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Connecting Parents to Fulton County Schools

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1 Connecting Parents to Fulton County Schools
Home Access Center Connecting Parents to Fulton County Schools

2 Home Access Center What is Home Access Center?
Web site that will replace Parent Connect Allows parents and students to view data including: Student Registration Report Card Attendance Discipline Transcript (course history) Course Requests (implemented in Spring 2011) In progress grades Class work (assignments, tests etc.) Student Schedule Testing Information (CRCT, ITBS etc.) All data is ‘real-time’ as teachers and administrators input data into the school district's database

3 Login via Parent Portal
Parents will be assigned a network login for access to the Parent Portal. Parents can request consolidation of all students in the household into a single login. Logins and passwords available for parents at child’s school (must present photo ID to pick up login) Passwords may be changed inside Home Access Center (coming soon – forgotten password reset utility) Home Access is just one of the options that will be available for Parents and Students coming soon! Location of Home Access: Fulton County Schools Website: Click on the Parents icon This brings up the Parent Community Page

4 Home Access Login Parents: Click on the Home Access Center icon
on the left to access the website login page

5 Domain\User name: Enter your login name as: For example: Enter your password – the password is case sensitive Sample password: 3m479TP

6 Daily Summary Page Parents with one student will access the Daily Summary page first If you have more than one student you will access this page when you click on the link (name) of one of your children Summary Page Shows: Today’s Attendance Today’s Schedule Discipline Incidents for this Week Student’s Assignments for this Week

7 Initial Home Access Page for parents with two or more Students; Click a Student Name to view that child’s data; To change student view at any time Click on ‘My Students’ from menu item and select another student

8 Daily Summary Page Click on Other Tabs for Detailed Information

9 Teacher note indicator Student Schedule Teachers may add notes for the class or just your student as well as attach documents related to the course/assignment

10 Absences are Color Coded and the date on the calendar is colored if an attendance event was recorded. Hold the mouse cursor over a day to display detailed absence information

11 This window is a ‘pop-up’
Make sure you allow pop-ups in your Internet settings Discipline summary page Click on an Incident link to view the details; no individual names are shown on the website

12 Classwork Information Choose a Class to view then click Refresh View

13 Report card view will be available in this area after the first grading period in Fall 2010

14 Unofficial Student Transcript Transcripts on the website available after the beginning of the school year * * Students in Grades 06 and 09 will have Transcript data at the end of Semester 1

15 Student Test Scores All Test History available on this tab

16 Edit address Registration Information Edit address; FERPA preferences are updated on the student account

17 Sign up for alerts; real-time notifications Parent must have a valid address in parent profile; alert settings can differ between siblings if desired

18 Home Access Center Alerts
Attendance s Parents will receive an alert in the morning if their child is absent in the first two periods of the day! Parents will receive alerts multiple times during the week if events are posted and information is updated Discipline s

19 Home Access Center Alerts
Report Card s Parents will receive notification of report card and progress reports that indicate marks posted. All gradebook changes will be reflected in alerts, for example test scores posted, missing assignments. These notifications will help keep parents up to date. Gradebook s

20 Must enter Old Password (current)
Then enter New Password Then enter New Password (again) Click on Change Parents: To Change Password Click on My Profile to open dialog box Input required values

21 To exit Home Access Center: Click on ‘Exit’ menu item Click OK at exit prompt

22 Summary Must present photo ID to receive a login and password
Request single entry for all children in the household (initially may have one login per student) Home Access Internet website: Click on Parent icon on FCS website. Click on Parent Login and then Click on Home Access Center icon Click on tabs within the website to see related data To Exit click on ‘Exit’ menu item, click ‘OK’ then close your Internet browser window

23 Home Access Assistance
Documentation about the website data elements will be available on the Parent Community Page after the website becomes active If you have problems with your login and/or password please contact the school to receive assistance Password reset application coming soon and parents will be able to reset their passwords without contacting the site! Most Internet browsers are compatible with this website

24 eSchoolPLUS Student Information System
Home Access Center eSchoolPLUS Student Information System

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