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MBDA: The Company.

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1 MBDA: The Company

2 What is MBDA? Created in 2001, MBDA is an industry leader and a global player in the missile and missile systems sector With an unrivalled product portfolio covering the whole range of requirements Prime contractor capabilities demonstrated on more than missile system and countermeasure programmes in operational service Extensive experience of international programmes e.g. Storm Shadow/SCALP, Taurus, Aster, Meteor, Milan Supported by three major shareholders: BAE Systems, EADS, Finmeccanica

3 MBDA World Class Industrial Capabilities

4 Access to All Platforms
Typhoon Rafale Tornado Mirage JAS 39 Gripen A400M F-16/F-18 Hawk Harrier F-35 Aircraft carriers Atlantic II Rafale Lynx - Cougar Panther - NH 90 Sea King - AW 101 Horizon, T45, FREMM Submarines MPCV Aster SAMP-T UAV Dhruv NH 90 VL MICA Tiger MEADS

5 Ground Based Air Defence

6 Air Dominance Deep Strike Air-Air Countermeasures Air-to-Ground
ASRAAM MICA Meteor SCALP / Storm Shadow Taurus ASMPA Countermeasures Air-to-Ground Spectra Spirale/Éclair M DDM NG Saphir M / ELIPS-NH Saphir 400 Bang (Bomb Body) Brimstone, DM Brimstone Saber Zuni Viper Strike SPEAR 3 Training System Anti-Radiation AARGM RAIDS / SEMAC

7 Maritime Superiority Anti-Ship Naval Air Defence Strike
Aster 15 & 30 PAAMS Aster 15 SAAM Albatros VL MICA VL Seawolf B2 MISTRAL Tetral MISTRAL Simbad / RC FLAADS/CAMM Exocet MM40 Block 3 Exocet AM 39 Exocet SM 39 Teseo Mk2 A / OTOMAT Mk2 Block IV MILAS Marte Mk 2/N Marte Mk 2/A FASGW/ANL Strike MdCN

8 Battlefield Engagement
Anti-Armour Counter-Mining Eryx MILAN MILAN ADT-ER MMT Dedale SOUVIM Airborne Anti-Armour Loitering Munition Brimstone PARS 3 LR Fire Shadow Air-to-Air for Helicopter Mistral ATAM

9 Broad Range of Capabilities

10 Integrated organisation
MBDA Group Structure 37.5% 37.5% 25% / / SSA* 100% 100% 100% 100% MBDA DEUTSCHLAND MBDA FRANCE MBDA UK MBDA ITALIA Integrated organisation 100% 100% MBDA ESPAÑA *Legal agreement with US DoD to operate in accordance with a Special Security Agreement, to hold security clearance for conducting business in a classified manner in the US MBDA USA

11 MBDA • European Centres of Excellence
10,000 people worldwide, 60% in Technical/Engineering functions Lostock Production Brussels Representation Office USA 140 Stevenage Management R&D/Integration UK 2,700 London Management Ulm R&D GE 1,200 Bristol Software & Systems Schrobenhausen Management/R&D/ Production/ Integration FR 4,500 Aschau R&D/Production Compiègne Electronic Le Plessis-Robinson Management/R&D La Spezia R&D/Integration Région Centre R&D/Production/ Integration ES 8 Rome Management/R&D IT 1300 Fusaro Production/Integration/R&D Madrid Management

12 Key Missile and Missile Systems Trends – MBDA Vision
Growing importance of NCW (Network Centric Warfare) Impact on weapons technologies Reciprocal impact of weapons on the NCW environment Increasing demand for Air Defence systems GBAD (Ground Based Air Defence), NBAD (Naval Based Air Defence), EAD (Extended Air Defence including Ballistic Missile Defence) Confirmation of the importance of Strike capability Time Critical Targeting and Medium-Range Counter Force Extreme accuracy and avoidance of collateral damage now mandatory Emerging demand for UCAVs and their armament

13 Trading Rules MBDA Group observes the highest standards of business ethics and corporate social responsibility wherever it carries out its operations Our presence worldwide is a long-term commitment which maintains a total respect of relevant legislation as well as a continued adherence to local requirements MBDA activities, whether commercial, manufacturing or whatever, will adhere to specific procedures authorised by each country All export sales require specific licences issued by each exporting nation’s government in response to applications from MBDA MBDA will never sign any commercial contract nor deliver any product to an export country without prior authorisation

