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JANUARY DUTIES AND RESONSIBILITIES HEAD COACH: 1. College Recruiters on a day in- day out basis. 2. Stay away from off- season program and devote time to senior players to help them settle on their future plans.

3 ASSISTANT COACHES: Start off- season program Player accountability: Monitoring Grades Off- Season program Absentees

4 PLAYERS: Off- season begins- 6:45 a.m.- Monday- Tuesday- Thursday- Friday. After school supplemental weights 2:30 p.m. (this is for players not involved with another sport) Breakfast program begins (this is done after the off- season program)

5 BOOSTER CLUB: Past officers responsible for banquet- held on Super Bowl Sunday. New officers are in planning phase of new year.

6 FEBRUARY HEAD COACH: Become involved in the off- season program.
Become active in the planning phase of our offensive changes, if necessary. Visit other staffs for ideas on any changes with our football team.

7 HEAD COACH CON’T: 4. Speak at clinics across the country. 5. Banquet and signing day. Planning phase of booster club fundraising 7. Finalize yearly calendar for players- spring, summer, fall.

8 ASSISTANT COACHES: Start their planning phase of any offensive or defensive changes. Visit other staffs Go to clinics and/ or speak at clinics. After four weeks in the off season program, coaches will look to change, if necessary, workout programs and/ or any changes. Assistant coaches will start speed camp- session one.

9 PLAYERS: Test early February to see what plan fits each player- not every player is on the same plan- more specific speed training. Speed camp is started for select players. Grades are checked for the first time- second semester.

10 PLAYERS CON’T: All players are given a calendar that explains the remaining part of the year. Leadership meetings are started by the senior class.

11 BOOSTER CLUB: Early February- banquet is held. New officers meet for the first time to discuss fundraising plans and what is best for the program. Budget completed.

12 MARCH HEAD COACH: Plan for spring practice.
Begin Wednesday morning parent meetings with each class of parents- 6:30 a.m. Plan for summer youth camp.

13 HEAD COACH CON’T: 4. Plan for national 7 on 7 camp. 5. Begin raising money for Buccaneer Television and Coaches show.

14 ASSISTANT COACHES: Complete phase one of off- season program. Check players nine week grades. Start to prepare drill work and individual work for spring practice. Study previous year’s cut- ups to use as teaching tools leading up to spring practice. Continue going to clinics and learning new ideas.

15 PLAYERS: Max out on phase one of off season program. Complete phase one of speed work. Begin phase two of speed work. Receive nine week grades. Involved in tutoring class, if needed.

16 BOOSTER CLUB: 1. Organizational meetings.

17 APRIL HEAD COACH: Begin meetings over practice schedules.
Organizing pre- spring meetings, film and walk through. Continue fundraising activities and summer plan. Finalize all hiring of coaches, if necessary.

18 ASSISTANT COACHES: Phase two of off- season program begins Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday- in the weight room. Tuesday/ Thursday- on the field conditioning. Begin position meetings with their players- film, chalkboard, walk through. Finalizing spring practice.

19 PLAYERS: Begin phase two of the off- season program. Complete phase two of speed work. Quarterbacks begin to throw, centers snapping, receivers and running backs catching, this is done on an individual basis. Involved in tutoring class, if needed.

20 BOOSTER CLUB: Organizational meetings. Getting ready for fund- raiser number one- program ad sales, profit $100, Membership drive with each class of parents- profit 75, Organize a parent meeting for late April. Covered dish supper- discuss football program in depth with parents.

21 MAY HEAD COACH: Spring practice dates- Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday- scrimmage ( four week plan with a spring game at the end). Meet with college recruiters- handout player profile sheets and junior film.

22 HEAD COACH CON’T: 3. Continue fundraising activities membership, program ad sales, television, youth camp, 7 on 7 camp. Spring practice begins. Finalize all hiring of coaches, if necessary.

23 ASSISTANT COACHES: Spring practice begins. Watch practice film with their players- Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday. Detail every practice schedule.

24 PLAYERS: Spring practice begins- Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday/ Saturday. Tuesdays and Thursday- in season weight program. Watch practice film- Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday. Responsibility of selling a full page ad for the program- $ Involved in tutoring class, if needed.

25 BOOSTER CLUB: Organizational meetings. Finalizing program ad sales and preparing for summer work.

26 JUNE HEAD COACH: 1. Summer practice begins June 6, Monday/ Tuesday/ Wednesday/ Thursday, through June workouts total. 2. Continue fund raising activities- television, youth camp, 7 on 7 camp.

27 HEAD COACH CON’T: 3. Work college camps. 4. Finalize all hiring of coaches, if necessary.

28 ASSISTANT COACHES: Summer work begins. Organization of weight room and on the field practices. Responsible for summer school players.

29 PLAYERS: Summer practice begins- Monday/ Tuesday/ Wednesday/ Thursday. A. Monday is a core lift day. B. Tuesday is a power lift day. C. Wednesday is a auxiliary lift day. D. Thursday is a combination of A and B.

