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The Future Starts Now Navigating the path to career and higher education.

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1 The Future Starts Now Navigating the path to career and higher education

2 4 Year vs. 2 Year College Readiness –EAP taken with STAR(CST). Determines exempt or conditionally exempt status –College placement tests ELM/EPT Math readiness assessment ELA readiness assessment

3 Application timelines/websites –CSU: Oct. –UC: Common application. Holistic application--considers the whole student. Access through Naviance Transfer process: TAG(transfer admission guarantee. TCA (transfer course agreement)

4 Naviance Family Connection Naviance Student Connection –Information on careers, colleges, majors –Interest/skill/career surveys –Goal setting –Organization/monitoring tools for tasks associated with college application/admissions process –Scholarship resources

5 College Entrance Exams SAT is an achievement test ACT is an aptitude test Test dates –ACT 9/21; 10/26; 12/14; 2/8; 4/12; 6/14 –SAT 10/5; 11/2; 12/7; 1/25; 3/8; 5/3; 6/7 Preparation: Use PSAT results to prep for SAT – – –

6 WHAT IT ALL MEANS –Performance results on all tests taken by section. SAS- difficulty of each question and if answered correctly –Skills insight-outlines level of knowledge necessary to improve scores on all sections –Questionnaire-complete at registration. Allows students to send information about their academic background, activities, and plans to colleges and scholarship programs. (make sure to update the questionnaire each time you register)

7 Student search service-Say YES at time of registration. This service allows universities, scholarship programs and non- profit organizations access to student names in order to provide supplemental information to assist students in successfully completing the goal of entering and completing college. Demographic info is requested including intended colleges and major. Score range and family income may also be requested by organizations providing scholarships.

8 Visit Colleges When? Junior year or earlier. What to consider: –Does the school offer my major, and is it impacted? –Admission requirements –Size –Distance from home

9 Paying for College Cal Grant--GPA verification required, must attend California College or University – Naviance Loans--public, subsidized, unsubsidized Stafford –Private institution (last resort) – Cal Soap--Cash for college workshops, college fairs. Community college financial aid info


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