14 MBDA Graduate Programme
MBDA Corporate Presentation Page 14 Réf. : - Page 0 -

15 MBDA Cultural Aspirations
We have a “can do” attitude We inspire We work together We deliver our promises We value people’s contribution We strive for personal growth We are proud of our people Réf. : - Page 0 -

16 What MBDA offers in terms of Formal Development Programmes
- Engineering Graduate scheme & Finance Graduate Scheme - Undergraduate Scheme - Business Trainee Scheme - Engineering Apprentice scheme Réf. : - Page 0 -

17 Graduate programme 2013 (Approximately 47 roles available)
Buddy Education Opportunities FDP Forums Accreditation Interaction Event Mentor Technical Foundation Course Technical Co-ordinator Graduate trainee Presentation skills Line manager Influencing skills Project management FDP Intranet site Career Development workshop Work placements x 4 Réf. : - Page 0 -

18 Undergraduate programme 2013 (Approximately 22 roles available)
Buddy Education Opportunities FDP Forums Accreditation Mentor Technical Co-ordinator Undergraduate trainee Interaction Event Line manager FDP Intranet site Accelerated your learning experiences During the 1-year placement you will gain an in depth understanding of one area of the business. There are a wide variety of developmental opportunities available to MBDA undergraduate trainees in addition to their work placements and formal training. These additional activities will help them to develop their knowledge and a range of professional skills, and may offer the opportunity to practice and demonstrate the behaviours required of MBDA employees. The list below is by no means comprehensive and changes on a regular basis. Opportunities arise at different times of year and in different ways Work placements x 1 Réf. : - Page 0 -

19 MBDA Application Process
Our Website is open now to applications Go to: Step 1 - Submit an application form along with your CV Application reviewed Step 2 - Online tests Verbal Reasoning Numerical Skills Hiring Manager will review the application Step 3 – Assessment Day (competency based Interview + further tasks) Website closes 1st December 2012 Réf. : - Page 0 -

20 CV / Application form advice
Top Tips Be Open and honest! Complete the application form fully Spell check / ask someone else to check through your form before submission Tailor-make your CV / application form to fit the job role Avoid company jargon / acronyms (or explain them!) Focus on your achievements Use action words within your CV i.e. achieved, completed, created, designed, managed etc Keep the CV to 2-3 pages maximum Réf. : - Page 0 -

21 Suggested structure for a CV
Name Address Telephone number and Profile – short paragraph describing self, key skills or aspirations Key Skills – short list, bullet-pointed Career to date – reverse order. Detail responsibilities and list key achievements Professional Qualifications – achieved and being studied for Education and Training – Degree, A- levels, GCSEs and recognised work-related training Interests – particularly business-related activities Referees (if required) Réf. : - Page 0 -

22 My Experiences Ref. : - Page 22 -

23 Background Education Why MBDA? College – Electronics
University of Kent – Masters in Electronic and Communication Engineering Why MBDA? Defence industry Latest technology Large company + Benefits Great graduate scheme - PASS Scheme Flexi Time Chartership Graduate training courses Ref. : - Page 23 -

24 Work in MBDA First year - Sea Ceptor Ship Equipment
£483M development contract awarded Jan 2012 Primarily working on the main processor unit (MPU) Design, manufacture and test of two circuit cards Compatibility of design for both the MPU and PDLT Ref. : - Page 24 -

25 Work in MBDA Second year – Brimstone 2 and SPEAR 3 qualification
Qualification of new Brimstone 2 software and semi-active laser (SAL) board Design of SPEAR 3 BIT (built in test) circuitry SPEAR 3 seeker noise cancellation verification Ref. : - Page 25 -

26 Work in MBDA Other work HR events
Internal research and development (IRAD) projects 2 week Lostock manufacturing placement (DFM, DFT) 2 week Le Plessis Robinson site visit (France) French colleague exchange programme HR events Bomber command memorial dedication and unveiling ceremony in London RAF Marham friends and families day Employee awareness to the armed forces day Ref. : - Page 26 -

27 Tips for Applicants Don’t use the ‘CV shotgun’
Be passionate about your field of work Use real life examples and products in your interview Give genuine reasons why you want to work in the industry and company notes Ref. : - Page 27 -

28 Any Questions ??? Ref. : - Page 28 -

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