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Digital Course Support PRESENTER [First & Last Name] [Title] SAM Getting Started.

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2 Digital Course Support PRESENTER [First & Last Name] [Title] SAM Getting Started

3 Digital Course Support SAM is the Digital Solution that best prepares students for needed Microsoft Office skills and technology driven workplace skills. SAM has the most advanced content on the market, and has the most comprehensive project based assignments.

4 Digital Course Support Purchase Access 1.You can Purchase Access at one of two places 2.Your Bookstore 2.On Cengage Brain search for your course materials by ISBN 2 2 1 1

5 Digital Course Support After Purchase - Initial Setup  Before you start, confirm that you are connected to the Internet.  Launch your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari.)  Enter the URL to navigate to the SAM login page.

6 Digital Course Support Logging into SAM  New SAM users: −Click the New User button and follow the on- screen prompts to create your SAM account.  Existing SAM users: Enter your username and password. Click the Login button.

7 Digital Course Support Enter Institution Key  Enter the Institution Key your instructor provided. It contains 8 digits in the format T2XXXXXX.  Click Submit. If the correct institution name displays in the confirmation pop-up window, click OK. If the institution name is incorrect, click Cancel and enter the correct Institution Key.

8 Digital Course Support Enter SAM Key Code If a prompt displays, enter your 18-digit Key Code. Click Save. NOTE: Key Codes are case-sensitive.  If you purchased SAM from CengageBrain: Enter your Instant Access code.  If you purchased a SAM Printed Access Card: Locate your access code on the inside flap.

9 Digital Course Support Create a SAM User Profile When you are ready to set up your SAM User Account, enter the following, then click Save:  Data in all required fields (red asterisk.)  A valid email address for your username. NOTE: You cannot change your username once you create it.

10 Digital Course Support Profile Confirmation: Part 1  Review the information. Click Confirm if it is correct.  If the information is incorrect, click Revise to return to the previous screen.

11 Digital Course Support Profile Confirmation: Part 2  If the Username you enter exists in CengageBrain, a prompt displays so you can enter your password.  If you cannot retrieve your password using the Forgot your password? link, you can create a new SAM account with a different Username.

12 Digital Course Support Terms and Conditions  Read the SAM Terms & Conditions.  Click I Agree to accept and continue.  If you click I Disagree, SAM exits automatically.

13 Digital Course Support SAM Activity Calendar  The Activity Calendar displays. You begin each SAM session from this screen.  From the Calendar, you can access your SAM Assignments and navigate to other pages. You can also view up-to-date SAM Notifications, Help and more.  If you prefer to view your assignments in List Form, you can uncheck the “Set Calendar as default view” box at the top right

14 Digital Course Support Join a Section: Part 1  To access your course Assignments in SAM, you need to enroll in a Section.  Once you enroll, your assignments display on the Activity Calendar and Activity List.

15 Digital Course Support Join a Section: Part 2  Select Sections.  The My Sections page displays. Click the Join a Section tab to join a section.  Select your instructor’s name from the dropdown menu. Available sections display.  When you find your section, click the blue icon in the Join Section column. Join Section Results indicates whether your enrollment was accepted. NOTE: Your instructor may need to confirm your enrollment in a section.

16 Digital Course Support You’re All Set! That’s it! You’ve successfully registered for SAM

17 Digital Course Support Questions? We’re Here to Help! Have questions about your CengageBrain account? Online: Check the FAQs in the Support area of your CengageBrain home: Email: Phone Support: 1.866.994.2427 Monday through Friday 8:00am to 6:00pm (EST) Have questions about SAM? Online: 24/7 live chat! Sign in using your CengageBrain credentials and create a case. Once your case is submitted, you’ll receive access to 24/7 live chat! Or you can speak with an agent by calling the phone number provided upon your case submission. Phone Support: Monday through Thursday: 8:30am to 9:00pm (EST) Friday: 8:30am to 6:00pm (EST)

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