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NRMP National Resident Matching Program. Registering with the NRMP Match.

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1 NRMP National Resident Matching Program


3 Registering with the NRMP Match


5 Select the Match you plan to register

6 You will be assigned a AAMC ID


8 Log into NRMP

9 Using the left MENU bar General Directory: Displays a Program Search Window. Agreement: Displays the Match Participation Agreement Help: Accesses the online Help system Logout: Logs out of the Registration, Ranking, and Results System Contact Us: Displays information to contact NRMP, such as phone numbers, fax number, e-mail address, and mailing address Back to My Options: Takes you back to your Applicant Options page My Profile Update My Profile: Allows the applicant to update and maintain personal contact information including couple status and withdrawal from the Match Change My Password: Allows the applicant to change his or her password Unfilled Programs Unfilled Programs: Allows applicants to identify unfilled positions. This list shows only those positions left unfilled at the conclusion of the Match and is posted on the NRMP web site at 12:00 noon eastern time on Tuesday of Match Week. Only unmatched and partially matched applicants have access to the List of Unfilled Programs on the NRMP web site. During Match Week, the listed is updated every hour as programs delete positions filled during the post- Match Scramble. My Rank Order List: Allows the applicant to set up an ordered ranking of preferred institutions and programs that will be used during the Match process. Institution and Program Violations: The Institution and Program Violations report was designed to display information about graduate medical education institutions and programs that have violated the National Resident Matching Program's Match Participation Agreement. Institution and program information is reflected permanently on the Institution and Program Violations report. Term limits of any sanction(s) are included to identify the length of time the sanction is in effect. My Reports: Displays a list of reports available to applicants.

10 Creating a Rank Order List Click the My Rank Order List option Enter the Program Code (9 Digit Prog Code) of your most preferred program in the field next to Rank 1. If you do not know the program code, click the Search icon.


12 Viewing Rank Order List

13 Supplemental Rank Order List

14 Supplemental List explained A supplemental rank order list will be used in the Match only if the applicant matches to an advanced program on the primary rank order list. During the matching process, the matching algorithm first looks at an applicant's primary rank order list and attempts to make a match. If the applicant is matched to an advanced program, the matching algorithm will then seek to match the applicant to a preliminary position from the supplemental rank order list that is linked to that advanced program. If the applicant cannot be matched to a first-year program, the match to the advanced program still holds, and the applicant must seek a PGY-1 position after the Match, usually through the Scramble. The supplemental rank order list is used by applicants who rank advanced programs ("A" positions beginning in the second year of training) on their primary rank order list and who also want to match to a compatible preliminary or transitional first-year program (P position) for the first year of training. For each PGY-2 (advanced "A") program ranked on the primary rank order list, a number of PGY-1 (preliminary or transitional) programs that correspond to that advanced program may be ranked on a supplemental rank order list.

15 To certify your Rank Order List

16 View Certified ROL

17 Match Week Schedule Monday, March 14 12:00pm Applicant Did I Match? Thursday, March 17 12:00pmMatch Day Ceremony

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