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Program design overview Pre-contract to post-program year Office on Volunteerism and Community Service.

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1 Program design overview Pre-contract to post-program year Office on Volunteerism and Community Service

2 This Presentation Overview of broad elements of Program Design What they are, why theyre important Role of Program Design in your programs success!

3 Following this, you should review the detailed individual presentations for each Program Design element, in the training folder

4 Appendix 1 of the Program Guidance Manual is the Program Design and Handbook

5 Program Design and Handbook Must be completed by the Program Director, and reviewed and approved by OVCS, during the pre-contract period

6 What is the Program Design? Document containing ALL information necessary to understand, implement, and manage your program! The thing you would hand to anyone that needs to know what youre doing (board member, interested community member, site supervisor, President of the US)

7 What is the Program Design, cont. WHAT-WHY-WHO-WHERE-HOW-WHEN Program Purpose Policies (Background Check review, Fiscal) Process/Procedures (Training, recruitment) Expected Outcomes and Measurements Timelines/Responsibility

8 Items 1-13 are the Program Design Elements, the subject of this presentation Item 14, handbook items, see separate PowerPoint

9 # 1- Funding Announcement and Service Area Inclusion Show Me The Money amount received in the grant, the amount of match that is pledged and from where

10 # 1- Funding Announcement and Service Area Inclusion, cont… Describe the Specific Service Sites and Service Area

11 #2- Organizational Authorization Info from your Certification of Authorization legal name and address individuals that will have authority to sign contracts and requests for reimbursement.

12 #3- Program Purpose and Objective organizations mission and activities immediate and long-term objectives for your AmeriCorps program How measured Community impact

13 #3- Program Purpose and Objective, cont… Why you have sought out and are utilizing AmeriCorps Members to accomplish these activities

14 #4- Program Staff Part One Who are they What is their role How/which members interact with them

15 #4- Program Staff, cont…. Part Two Staff training What/How/When/Why AmeriCorps specific, member management

16 #4- Program Staff, cont…. Part 3 documentation of time for match purposes criminal history requirements/process for each

17 #5- Member Recruitment Processes and methods Ensuring Inclusion (underrepresented,disabled)

18 #5- Member Recruitment, cont… List all member types/slots Detail member benefits, what applicants are given in recruitment process to understand benefits/commitment, etc….

19 #6- Member Training SPECIFIC, COMPLETE TRAINING PLAN/CALENDAR Types, Trainer, Location Emergency Preparedness Plan Training members to respond

20 #7- Program Documentation Position Descriptions Member Contracts

21 #7- Program Documentation, cont… How all files will be developed and maintained Follows Member File Checklist?

22 #7- Program Documentation, cont… Background Check process and documentation Member and staff

23 #8- Program Management Receiving, reviewing, and approving timesheets Communication between PD, Site Supervisor, Members Maximizing the use of OnCorps for reporting

24 #8- Program Management, cont… Management plan with responsibility chart Partnership agreements, communication and oversight of sites/partners Member Retention Plan (proper resources, coaching/feedback, clear goals, recognition, opportunities for development)

25 #9- Fiscal Management and Documentation Keeping the Fiscal Director informed process and individuals in payments and reimbursements

26 #9- Fiscal Management and Documentation, cont…. Approving/executing payment of living allowance Withholding payment?

27 #10- Utilizing Media social media plan papers, radio, and TV. website E-mail signature, logos, branding

28 #11- Service Days activities that members will coordinate or participate in on required service days Member involvement in planning/execution?

29 #12- Program Evaluation Purpose of evaluation Questions to be answered by evaluation Methods/Designs Approach

30 #13- Grievance Procedures Description of process

31 Handbook Sections beginning at Item 14 Items that must be included in your handbook, and suggested items for inclusion Detailed in a separate PowerPoint

32 Program Design Appendices Appendices A. Program Management Plan B. Partnership Agreements C. Disability Self-Assessment D. Position Descriptions E. Member Contract F. Training Calendar for Staff G. Training Calendar for Members H. Financial Module C I. Member Benefits List (if not detailed in narrative) J. Certification of Availability of Match Funds K. Certification of Approval for use of Federal Funds L. Certification of Organization Authorization

33 Final Document Signed by Program and OVCS (after revision/approval) Living Document (can be revised) Important program tool that clearly outlines all aspects of your program

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