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Two Broad Groupings of Services Retail Telephone Services Wholesale Carrier Services.

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4 Two Broad Groupings of Services Retail Telephone Services Wholesale Carrier Services

5 Retail Managed Services Two Categories Fixed Mobile Services Mobile Roaming Services

6 Fixed Mobile Services CallShops, Prepaid Calling Cards, PC-to-Phone, Mobile Dialers catering mainly to migrant workers – the unbanked and undocumented and visitors in various countries

7 Roaming Mobile Services catering to and targeting Business and Leisure Travelers Hospitality Venues – Hotels and Resorts Tour Operators and their Clients Cruises Expatriates Foreign Students

8 Business Propagation Fixed Mobile Service through a global network of resellers Roaming Mobile Services through strategic alliance partners including telephone company with only fixed line service and MNOs without significant roaming agreements themselves And Established Operators in Travel and Tourism Space

9 Fixed Mobile Services Prepaid Calling Card Prepaid PIN Call Shops PC to Phone Mobile Dialers * Call Back Call Operation * * SMS-Based Call Back USSD-Based Call Back Call Center Serices Mobile Roaming Services Carrier to Carrier Bulk Voice Traffic Server to Server Bulk SMS Traffic SuperMVNO Services * SuperSIM ShuttleSIM/Multi-IMSI (Voice & Data) Omni PayPhone Service Taxi PayPhone Roamfone Rental Service Mobile Dialer-to-Phone Symbian OS & Windows Mobile OS * VIVE-on-iPhone X-Dialer for Android Retail Managed ServicesWholesale Managed Services Ecocarrier Business * Clickable from PPT, other URLs, please copy and paste in your browser.

10 ABOUT US QiiQ Communications Inc. (1988) first as an engineering development company before becoming provider/supplier of products and services in the telecom space. Ecocarrier Inc. (1997) in business of telephone service provision since 2003. Combined Revenue: approximately $20 million. Service platform capacity: 100 million minutes monthly. A company of 35 people consisting of telecom and datacom engineers and telephone industry professionals with in-house engineering/development capability and significant and effective engineering/development support by research and engineering bodies in university and industry in China. Well-established carrier relationships with major carriers and telcos and many Tier 2 telephone service providers and ISPs with many available proven high service quality direct routes.

11 ABOUT US Very rich in intellectual property for carrier-grade softswitch and billing software capable of very granular billing and rating operation. Possesses more than 20 websites that are fully equipped for on-line business development and demonstration for recruiting resellers. All service platform including all application servers for interfacing with carriers and MNOs and retail application webserver for on-line business operation are developed by QiiQ engineering/development team. 24x7 Network Operation Centre providing effective and competent support services for the operation network and the network of resellers across time zones, in various languages and cultures in more than 80 countries. Technical Support and Sales Offices in Rabat, Morocco and Nairobi, Kenya.

12 For more details, please visit Thank You!

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