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Update on Goals 1 and 2 Curricular Domain Curricular Domain – accomplishments to date Developed baseline information about current level of faculty.

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2 Update on Goals 1 and 2

3 Curricular Domain

4 Curricular Domain – accomplishments to date Developed baseline information about current level of faculty involvement in IPE Mapped the temporal structure of all academic programs across campus to look for common times for IPE Developed unique criteria for classifying IPE courses for academic credit Begun the process of developing a campus-wide IPE certificate program for academic credit Begun the process of exploring scheduling windows for IPE in didactic, laboratory, simulated, and real learning contexts

5 Curricular Domain – next steps Identify specific topic areas to serve as a focus for IPE Identify strategies for rolling out model learning opportunities for IPE Develop strategies to help faculty to embed IPE in existing course objectives Develop an effective curricular progression for building team skills that will span each of the academic programs on campus Develop a communication plan to keep faculty informed Work collaboratively with the other C3 domains Explore strategies for incorporating the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) into IPE

6 Extracurricular Domain

7 Overall Goal Year 1 To build students team skills in the settings defined as extracurricular, using the C3 Team Competencies. Sub goals –To engage students in developing our strategies (ONGOING) –To conduct an inventory of student organizations current practices and needs regarding team development (COMPLETED) –Educate and train student services staff and committee members on use of team competencies (PLANNED) –Enhance team training in existing programs while creating new opportunities (ONGOING) Extracurricular Domain

8 Strategies (Sub goals) - Continued implementation of year 1 strategies - Strengthen administrative coordination of Clarion Competition and provide training - Influence pre existing noon day lecture programs to make them more IPE focused - Strengthen the colleges’ orientations by infusing an introduction to the IPE and the sense that students are members of a greater interprofessional community beyond their respective colleges. Consider activities in the early experience of students that will reinforce IP understanding. Must include students in the planning of orientations. - Integrate activities that relate to interprofessional understanding into the team training initiatives in interprofessional student organizations. Overall Goal Year 2 Students will acquire knowledge, including the values and beliefs, of health professions different from their own discipline that will enable them to define interprofessional healthcare delivery or research.

9 Faculty Development Domain

10 Faculty Development Domain - Progress Literature Review Survey of Faculty Interviews with Team Leaders Identification of Competencies Development of Video Two Panel Discussions

11 Faculty Development Domain - Plans Continue Development of Video Support Team Skills Training Develop Curriculum/On-going Series for Faculty Determine Options for Recognition of Faculty Participation

12 Healthcare Simulation (TALUS) Domain

13 Established a domain committee charged with advancing, assessing and tracking Interprofessional Simulation Education (IPSE) TALUS—”Teaching and Learning Using Simulation” Created a matrix of common “core” content/skill areas for multiple professions Matched these skills with the inventory of simulation technology available Piloted the first Interprofessional Skills Simulation Workshop with 30 nursing, PA and medical students Healthcare Simulation (TALUS) Accomplishments

14 Healthcare Simulation (TALUS) Next Steps Work with the Simulation Center (opens in June) to –inventory existing activities where interprofessional learning could enhance simulation –create shared, interprofessional courses using simulation Align with centers who share similar goals - Center for Patient Safety - Center for Medication Safety

15 Assessment Team

16 Assessment Team – Goals for 2007-2008 1.Identify Assessment Team members √ 4 person team created 2. Conduct needs analysis of assessment instruments √ 3 selected surveys & data plan with collection from students, faculty, staff, graduates 3. If needed, initiate development of program assessment instruments √ initiated and ongoing

17 Assessment Team – Plans for 2008-2009 Be a resource for the development of assessment instruments or items, as requested, by the various domains Create databases for the surveys Monitor assessment data for the domains Continue with established survey schedule

18 Open Discussion

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