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Engineering our future

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1 Engineering our future
September 2013 Kath Curry Learning & Development Manager Engineering Learning Academy

2 To Inspire. To Learn. <Footer to be positioned here> 2

3 Taking responsibility
To Inspire. To Learn. 3

4 Taking responsibility
To Inspire. To Learn. 4

5 Grow our own To Inspire. To Learn. 5

6 How? To Inspire. To Learn. Apprentice programme Graduate programme
Direct entry mechanics Internal learning solutions To Inspire. To Learn. 6

7 British Airways Apprenticeships
Industrial Apprenticeship – mechanical & avionic engineers Business Support Apprenticeship – Office administration To Inspire. To Learn. 7

8 Industrial Apprenticeship
After a period of 16 years, the new apprenticeship was started again in 2010 The model was based on one year at college followed by 2 years at BA The model didn’t work for our business for a variety of reasons: The colleges would recruit on our behalf We used 4 training providers (too complex) Varying degrees of expertise & experience at the colleges (both instructors & NVQ assessors) NVQ level 2 in Performing Engineering Operations. Choice of approximately 70 units. The units studied at the colleges in year 1 were different leading to variations in ability The colleges used different awarding bodies, which caused confusion We didn’t have enough time or expertise to manage apprentice performance 82 in the pipeline with 113 joining We paid the colleges to deliver year 1 BA did not exploit any available Government funding 8

9 Apprentice Team Purpose
Our PURPOSE is to recruit, encourage & develop young talent to become the future Mechanic & Business support workforce for British Airways Engineering, who will demonstrate the highest standards of safety awareness, technical excellence & personal responsibility. To Inspire. To Learn. 9

10 Apprentice team VISION
To create & develop an award winning Engineering Apprentice scheme that leads to British Airways being recognised in the Top 100 Apprenticeship Employers list by 2015 To Inspire. To Learn. 10

11 Apprentice Team Values
 SAFETY will always be our first priority and we will never compromise it  We display the highest levels of customer service and deliver uncompromising QUALITY & EXCELLENCE in everything we do  We are INNOVATIVE and use our CREATIVITY to design an engaging learning experience We are BRAVE and think outside the box To Inspire. To Learn. 11

12 Semta Apprenticeship Service
The Semta Apprenticeship Service offers employers a bespoke solution that makes it easy to take on and up-skill apprentices. Our expert Apprenticeship Co-ordinators handle all administration, recruitment and customised training arrangements, as well as mentoring each apprentice so employers get the best results for their business and apprentices receive the best start to their career. To Inspire. To Learn. 12

13 Industrial apprentices
SEPTEMBER 2014 Lengthen to a 3 year scheme Direct entry to BA. SEMTA will advertise and perform the first two rounds of selection. BA will put 200 potential apprentices through our own selection process SEMTA will draw down the Government funding for 100 apprentices Longer, more comprehensive induction Year 1 – Rotation around the business – NVQ level 2 in Performing Engineering Operations through day release to ONE college. Fixed term contract. At the end of year 1, we will select up to 90 to go forward for the Advanced apprenticeship. Year 2 & 3 – Place apprentices into areas for a targeted apprenticeship (quality) – NVQ level 3 in Aeronautical Engineering along with CAT A licence delivery in-house. SEMTA will pay BA to deliver the licence training. During this time, we train some of our people to become NVQ assessors Residual funding will be used to pay for the CAT A instructors in year 2&3 and apprentice development. Save approx 1 million pounds per 3 year programme, which we would have paid to colleges To Inspire. To Learn. <Footer to be positioned here> 13

14 Business Support Apprentices
18 – 20 apprentices per year NVQ level 2 in Business Administration in year 1 NVQ level 3 in Business Administration in year 2 Our training provider was charging us to deliver the qualifications No Government funding Direct entry scheme & recruitment load was a strain on resources Lack of control of student progress Communication / updates from our training provider wasn’t satisfactory No dedicated development programmes To Inspire. To Learn. 14

15 Business Support Apprentices
Change of Training Provider to, “First for Skills” Government funding drawn down by SEMTA. Majority of this to, “First 4 Skills” and the residual funding is to be used on development programmes We also save money as no payment to a training provider We have a dedicated on site programme Coordinator paid for through the Government funding to track progress and monitor target setting, removing the need for my team to track progress To Inspire. To Learn. 15

16 Our Electronic Solutions
ePortfolio – our online learning platform Facilitates faster progression through qualifications Provides a transparent view of learner progress 24/7 Enables evidence of learning to be submitted online, including photos and voice recordings Ongoing support and communication via online messaging service Less wastage as less paperwork required Dedicated NVQ assessor for BA

17 Engineering ‘ME’ To Inspire. To Learn. BEHAVIOURAL
Safety / Team building / Communication TECHNICAL Professional competence NVQ /mechanical & avionic handskills BUSINESS How to use our systems/ CV writing/ Interview skills How to raise a business case/ completing performance reviews To Inspire. To Learn. 17

18 Community Work To Inspire. To Learn.
British Airways Business Apprentice supporting Flying Start British Airways Engineering Graduates supporting STEM To Inspire. To Learn. 18

19 Working with partners To Inspire. To Learn. Semta First for Skills
Farnborough College University of Glamorgan University Technical Colleges To Inspire. To Learn. 19

20 Take responsibility To Inspire. To Learn.
Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein To Inspire. To Learn. 20

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