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Welcome to the Minnesota SharePoint User Group. Introductions / Overview Project Tracking / Management / Collaboration via SharePoint Multiple Audiences.

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1 Welcome to the Minnesota SharePoint User Group

2 Introductions / Overview Project Tracking / Management / Collaboration via SharePoint Multiple Audiences for Information Differing Levels of Sophistication WSS / Lists / Libraries Project Server 2003 Q & A Agenda

3 Inetium ( Twin Cites based Microsoft consulting company Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Practice Area focused on Information Worker Technologies New Horizons – Minnesota ( Microsoft Gold Certified Partner Training on many technologies Microsoft ( I’m guessing you’ve heard of them Introductions – MNSPUG Sponsors

4 Build a local community focused on Microsoft SharePoint Technologies Educate user group members about SharePoint Technologies Transfer knowledge within the community Communicate best practices Introduce new products / solutions User Group Goal / Objectives

5 Website for user group SharePoint resource documents SharePoint resource websites links RSS Feeds Meeting Schedule Past User Group Presentations

6 Next Meeting February 9 th 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM Microsoft’s Bloomington Office Topic: To Be Announced Ongoing Schedule 2 nd Wednesday of every month 9:00 to 11:00 am Microsoft’s Bloomington Office Upcoming Schedule

7 Project Tracking / Management / Collaboration

8 Project definition Project profile (ex. Type) Project sponsor / client Tasks Dates (start / end) Duration Resources Assignments Reports Gantt What Makes a Project?

9 Project Managers Manage the project / update information Track project status Resource Managers Manage resources / assignments across multiple projects Resources Update time spent on tasks Update info re: issues Clients / Sponsors Track project status ex. “How are things going?” Executives Aggregate view of all projects Audiences of Project Information

10 Project Managers manage 1 or more projects Resource Managers manage 1 or more resources Key Information Traits / Relationships of Projects

11 Resources are assigned to 1 or more projects Clients / Sponsors have 1 or more projects Key Information Traits / Relationships of Projects

12 Designing SharePoint to support tracking, management and collaboration of projects

13 Create better visibility into projects Create a centralized repository for project information / documents Provide all audiences with a view into the information on projects Easy to maintain Core Goals

14 Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) Lists Document Libraries Sub Site Listing Web Part Templates Core Components

15 Utilize WSS to create Client / Sponsor sites Site dedicated to Client / Sponsor Profile of client Create as template Possibly leverage external info from existing systems Provide access to key groups / users / departments Extranet capability Core Design Concepts

16 Utilize WSS to create sites below Client / Sponsor Sites Establish hierarchy of sites below client / sponsor site Reflects 1 to many relationship of clients to projects Access to sites is based on what users / groups are assigned to site Core Design Concepts

17 Create custom lists to track projects Utilize lists to store info related to clients / projects Tasks Contacts Issues (bugs) Alerts Utilize document libraries / Form libraries to store information Requirements Specifications Contracts Alerts Core Design Concepts

18 Utilize sites construct for meetings within a project Project can utilize sub web part to track status meetings Create templates to easily extend Utilize WSS ‘Save as template’ feature Save content or just structure Core Design Concepts

19 Linking to other systems CRM systems Accounting systems Existing EPM systems Others Other Considerations

20 SharePoint Demo

21 Project Server 2003 / SharePoint

22 Microsoft’s Enterprise Project Management (EPM) solution Aims at addressing the scenarios of: Multiple projects Multiple resources Resources assigned to multiple projects Projects have multiple resources assigned to them Multiple user types Project Managers Resource Managers Resources Executives What is Project Server 2003?

23 Both a web based and desktop tool solution Project Web Access Web based environment SQL Server backend Analysis Services (OLAP) Windows SharePoint Services Project Professional 2003 Desktop Client Connects to Project Server Project Server 2003 Technology

24 Home Tasks Projects Resources Status Reports How is Project Server 2003 Structured? Updates Risks Issues Documents Admin

25 Home Page Snapshot of many of the core items a particular user needs Updates for the user News tasks Status reports Project Server Home

26 Task Page Task view for a current user Only lists tasks for user Spans all projects Update time on tasks View in Gantt format Sends updated tasks to project manager Tasks

27 Projects Displays projects for user with access to projects Project manager can open projects in Project Professional to maintain and save back to Project Server Gantt Charting Project files (.mpp) are uploaded to Project Server to create online project Project Center

28 Resources Displays resources in the system Resource manager can add / modify resources Central repository of resources Resources are managed by opening up in Project Professional and then saving back up to Project Server Resource Center

29 Status Reports Central repository for status reports for user Status reports can be scheduled (daily / weekly) Resources fill out and submit to Project Manager Project Manager can aggregate reports and get a sense of how project is going Status Reports Organizer

30 Updates View task changes submitted by resources Project manager receives time updates from resources and publishes to central repository on project Updates

31 Integrates with Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) to link to WSS site where Risks are managed for each project Risks Risks associated with a project Issues Issues associated with a project Documents Documents associated with a project Risks, Issues, and Docs

32 Admin Security Manage users / groups Manage views (reports) Configuration Integration w/ WSS Administration

33 Project Template Project Server provides a project template for WSS Server can be configured to create a site by default This site stores Documents, Risks and Issues for Project Server Site can be used as collaborative space for users (similar to what was demonstrated earlier) Project Web Access Web Parts Comes with a web part with different views that can be dropped into SharePoint Encapsulates certain parts of Project Web Access Project Server Integration with SharePoint

34 Project Web Part Views Project Portfolio Analyzer Project Resource Assignments Project Center Project Report Project Timesheet Project Manager Updates Can be filtered by project Project Web Parts

35 My Site Web part page Put Project Web Access Web Part on Page Set View ex: Timesheet Set project filter 0 for all assigned Utilize to enter time without having to go to Project Web Access main page Project Web Part Usage Scenario

36 Project Server 2003 Sub Web Listing Web Part Resources

37 Q & A

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