24 Keeping your campaign outside your office Taking a leave of absence to do more RUNNING FOR OFFICE EXAMPLES

25 Factsheets, Guides, Toolkits and more available at RESOURCES Resources


27 617.357.VOTE (8683) Nonprofit VOTE 89 South Street Suite 203 Boston, MA 02111 George Pillsbury Julian Johannesen

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