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Marlene Gukert Experiential Education Program Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences; UofA MARCH 2014.

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2 Marlene Gukert Experiential Education Program Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences; UofA MARCH 2014

3 Whats New Background Faculty Expectations Preceptor Responsibilities Orientation Course: Activities and Assignments Assessment Processes Things to remember Preceptor survey results/comments & portfolio review findings discussed throughout 2

4 Alix Peterka on mat leave: replacements Gaenor & Brenda Best email: Gaenor Botha: Brenda Oscroft Contact info on UofA website, in manual & preceptor guide Pharm 305 Preceptor Award Preceptor Recognition Program Innovation theme Student nominations 3

5 A great big, fat thank you!! Preceptors are the HEART of our program guide, coach, mentor, teacher, assessor, role model UofA Pharmacy Faculty Website: Course Information: manuals and reviews Preceptor Newsletters Preceptor Faculty appointments Preceptor award recipients Preceptor workshops Training and Resources ……. 4

6 UofA Pharmacy Faculty Website Preceptor Guide – tons of info!! Patient Care Process Module Podcasts UBC eTips Course Information Library Resources Library Access Form; 120 days UofA library access resources/library-resources Library Homepage; databases and resources Other On-line precepting resources ASHP Preceptor Tool Kit Teaching Skills Handbook; UBC Office of ExEd Advocacy Inquiry Video CSHP Webinar Sometimes, I Just Don't Know if I'm Getting through-Principles of Framing & Delivering Effective Feedback for Pharmacy Residents 5

7 Pharm 305: What is it? Why first year? Early exposure beneficial Opportunities: Practice communication skills Participate in patient care Involvement in community practice including interactions within the community Socialization into the profession Placement Dates: May 5- 30 & June 2-27 May 19: Victoria Day: preceptors discretion 6

8 Introduction Courses Med Chem Biomed & biotech sciences Immunology Pharmaceutical analysis & pharmaceutics Pharmacy Practice Role of pharmacist – Pharmaceutical Care Process Core Skills- including EBM, drug use process Integrated Module EENT/ Derm 7

9 Guide the student though the course optimize the experience Provide patient care opportunities Provide other healthcare opportunities Assess the student – Informally – often Formally - 3 times Contact us if needed Student survey comments: extremely positive 8

10 Review Student Manual. Students have been instructed to post their profile & resume by March 31 on RxPreceptor Preceptors were sent instructions to email confirmation to students by April 11 to confirm that you have reviewed students information you will need to ensure you can log into RxP contact Gaenor/phexed with login or viewing difficulties 9

11 Netcare – ensure form has been sent will be following up in April to ensure access Develop schedule template evenings & weekends OK Coordinate with team Coordinate activities with other HCPs 10

12 Orientation checklist in manual & Preceptor Guide Discuss: Expectations: yours & students Interests: yours & students Student Self Assessment I Students informed to complete prior to placement & print Review schedule Review assessments - forms, process, timelines forms will be posted on RxPreceptor mid April & instructions emailed Review: course activities & assignments summaries in manual, students have had course orientation Activity and Assessment Schedule: in manual 11

13 Mostly same – on-line option given 75% uptake of printed version informed that they must bring a tablet/computer Tweaking to increase clarity portfolio vs non portfolio assignments list of preceptor discussions Portfolio due on last day of placement many assignments & documents do not need to be included in portfolio; for discussion only or review i.e. DI questions discussion & activity summaries & checklists in manual Course policies in manual 12

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