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Goals Value = Goals = Behavior = Self-esteem Dr. Becky Emery

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1 Goals Value = Goals = Behavior = Self-esteem Dr. Becky Emery
(Prod. Member Society=Walk=Intensive Therapy=No Difference) Dr. Becky Emery Charlie Endicott SU Career Services

2 “If I had 8 hours to chop down a tree,
I’d spend 6 sharpening my ax” Abraham Lincoln

3 What is a goal? Discussion
Goals give you a roadmap to your future. They provide something to strive for – some point in the future to reach. But, what exactly is a goal, and how do you know when you have achieved it? Goals are specific. Setting goals is a way to focus your attention on what you want in the future. If you are not specific, you will never know where you are going. It would be like trying to follow a map that has no street names ?

4 Goals-Examples An example of a goal would be "I want to go back to school and get a Bachelors Degree in English." This is very specific. It's not just stating "I want to go back to school." It's stating exactly what type of degree you want to obtain. Think about it, if you just use "I want to go back to school" as your goal, there are still many unanswered questions. Like, which classes should you take, and where you do you want to go to school?

5 Do you believe you can achieve?
We need to learn how to dream. Keep the dream alive, reach your goals Some people don’t decide or have a vision of what they want out of life. NO GOALS!! People with goals can see what they eventually want to achieve and they can see just how to get there.

6 Things to Remember Goals must be realistic – you can’t lose 40 pounds in one month Must prioritize – rank in order of importance you, can’t accomplish it all at once. Do you have the resources you need to reach your goals? (money, information, health, energy, skill, etc.).

7 Individual Goals: Get ready to write a long list of the goals you think would be important and worthwhile for you to accomplish. (a dream list handout) Now look at your list and ask the following questions: Career: Financial: Education: Family: Artistic: Attitude: Physical: Pleasure: Public Service:

8 Belief *Activity (handout): The “I can/can’t funeral” -You know your funeral is going to be on --/--/2011 You have one year left Write down the things you accomplished Write down the things have not accomplished but wish you would have With only one year left what are your goals and how can you accomplish them?? Next write a list of ‘I CAN’ goals. Keep this in your note book/journal.

9 Long vs. Short Long term goals will take months, years, all your life.
For example: graduate from college, become a pilot, lose ___ pounds, to walk, etc. * A short term goal is achieved quickly (finish term paper, wash dishes, mail Christmas cards by Friday, etc.). They help you achieve your long term goals.

10 SMART Goals (the “in” way to address Goal Setting)
Pick one of your goals. Whether you choose a career goal, a fitness goal or a personal goal, try to identify how you can make your goal SMART. S Specific M Measurable A Attainable R Relevant T Time-bound

11 “Success is in the bag” You need purse-severance
It requires the same amount of energy to be successful as it does to be unsuccessful. 99% of your assets are standing in your shoes. 80% of success is showing up

12 If you are not working to where you want to be, you are AUTOMATICALLY working to where you don’t want to be. Keep your most important values in mind at all times when you are making LESS important decisions. Don’t sacrifice what matters most for something that doesn’t matter that much to you. There are always trade-offs

13 Build a bridge and get over it
You will have challenges You will have roadblocks You can have excuses or success but not both Road Block Activity-Write down a goal you have that has roadblocks-write down the roadblocks and share

14 There are three types of people
Ones that make things happen Those that let it happen And the ones that don’t know what happened. What one are you?

15 Writing goals – SPECIFIC! written down MEASURABLE TIME FRAME
read out loud frequently posted visibly

16 Set a goal in your life and accomplish it! No Excuses.
Your Assignment: Set a goal in your life and accomplish it! No Excuses.

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