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West Valley High School College Night

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1 West Valley High School College Night
Counselors: Tamara Muizelaar (A – Downs) Derrick Zimmerman (Drake - Lazaro) Griselda Covarrubias (Leal - Retiza) Mark Pressley (Reyes - Z)

2 College Night Agenda Junior College Questions? 4 Year University
Testing Other Important Information

3 The Junior College Option
What is your goal? Degree (AA or AS), Certificate, or Transfer to University/College

4 For a Complete List of Programs Go To

5 The Transfer Option If your goal is to transfer to a 4 year University/College it is essential that you work closely with your community college counselor as soon as you start the enrollment process.

6 Earning a Degree Earning a degree at M.S.J.C. does not automatically allow you to transfer to a 4-year university/college.

7 IGETC or CSU Educational Plan
Work with your counselor to be sure you are enrolled in one of these plans. The IGETC is for those wishing to go to a UC campus and…. The CSU Plan is for the California State University system.

8 Listing of Courses in the IGETC or CSU Plans
Go to Or pick up a copy of the courses currently offered in the plans. Go to For information regarding transferring.

9 4 Year College Admission
A-G Requirements and Other Important Information

10 A-G Requirements CSU and UC Campus
A – History years B – English years C – Math years D – Lab Science years E – Foreign Language 2 years F – Visual/Performing Arts year G – College Prep Elective year Must pass with “C” or better in these classes

11 CSU College Application
Go to CSU Mentor or UC web site Apply online to one or all CSU or UC campuses CSUMentor is free to use The student will only pay the application fee charged directly by the CSU or UC campus when an application for admission is submitted. ($55/App) These Web sites are the preferred method of application for CSU and UC universities.

12 Admission Requirements
CSU: -SAT 1 or ACT Test Taken No later than December 2008 Private Schools: -May require essay/personal statement/interview -May require SAT, ACT, SAT II or a combination of all 3. -Check with each private school you are applying to for admissions UC: -In addition to SAT I, students must take SAT II also known as the Subject Test (can take 3 subject test at one time) -3.0 Minimum Grade Point Average -Personal Statement (2 prompts)

13 Testing PSAT 9th -11th Grade SAT or ACT 11th-12th Grade
ASVAB 11th Grade

14 Steps to College Take the SAT or ACT and SAT II
Turn in Cal Grant Application Go to FASFA – Fill out 1st step (Pin) Fill out College Applications Fill out Scholarships Get accepted and celebrate!

15 Important Dates UC Campuses and CSU Campuses: Private Universities:
Apply By November 30th online. Private Universities: Call each school individually to find out their application deadline and any other important admission information you may need to know.

16 Important Dates Continue
November 30th, 2008 – The deadline to apply to MOST 4 year colleges/ Universities. March 2, FAFSA deadline FAFSA- Free Application for Federal Student Aid Everyone who is planning to attend any type of college or trade school should fill out the FAFSA, regardless of your yearly income! FAFSA Workshops- Parents and students get help filling out the FAFSA. Please plan to attend one of our workshops in January or February, here at West Valley. Dates of workshops will be posted on West Valley website in the near future and will also be in our student bulletin.

17 West Valley Counselors at 951-765-1600
Tamara Muizelaar A – Downs Ext. 222 Derrick Zimmerman Drake – Lazaro Ext. 226 Griselda Covarubias Leal – Retiza Ext. 225 Mark Pressley Reyes - Z Ext. 224

18 West Valley Counseling Department
THANK YOU West Valley Counseling Department

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