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Senior Information Night August 28, 2012 Johansen High School.

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1 Senior Information Night August 28, 2012 Johansen High School

2 Many Options Junior College (108 across California) CSU Campuses (23) UC Campuses (10) Private Institutions (Numerous)

3 Junior College Great alternative to 4-year college Students do not have to be in college prep classes during high school Transfer to 4-year college or university as a junior Save $$$$$$$ Many certificate programs available; nursing, fire science, agriculture, real estate, dental and medical assisting, etc.

4 Junior College SAT/ACT is not required Math and English Assessments will need to be taken Good idea to take an MJC class in 2 nd semester of senior year The $46 per unit is waived for high school students Register electronically at

5 Junior College MJC College Night: Wednesday, September 5 on the East Campus from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Reps from over 50 four-year colleges will be available to answer your college related questions!

6 CSU/UC Requirements A-G Requirements: All CP, No grade less than C –A.History/Social Science: 2 years –B.English: 4 years –C.Math: 3 years, algebra, geometry, advanced algebra –D. Lab Science: 2 years,1 each biology, chemistry –E. Foreign Language: 2 years –F. Visual & Performing Arts: 1 year, art, drama, music, dance –G. College Prep Electives: 1 year Other requirements exist for students interested in trade/tech school, private schools, and Historically Black Colleges/Universities

7 How to Apply Apply online to CSU/UC for for UC There are prompts, checks for errors, drop down menus, tech support, etc. Private schools will have their own application or the Common Application

8 CSU Register Oct 1-Nov 30 $55 per campus (fee waivers available online) Must apply separately to each campus Using code 3594 on the SAT will send scores to all 23 CSU campuses No personal statement or letters of recommendation required!

9 University of California Apply Nov 1-Nov 30 Can start working on online application Oct. 1 $70 per campusfee waivers available online One application for all campuses Personal statement required

10 Private Colleges If applying through common application must get on Naviance and put what schools student is applying If requiring a letter of recommendation ask counselor/teacher at least 2 weeks in advance

11 How Do Colleges Decide? GPAfor CSU and UC GPA is based on 10 th and 11 th grades onlyCs or better on transcript UCs require a 3.0 or better GPA in the A-G courses in 10 th and 11 th grade CSUs require a 2.0 or higher GPA in the A-G courses in 10 th and 11 th grade. Must meet the eligibility index. The higher your GPA, the lower your test scores can be Example: if you have a 2.0 GPA you must get a 1300 on your SAT Verbal/Math combined or a 30 on the ACT Can rescind offer if they dont like what they see at the end of senior year

12 Testing All testing must be completed by December (few exceptions; i.e. Cal Poly, SLO) If applying to CSUs only, take ACT without the writing If applying to UCs take SAT, ACT with writing. Subject tests are not required but recommended for some universities in certain majors. If taking math as part of the subject test, must take Level II. New security measures are in place for the SATpicture needs to be uploaded when registering Go to for SAT and to register for Fee waivers available for students on free or reduced lunch from Ms. Lodi in the Career Center

13 Testing UCs take the highest test score from one sitting CSUs will take the highest math, verbal, and writing from multiple tests Must send official scores to each campus that you apply

14 More Testing for CSU If student is not exempt based on STAR test results (taken 11 th grade year) must take a placement test in math and/or English Take these tests by January Can be taken at CSU Stanislaus even if not applying to that campus Go to and find testing for EPT/

15 What do Colleges Look At????? Grades Challenging Courses Test Scores Community Service (UCs/Privates) Leadership (UCs/Privates) Personal Statement (UCs/Privates)

16 Which Schools Should I Apply To? You should apply to a variety of schools –Dream School (Far Reach) –Middle of the Road School (Fairly Likely you will be Accepted) –Safety School (A Sure Thing)

17 College Visits 3 days of excused absences for campus visits Take a tour with an admissions rep, sit in on a class, speak to the students, eat the food, look at the dorms, speak to department chair Must receive prior approval from the principal

18 The Waiting Game Students will find out sometime in March whether or not they were admitted to the colleges/universities. Students will let the colleges know, by May 1, which school they plan to attend.

19 Important Students MUST check their portals on a regular basis (once a week or more) Each campus is different in their expectations so follow through with deadlines Once a decision has been made (by May 1) a deposit must be submitted to hold a spot for you at the university

20 Housing It is extremely important that you request a spot for housing early to the colleges that you may want to attend There are many different choices for housing (apartment style, dorms with many students, suites, etc)

21 Naviance Internet based program offered through Modesto City Schools Allows students to compare themselves to other Johansen students who have been admitted or denied to certain colleges/universities Students can take a personality test. It gives students ideas of different careers they may want to pursue View college profiles and statistical history for Johansen Pick up personal code number from Ms. Lodi or Vicki in the Career Center

22 UC Berkeley

23 UC Santa Cruz

24 Cal Poly, SLO CAL Poly, SLO

25 CSU Stanislaus

26 University of the Pacific

27 Financial Aid Johansen will file Cal Grants electronically (looks at family income, family size and GPA10 th and 11 th grades)I will verify Social Security Numbers Parents should fill out FAFSA (even if you make too much money) from Jan 1-March 2 of senior year Financial aid nights are usually held at MJC and CSU Stanislaus

28 Financial Aid Do taxes early! Apply for PIN now Keep copies Be careful of websites that are similar because they will try to charge and can have access to all of your financial info. Filling out the FAFSA is FREE!

29 Financial Aid Dont rule out certain colleges/universities because of cost Many of the private schools have lots of money to give away!

30 Scholarships Collegiate Outlook provided monthly Available on the JHS website under the counseling section Also youll find a list of for profit colleges no longer receiving Cal Grants Go to Parents employment good place to search Colleges/Universities have their own scholarships

31 Scholarships Many students do not take advantage of scholarships because some require an essay Must be diligent and fill out all you qualify for Keep copies and get certificate of mailing Keep track of deadlines!

32 NCAA Clearinghouse Must complete if planning to play sports at a Division I or II school Must meet core requirements SAT of at least 820 ACT of at least 68, combination of 4 sub scores on the test NCAA is not using the writing scores Apply now:

33 BEWARE OF SCAMS!!! There are many companies sending out letters to students to listen to their presentation for free What you dont find out until later is it will cost you between $900 and $1,900 to sign up for the services that we offer for FREE You will know it is one of these companies because in the letter it will state that the presentation is on a Saturday or Sunday and you must call their toll free number with the personal reservation code provided Some companies are now making phone calls stating that your son/daughter has received a scholarship (want bank account information)

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