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Jason Mensing Head Football Coach Tecumseh High School 517-862-9511 The Program: A Total Double Wing System.

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1 Jason Mensing Head Football Coach Tecumseh High School 517-862-9511 The Program: A Total Double Wing System

2 DISCLAIMER The methods of program development for our Double Wing system are ideal, however, many youth programs and school systems have different philosophies and structures, it has been proven successful utilizing both methods. We feel blessed to have so many folks that are dedicated in having one philosophy for our entire community.

3 The Double Wing: The Only Program System Double Wing has been proven successful at all levels Lower levels when well instructed can have increased success and in turn, an appreciation for the sport. Skills develop overall athlete not just position specific fundamentals for positions they may or may not ever play. Develop an appreciation for contact, not inherent. Emphasis on TEAM and character development Teaches the importance of Giving Glory

4 The Double Wing: The Only Program System Instructs coaches at all levels to teach fundamentals Benefits kids to have consistent year-to-year instruction. Develop a Community Culture, this is what we do! Educates greater number of community members on the philosophy of the system. Young children can see what they do while watching Friday Night Heroes. Coaches can easily switch levels.

5 Negatives to a Total Program Double Wing does not require as much skill; skill is needed at the top. Must avoid the development of complacency Must avoid pigeon holing kids into positions, one year a QB, next a guard. Coaches who fail often blame the system. Quarterback/Receiving Development Punt Game Development Must keep exciting steps for future.

6 The Youth Program: Structure/Off-season Tecumseh Youth Football; community run. President Eric Long, strong desire for total program development. Four teams for two grades. Community members/fathers coach. Evaluation of participation Sign-ups –Student Meetings –Varsity player involvement

7 The Youth Program: Structure/Off-season Open door policy for all coaches. Clinics –Spring Clinic: X and O on board –Fall Clinic: practice in gym –Welcome to attend all practices and camps. –Varsity Liaison: Dave Haesler Two former Youth coaches have become our Freshman staff. Coaching staff stays after one day a week. Teams play on our game field coaches attend Saturday games.

8 Middle School Varsity Program oversees M.S. Program. Director of M.S. operations oversees his specific staff. Pressure on coaches to perform. Coaches attend MHSFCA Clinic. Coaches invited to all H.S. staff meetings. Coaches welcome to come to Youth Coaching Clinics Coaches welcome to all camps.

9 Middle School: Player Recruitment Two 7 th grade teams, two 8 th grade teams, encourages participation. Egocentric age, they all play. May: Pep Rallies August 1: Mail letter Mid-August: phone calls Mid-August: Equipment handout End of August, practice begins parent meeting.

10 Middle School: Player Development Middle-level Camp: fun, evaluation period, and skill development. Morning QB sessions Weightlifting: train balance and technique, 2 days a week. Practice/Teach: –B.E.E.F. –Pull Steps –Bird-dog drills –Triangle drill

11 Middle School Player Development Top 15-18 players on each team play defense; defense develops first. Two offensive units per team alternate series. Three running backs per offensive unit; developing 12 backs per grade level. Develop running QB 2 QB/FB per team developing 4 QB/FB per grade level. Ideally, two full lines. Still play competitively, teach them all, ONLY IN THE DW!

12 Youth/MS Playbooks C-Gap Power, M.S. runs two variations. D-Gap Power Wedge Counter Striker Roll Pass Striker Pass, M.S. runs two variations.

13 Freshman Football Three coaches, one team Varsity staff oversees Freshman staff. Head Freshman coach in charge of team and management. Attend MHSFCA Clinic Attend all H.S. staff meetings out of season. Attend all summer Freshman workouts. Run M.S. strength and conditioning program. Tremendous pressure to perform.

14 Freshman Football: Player Recruitment Tough year, retention is huge! Middle School Pep Rally in May. Letter sent to all parents the following week with summer camp. Summer weight room accountability program. Strength Coach Joe Linde, Freshman Coach Dave Haesler run summer strength program. Build Relationships!

15 Freshman Football: Player Recruitment/Development Practice begins with Varsity/JV Practice in evening for 3 intense hours, varsity coaches present to assist and build relationships. Middle Level Camp: fun, skill, and evaluation. Morning QB sessions Spring of Freshman-year footwork.

16 Freshman Football: Player Development Top 1 to 3 players will be moved to the Junior Varsity level, Look for the physically mature. Top 15-18 players play defense. Two offensive units; alternate series with coaching option late in games, prefer 6 WB developed. Build on basic skills taught in M.S. Play to win games, play everyone

17 Freshman Football: Playbook All plays from M.S., plus: –Rocket –Power Keep –Joker –Trap –All pass variations, welcome to use any run variations deemed necessary.

18 Junior Varsity Football: Everything is with the Varsity Practice with Varsity Coached by Varsity Coaches All workouts/camps are together. Necessary for proper evaluation of Varsity level players.

19 Junior Varsity Football: Player Development Top 15-18 Players play defense Top Offensive players play, plus rotators, Ideally: –4-6 WB get carries –2 FB play –3 G, 3 T, 3 TE get reps.

20 Junior Varsity Football: Playbook Same as Varsity book: –Less Variations –No Specials –Slower instructional pace.

21 Varsity Football 5 Coaches including Head Coach, coach JV/Varsity. Best players play, as many one way starters as possible. Year round program, work with and encourage kids to work hard all year round, (academically, socially, and athletically). Meet twice monthly in winter months in preparation.

22 Varsity Football Player Development Weight training program, Linde: –Four phases –In-season –Winter –Spring –Summer Footwork Sessions – 9 Spring sessions, condition body for summer drill work. Summer Camps –Tecumseh Camp Prior to 7-on-7s – Petoskey Camp Get away for team building

23 Varsity Football: Player Development Summer 7-Man drills: –7 lineman stay before/after weights to rep, play assignments 7-on-7: – Attend 6 sessions, work on our stuff. Quarterback Footwork: –Feb. through summer Parent Meeting/Equipment handout: –Cover expectations for players –Cover expectations for parents.

24 Varsity Football: Player Development Move up 1-3 Sophomores to develop for future, make sure they play. Play as many young players as possible as often as possible for development. Honor your Seniors Team dinners every Wednesday Parent Film Sessions every Tuesday. Senior Speeches at Banquet Highlight Video

25 Varsity Football: Playbook The entire book Four Specials per week. Always have something they dont know is coming.

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