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Value = Goals = Behavior = Self-esteem

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1 Value = Goals = Behavior = Self-esteem

2 Specific things we will achieve in a stated period of time
Goal Definition Specific things we will achieve in a stated period of time

3 Long vs. Short A short term goal is achieved quickly (finish term paper, wash dishes, mail Christmas cards by Friday, etc.). They help you achieve your long term goals. Long term goals will take months, years, all your life. For example: graduate from college, become a pilot, lose ___ pounds, etc.

4 Types of Goals Career- Work, education, training
Financial- earning, saving, spending Personal- family, relationships and lifestyle Physical-fitness Spiritual- religious beliefs, philosophy, outlook on life.

5 Goals need to be realistic, specific, and prioritized.
Measureable objective- How do you know you reached your goal?

6 Resources Personal- Strengths, interests, abilities, and knowledge
Financial Community- library, schools, gym Time- how we use it to reach our goals Human resources- people to help

7 Barriers Things that can block your goal(s). Misuse time Money
Unrealistic Goal People

8 Do you believe you can achieve?
We need to learn how to dream. Keep the dream alive, reach your goals Some people don’t decide or have a vision of what they want out of life. NO GOALS!! People with goals can see what they eventually want to achieve and they can see just how to get there.

9 Things to remember: Goals must be realistic – you can’t lose 40 pounds in one month Must prioritize – rank in order of importance you, can’t accomplish it all at once. Do you have the resources you need to reach your goals (money, information, health, energy, skill, etc.).

10 “Success is in the bag”. You need purse-severance
It requires the same amount of energy to be successful as it does to be unsuccessful. 99% of your assets are standing in your shoes. 80% of success is showing up

11 If you are not working to where you want to be, you are AUTOMATICALLY working to where you don’t want to be. Keep your most important values in mind at all times when you are making LESS important decisions. Don’t sacrifice what matters most for something that doesn’t matter that much to you. There are always trade-offs

12 Build a bridge and get over it
You will have challenges You will have roadblocks You can have excuses or success but not both Story: “Circus Elephants and Limitations”

13 There are three types of people
Ones that make things happen Those that let it happen And the ones that don’t know what happened. What one are you going to be?

14 There is very little difference between mediocre and greatness.
The boiling point is only 1 degree different than very warm water. The difference is tremendous. Steam can power many things. The difference between a race horse that wins first place and a second place is often fractions of a second.

15 Seven goal areas Family/home Social Educational Religious Achievement/recognition Career Physical/health

16 Writing goals – Write down the goal Set a time limit List obstacles
Identify people that can help you What information do you need to know Plan of action Evaluation

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