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2 I want to help develop our young men to be better husbands, fathers and citizens I believe we can build Ola High School into a championship caliber football program while doing what is in the best interest of our players There are many valuable life lessons that all players can learn from the game of football I was not a very motivated student in high school, but was fortunate to have a head football coach that cared about me and made a difference in my life. Without him, I would not be here today. I want to be that person for our players I was the first person in my family to attend and graduate college – If I can do it so can all of our players PERSONAL PHILOSOPHY

3 Develop Complete Student-Athletes On and Off The Field! Develop Young Men Into Great Husbands, Fathers and Citizens! Develop The Total Team Mentality That Displays Selflessness And That Cares For One Another! Have Demanding High Expectations For Effort, Attitude and Performance On and Off The Field! Have A Program That is Involved In The Community And Builds Relationships! Take Care Of The Little Things – Be A Detailed Program! PROGRAM PHILOSOPHY

4 1 st Class Family Atmosphere Total Team Concept…We NOT Me! Be a Program…Not Just A Team! Student-Athlete Development Out Work and Out Prepare Opponents Play Hard, Play Together….One Team..One Family Dont Let The Guy Beside You Down! THE PILLARS OF THE PROGRAM

5 Develop A Total Year Round Program That Will Benefit Everyone Involved Be A Part Of The 1 st Winning Season, 1 st Playoff Appearance, 1 st Playoff Win, 1 st Region Championship Build A Consistently Competitive Team Within The Program Build The Best Football Program In Henry County And Our Region Build a Championship Caliber Program at Ola High School PROGRAM VISION

6 1.Get Everyone to Believe! 2.The Weight Room Is The Foundation! 3.Develop Pride! 4.Learn To Compete Within The Program First! 5.Develop Leadership! 6.Develop Team Chemistry! 7.Develop Character! 8.Develop And Build a Great Coaching Staff! 9.Be Physical And Be In Outstanding Physical Condition! 10.Adjust Your Schemes To The Strengths Of Your Players! 11.Do Something Different Than Your Opponents! 12.Run The Ball And Stop The Run! 13.Be Spectacular On Special Teams! 14.Develop A Ola Football Brand And Tradition! KEYS TO BUILDING THE PROGRAM

7 Real Men Read Program At Elementary School- Read Across America Day Middle School Mentor Day Sunshine League Participation and Support Henry Hurricanes Wheel Chair Football Support Ola Mighty Mustangs Support COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT

8 Regular Booster Club Meetings 12 th man Dinners Spring Covered Dish Fall Kickoff Dinner And Player Introductions Football Moms 101 / Moms Club Football Dads 201 / Dads Club FAMILY INVOLVEMENT

9 Tie Tuesday Character Education Program Leadership Council Senior Leadership Training Off-Season Goal Setting Weekly Devotions CHARACTER ED / LEADERSHIP

10 Faculty Sponsors Teacher of the Week Pre-Planning Textbook Distribution FACULTY INVOLVEMENT

11 Weekly Grade Reports Position Coaches Connection With Players Study Hall / Tutor Sessions Study Buddy Program Weekly Stickers on Helmet For Good Grades & Behavior Parent Communication About Academic Performance ACADEMIC PLAN

12 Community Business Sponsors Booster Club Memberships Taste of McDonough Lift-A-Thon Two Way Family And Friends Letters Mustang Discount Coupon Sales Golf Tournament Christmas Tree Sales Pine Straw Sales Mr. Ola FUND-RAISING

13 Coaching Clinics For Youth Coaches Youth Camps Youth Practice / Game Attendance By Players & Coaches Youth & Middle School Game Recognition Open Door Policy For Youth Program YOUTH PROGRAM

14 The Weight Room Is The Foundation Of Our Success! Area Weight Meet Competition Speed Training Agility / Mat Drills Sandbag Training Team Competition Days Lifter Of The Week Testing, Tracking And Accountability 7 on 7 Competitions Team Camp OFF-SEASON PROGRAM

15 Junior and Senior Hudl Highlights By Position Coach and Players Conduct Parent / Player Information Meetings (Spring/ Fall) Email Blasts of Hudl Highlights Attend and Market Players At Recruiting Fairs Follow Up Phone Calls To College Contacts COLLEGE RECRUITING

16 Offense – 2 Back Multiple Pro That Can Adapt To Our Players Strengths Year to Year – Do Something Different Than Our Opponents! Defense – 4 Man Front – Be Physical and Gap Sound – Play Smart, Physical and Fundamental Football – Be Able To Adapt To Multiple Offensive Schemes Without Changing Our Plan Special Teams – We Can Win Games On Special Teams – I Believe A lot Of High School Football Games Can Be Won By Changing Momentum, Creating Excitement and Winning Field Position BY BEING GREAT ON SPECIAL TEAMS! SCHEMES

17 All current staff have been offered a place on the staff – Exact positions have yet to be determined I am currently talking /interviewing coaches to add to our staff We are looking to add a few defensive assistants as well as increase our 9 th grade staff size STAFF UPDATE

18 Sunday Speed Training – 3:30pm – 5:30pm – Starts this Sunday! Monday April 14 th – 7pm College Recruiting Information Meeting Thursday April 17 th – 7pm 1 st Booster Club Meeting – Need at least 1 parent in attendance Thursday April 24 th – Ola HS Sports Physicals- 3:45pm April 28th-30 th By Class- Spring Football Equipment Issue Thursday May 1 st -Spring Player Team Meeting and Family Covered Dish Monday May 5- Friday May 16th – Spring Football Practice Summer Calendar – TBA – Begins Monday June 2 nd – 8am-11:30pm (M-Th) UPCOMING DATES

19 I am looking for the following positions to be a part of a team to build Ola Football into the best it can be. Anyone interested in the following Ola Touchdown Club Executive Board positions please email me directly at President Vice President – Operations Vice President – Financials Secretary Treasurer Middle School / Youth League Liaison TOUCHDOWN CLUB POSITIONS

20 Fill Out A Player And Parent Info Sheet Pick Up An Information Sheet With Board Application Information And Important Upcoming Dates Have Your Son Sign Up For Weight Training (10 th -12 th ) For Next Year Form Executive Board And Board Of Directors- I Need Your Help! Develop A Budget, Touchdown Club Membership Plan and Fundraising Plan I Need All Parents Involved – If We Want To Be GREAT – WE NEED EVERYBODY! Full Commitment By Everyone Involved! Sunday Speed Training – 3:30pm – 5:30pm – Players Meet In The Gym Thank You For Your Time – I Appreciate Everyone For Attending CLOSING


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