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By Marjani Chidinma, CSU Los Angeles

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1 By Marjani Chidinma, CSU Los Angeles
CSU’s vs. UC’S

2 Agenda Admissions University of California
California State University’s Resources Tips

3 A-G College Preparatory Pattern
2 years of U.S. History / Social Science 4 years of English 3 years of Math (4 recommended) 2 years of Science (3 recommended) 2 years of Foreign Language (3 recommended) 1 year of Visual Performing Arts 1 year of a College Preparatory Elective A-G Subject requirements must be completed with a letter grade of C or better

4 University of California
System Facts 10 campuses – only 9 open for undergraduates Target upper 12% of high school students Minimum GPA is 3.0 Application criteria is based upon: A-G Courses and GPA SAT Reasoning or ACT with Writing Extracurricular Activities and Involvement Personal Statement

5 23 Outstanding Campuses of CSU’s
CSU Campuses' • Each Campus is unique (separately accredited) • CSU campuses have distinct student populations and programs “Learn by doing” Applied and Practical

6 What About College Admission Tests?
Majority of 4 year colleges require SAT or ACT for admission PSAT (Offered at Glendale HS) – Pre Scholastic Aptitude Test provides practice before SAT (test at high school in fall of 10th or 11th grade) PLAN (Not Offered at Glendale HS) – Provides practice before American College Test ACT (test at high school in 10th grade) SAT – CSU, UC, & Private College admission test for reading, writing, & math skills (test in 11th and/or 12th grade) SAT Subject Tests – Private College admission subject tests and varies by college (test after course is completed) ACT – CSU, UC, & Private College admission test for English, reading, writing, math, & science skills (test in 11th and/or 12th grade)

7 Useful Resource
Create an account to once the students create an account they are able to submit their grades, courses, and more! The information provided will transfer over when they do their CSU application if students uses same user name and password.

8 Important Tips Tour the campuses your are interested in.
Maintain good grades throughout your high school years. Your senior year counts! Most acceptance letters are provisional, meaning that your admission status can be affected by your senior year Communicate with your counselors and your campus (es) admission department Tour the campuses your are interested in. Begin compiling a list of possible scholarships. Attend college fairs and parent nights. Make contact with university representatives. Do not limit your choices. Take the SAT’s/ACT early. Always meet the given deadlines. Get familiar with college prep and campus websites

9 Ambassador Schedule CSULA Ambassador: Jonathan Alvarez
Glendale High School Main Office, College and Career Center, Room 1102 Every Friday from 8:00 am – 3:30 pm

10 Contact Information Marjani Chidinma Recruitment Specialist Admissions & Recruitment Cal State Los Angeles (323) Web:

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