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Critical Service Channel: Your Staff and SilverCloud

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1 Critical Service Channel: Your Staff and SilverCloud
Presented By: Ashley Carner AVP Operations AMOCO Federal Credit Union

2 AMOCO Federal Credit Union Texas City, TX
5 branch locations 500 million in assets 60,000 members XP Systems core

3 Searching for a Solution
Information disseminated to employees via , in print or saved on a shared drive. Each employee referencing and maintaining their own information in their own way. Employees looking in too many different places ( , folders, or on shared drive). Inefficient Misinformation Information = policies, procedures, Q&A’s, training material, documents and forms.

4 Solution Implementation of SilverCloud vbooks and internal knowledge base Use internal knowledge base as a document storage base Use vbooks to put policies, procedures, and general information for employees

5 Implementation Timeframe Implementation process
1 week with SilverCloud on site Implementation process External – 200+ “canned” questions and answers Internal – conversion of existing material and training on inserting new material Implementation process seems daunting. How do you get all your information into these vbooks and knowledge bases? Piece by piece. Determine what books you will need and consider documentation book by book. SC offers conversion services to convert current documents into vbooks (we used it and it was wonderful).

6 Benefits Employees no longer have to save s, look on a shared drive or look through a file cabinet to find the most up to date information about policies, procedures, products, services, etc. Employees have immediate access to the most up to date information. Decrease in research time; increase in response time to member. Increased product knowledge. Increase in consistent information being given to members. Card conversion: we were converting our entire debit portfolio processing system from one platform to another while converting our processor from one platform to another. This included a phase out of an ATM BIN and a transition to a new BIN. Included in this change was an internal change of issuing shared VCC account numbers to reissueing a secondary cardholder to their own VCC card number. Quote from Card Department Manager, “This was a tough conversion due to the differences in records and systems and multiple changes being made at once. SilverCloud gave us a way to ensure that staff knew what to do in each unique situation without consulting the card department. This enabled us to continue working out logistics and issues that were unexpected. SilverCloud was a lifesaver.” New employee example – new hires introduced to silvercloud during orientation. New hire survey indicated that the new hires attributed increased product knowledge to SilverCloud. They were able to access it during their down time and read about what and how AMOCO did business.

7 Online Banking Conversion

8 Integration into AMOCO’s intranet
Although initial usage of SilverCloud was good, we felt it could be better. Struggled with employees keeping up with the “link” to SilverCloud. Decided to implement SC with an intranet to increase usage and to make it more accessible to all employees. Talk about intranet – explain functionality of what you see as well as functionality of SilverCloud.

9 Access to SilverCloud Library View Search Results

10 SilverCloud for our Members
Best practice: on all pages of website

11 Search Results for Members
Explain how to members would use this. Also describe how we use SC as a source of contacting the CU directly. No to specific groups – all through SilverCloud.

12 Results Internal External
Decrease in employee time spent looking for information. Increase in accuracy of information to members. Effective way to store all relevant information in one area. Senior management named SilverCloud 1 of our top 5 accomplishments in the past 5 years. External Membership growth increase; volume of calls stable 90% search results answered without further submittal

13 Membership Growth & Call Volume
Get number of submittals vs answered; top questions asked

14 AMOCO – Calls per Customer
SilverCloud Enabled Get number of submittals vs answered; top questions asked

15 Considerations Make sure you have someone(s) dedicated to maintaining and improving the usage of SilverCloud Get buy in from all department heads and train them to manage their own vbook and knowledge base categories Train and retrain everyone to utilize it – especially those who are not comfortable with computers.

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