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1 Smarter Balanced Field Test MARCH 2014 WHITTIER CITY SCHOOL DISTRICT

2 New Assessments: Measuring Where Students are on their Path to Success Will replace existing tests and are an improvement Provide an academic checkup by measuring real-world skills like critical thinking and problem solving Provide information during the year to give teachers and parents a better picture of where students are succeeding and where they need help. 2

3 Field Test: A Practice Run of Our New Assessments 3 Helps ensure assessments are valid, reliable, and fair for all students Provides teachers, schools, and students an opportunity to participate in a practice run of the assessment system Evaluates performance of 20,000+ assessment items and performance tasks Sets preliminary achievement standards that help track student preparedness for college and career

4 Field Test: A Practice Run of Our New Assessments Each state determined how schools and students would be selected to take the Field Test Students in grades 3-8 will participate Test is not timed, and each subject area (ELA/literacy and math) is expected to take 2.5 to 4 hours to complete Because the Field Test is a test of the test that will result in some questions being revised or dropped, students will not receive scores. 4

5 SBAC Testing Window 2014 Elementary –3 rd grade – April 7 th – 10 th –4 th grade April 14 th – 16 th –5th grade April 22 nd – 24 th –Make up dates April 17 th and April 25 th Middle School –6 th grade April 30 th – May 2 nd –7 th grade May 5 th – 7 th –8 th grade May 12 th – 13 th and May 15 th –Make-up dates May 14 th and May 16 th 5

6 Student Video What is a Field Test? 6

7 Students What are Universal Tools? 7

8 Test Information and Distribution Engine (TIDE) Student Information Student information has been uploaded from CALPADS to TIDE 2 weeks prior to testing we will send you the student information Please advise us about any changes, updates, missing students etc. This information is SECURE 8

9 Test Information and Distribution Engine (TIDE) Accommodations and Modifications Accommodations and/or modifications that have been written in IEPs will be selected in TIDE Embedded vs. Non-embedded Accommodations and Modifications handout 9

10 Testing Procedures SBAC Field Test PORTAL On the day of testing… –Teachers will log into SBAC field test portal –They will use their username and password (e-mail) –It is important that they REMEMBER their username and password on testing day! –We recommend they write it down and give you a copy. SBAC PORTAL (Handout:Administering Practice and Training Tests to Students pgs. 11-16) SBAC PORTAL 10


12 Website for SBAC Practice TEST Enable Block Pop-ups (handout) Turn up volume on iPad then adjust volume on headphones Enable Guided Access (Handout: Mobile Secure Browsers pgs. 4-8 in Secure Browsers Manual ) LETS TRY IT! Handout (About the login Process: Logging in as a guest user) 12

13 Assignment of Assessment Non–performance task (non–PT) Classroom Activity and Performance Task(PT) Assigned the week of March 10, 2014. Classroom activities and content area assignments will be the same for all students within a grade at each school 13

14 14

15 School Test Coordinator Responsibilities Test security affadavits signed and returned to Angie Baltierra Train teachers in test administration Create and share testing Schedule Ensure secure browsers are installed 15

16 Preparing the Devices Download the secure browser from the App Store (handout) iPads need to be upgraded to iOS 7 Update button should be enabled (handout) Tech leads should be able to support you with this Handout 16

17 CA Online Field Test Administration Manual Directions for Administration (WIKI) All teachers should review the DFA prior to testing (pgs. 48-56) For testing script, print Appendix A (pgs. 58-62) 17

18 SECURITY Student Login Information First name ONLY SSID Considered Secure Material Must be destroyed after testing Recommend the list to be checked in and checked out during testing 18

19 Security of Test Environment Quiet Environment Students are actively supervised and are free from access to unauthorized electronic devices Post Unauthorized electronic devices sign Only students who are testing can observe assessment items 19

20 SECURITY Scratch Paper and Classroom Activity All Scratch paper must be collected and destroyed Any notes students take during the classroom activity should be collected and destroyed 20

21 Resources and Documents Online Administration Manuals Sample Schedules Parent Letters PowerPoint to share with teachers Links to student Videos A link will be e-mailed to you directing you to the SBAC WIKI by Friday, March 14 th, 2014 21

22 Sample Schedules If possible, log in at 15 minute intervals Non-PT ELA & MATH with PT ELA or MATH Non-PT ELA with PT ELA Non-PT MATH with PT MATH 22

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