30 PLAYERS CON’T: 2. Drill and positioning work along with 3. Skill players will be involved in 7 on 7 work three days a week and two days a week of run game. 4. Each day is a different day of the kicking game.

31 BOOSTER CLUB: Organizational meetings. Preparing for second and third fund- raiser- Buc cards and Buc day. Buc cards- players are responsible for selling $10.00/ each- $ Buc day- players are responsible for selling 5 $10.00/ each- $50.00.

32 JULY HEAD COACH: Continue fundraisers- television, youth camp, 7 on 7 camp, buc cards, buc day. Work on youth camp. Work on 7 on 7 camp.

33 ASSISTANT COACHES: Work on youth camp. Work on 7 on 7 camp. Continue working players out.

34 PLAYERS: Continue work outs- only 8 days in July for OL/ DL and 10 days for skill players. July is a month of work also a month of lots of rest for the football team. Two weeks that players are not working- week of July 4th and the last week of July. National 7 on 7 Tournament- July 21, 22, and 23- skill players only.

35 BOOSTER CLUB: Organizational meetings. Hand out Buc cards to each player and cheerleaders. Buc Day- hand out information to all players and cheerleaders. Organize parent meeting for August 2. Help manage national 7 on 7 Tournament with coaches.

36 AUGUST HEAD COACH: Fundraising should be complete.
Football practice begins. Finalize itinerary for fall camp- August 3, 4, 5 and 6 at Marion Military Institute. Team pictures are taken and parent meetings held- August 2.

37 ASSISTANT COACHES: Football practice begins. Organize practice schedule for fall camp at Marion. Test players for strength and conditioning upon arrival August.

38 PLAYERS: Football practice begins. Testing August 1. Football camp at Marion Military Institute- 3 players a day- Wednesday through Friday- scrimmage on Saturday. Game week preparation begins August 15. Regular season game preparation begins August 21.

39 Receive all Buc cards- August 8.
BOOSTER CLUB: Receive all Buc cards- August 8. Receive all information on Buc day- held August 13. Finalize the organization of the August 18 Golf Tournament. Finalize the organization of the Buccaneer Touchdown Club Social- held August 20th. Finalize the organization of the covered dish supper- held August H.H.S.

SATURDAY: Head Coach swaps film with opponent for upcoming game. Assistant Coaches grade film on their own. Injury Report- Injured players report to training room for treatment, All other players are off.

41 SUNDAY: Head Coach and coaching staff meet to discuss Friday night’s grades and begin watching opponent film, this is done in the early a.m. hours. Players report at 3:00 p.m. for weights, Friday’s game film, conditioning( outside), and next week’s opponent game plan. Booster club meeting Sunday night.

42 Monday: Coaching staff reports at 6:00 a.m. to complete practice schedule. Practice reports at 6:30 a.m. for weights and opponent tape. Coaching staff and food is catered in to grade practice tape. Some coaches are responsible for J.V. football games on Monday night.

43 Tuesday: Coaching staff reports at 6:00 a.m. to complete practice schedule. Players report at 6:45 a.m. to watch practice tape of Monday’s practice and also watch more opponent tape. Practice is held in the afternoon. Coaching staff stays and food is catered in to grade practice tape. After watching practice tape and opponent tape, the final game plan is installed.

44 Wednesday: Coaching staff reports at 6:30 a.m. to finalize practice schedule and game plan. Players report at 7:00 a.m. to watch Tuesday’s practice tape. Practice is held in the afternoon. Coaching staff will meet after practice to eat with their families at a local restaurant.

45 Thursday: Coaching staff reports at 6:30 a.m. to finalize the final practice of the week. Players report at 7:00 a.m. to practice. No practice and no staff meetings are are held, all players and coaches are off for the afternoon.

46 Friday: Team prayer breakfast held at 7:00 a.m. at a local church. Final team walk through is held after breakfast or prior to pre- game meal which is held in the afternoon. Pre- game meal at 2:30 p.m. Pep rally at 3:00 p.m. Players rest from 3:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. Player warm- up begins at 5:45 p.m. Kick- off scheduled at 7:00 p.m.

47 DECEMBER State Championship is always the first week of December.
Head coach: Post season awards. Meet with booster club regarding banquet. Off- season ordering of equipment. Player meetings.

48 ASSISTANT COACHES: Off- season testing begins. Check on player grades. Assign tutor for the players throughout season.

49 PLAYERS: Off- season testing begins for juniors, sophomores, and freshman in the following areas: A. Bench G. Vertical jump B. Squat H. Height & Weight C. Power clean D. Incline Bench E. 40 yard dash F. Pro- agility

50 PLAYERS CON’T: 2. Off- season meetings with position coaches and the with the head coach.

51 BOOSTER CLUB: Finalizing all expenditures for the year. Preparing for the next football season.


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