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Knowledge Management, Texas-style Session 508. Presented by: Belinda Perez Stephanie Moorer Knowledge Management, Texas-Style.

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1 Knowledge Management, Texas-style Session 508

2 Presented by: Belinda Perez Stephanie Moorer Knowledge Management, Texas-Style

3 10 years ago… Help Desk immature All paper processing Tool not developed Utilized Binders with plastic cover pages for paper documentation to refer to upon call Everyone maintained their own book – no consistency Help Desk Staff not technical

4 5 years ago… Help Desk Staff really pushed for more organized knowledge Started to maintain knowledge on SharePoint Major challenges: Information located in paper binder & SharePoint SharePoint not trusted – maintaining on paper was the status quo SharePoint and ”Magic” did not integrate – had to coordinate from one system to another

5 Two Years ago… Innovation, time and newer technology Reinvent Help Desk into Service Desk Analysts not just call takers Established Knowledge Management as a Project Migrated historical data from SharePoint into KME Major Challenges: Talk time longer due to walk thru of Knowledge Abandoned calls increased - No increase in Staffing Analysts panic - Knowledge Base Culture Change Lack of training, structured process, tools usage Information location Struggles – SharePoint vs. KME

6 Today… Formalized KM Tools & Standardized Process Developed 1st Call Resolution Metrics Post KM Statistics monthly Individual KM Performance Measure Ratings Same staff 10+ years now resolving complex problems Staff gained confidence Ability to assist customers better Consistently Populate KM Database

7 Implementation Overview Knowledge Management (KM) Implementation Project Purpose: Create Knowledge Base documents & to facilitate Self Service Initially Management set forth a Mandate to produce KM Documents Challenges Lack of Standards & Formalized Process No Education or Understanding of Purpose or Benefits No Strategy / Direction provided by Exec Management Documentation stored various locations – network drive, SharePoint, paper No Metrics – What to Measure?

8 Benefits Central Repository for all KM information First Call Resolution potentially improved Efficient & Effective Routing of incidents to 30+ Workgroups Refer back to resolution of previously submitted Incidents for issues or question

9 Benefits KM will reduce time for Research & Resolution of issues KM frees up Operational staff time when solutions provided by the Service Desk KM Documents assist with On Boarding of new hires KM provides information and solution to Customers / End Users via Self-Service

10 Accomplishments Formed KM Tiger Teams 30 Workgroup Representatives Developed Strategy – KME SME per Workgroup Formed Committees Implemented Master Lists, Acronyms Glossary Standards/Guidelines Committee Formed Developed Standards – Visibility, Titles, Attachment Storage Developed Process – KME SME to KME Admin Developed Quick Reference Card (QRC)

11 Accomplishments Marketing/Communication Committee Formed SharePoint Site, LOGO Design, Newsletter Promoted UFFA – Use it, Flag it, Fix it, Add it Department Quarterly Meeting Updates Workgroup KM Documents List Created Operational KM documents created for New Services to facilitate Service Desk incident Management / Operations Support

12 Accomplishments Computer Based Training Course (CBT) Set Expectations Referred to Standards/Guidelines Workshops - Building & Understanding KME 100% Mandatory How to apply KM to your Workgroup Evaluation Forms Training Credit for Attendance

13 Deliverables KM Standards & Best Practices within Organization How to Search, Use & Create KM Documents How to View & Edit KM Documents Where to Store KM Document Attachments Quick Reference Card (QRC) KM Newsletter KM Computer Based Training (CBT) OUTCOME: Information Sharing Self-Service

14 Challenges / Lessons Learned Challenge KM Tiger Teams large - 30 Participants Little time - Meeting 2 hours per Month Lesson Learned KM Workshops – should be Educational & Informative Form Smaller Committees for Strategy Challenge Management Push for KM Documentation Rework, Wrong Metrics, Push for the Wrong reasons Lesson Learned Develop Standards, Educate Workforce, Collaborate Best Ideas

15 Challenges / Lessons Learned Challenge KM Tiger Team not allotted time to complete assigned tasks Communication GAP - Few Supervisors engaged due to lack of communication from TOP DOWN Lesson Learned Attended Supervisor / Manager meeting – engaged all to participate Provided staff weekly time allotment to produce KM Docs

16 Do’s Form ITIL Executive Team - Buy-in Top down Form Tiger Teams – Buy-in Bottom up Communicate – Form a Communication Team Set Standards and Process First Educate via Workshops Engage Supervisors and Managers Form Smaller Committees to Focus Create Master Lists & Acronyms Lists Ensure time for documentation - build into Project Schedule Allot daily time to staff for KM Documentation Provide Big Picture – Initiate KM docs for a new service Determine what info is important for operational support

17 Don’ts x Don’t assume everyone knows what’s going on x Don’t ask staff to produce & not allow time for effort x Don’t get started without a Plan x Don’t get started without a Process x Don’t get started without Standards x Don’t forget where to Deposit attachments x Don’t assume Management is communicating down

18 Knowledge Management Metrics Viewed: Displays the number of Knowledgebase documents that a user searched for and viewed. Used: Displays the number of Knowledgebase documents that a user searched for, viewed, and then used to create an Incident in Service Desk Express (SDE). Published: Displays the number of Knowledgebase documents that a user created then processed via SME Review and Final Review approval for publication. Created: Displays the number of Knowledgebase documents that a user searched for, didn't find one - so they created a Knowledgebase document or a staff member created a Knowledgebase document based on a new service.

19 Knowledge Management Metrics 2011 Totals 2011 Viewed - 27440 Used - 12383 Published - 1398 Created - 781

20 Knowledge Management Metrics 2012 Totals 2012 Viewed - 49514 Used - 16426 Published - 2032 Created - 843

21 Knowledge Management Metrics

22 Reward & Recognition Program ITIL Power Hour Incentives provided based on staff process improvement, knowledge management contributions and ITIL participation.

23 Thank you for attending this session. Don’t forget to complete the evaluation!

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