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Abbey Park High School Course Selection Process Parent Information Evening 2011.

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1 Abbey Park High School Course Selection Process Parent Information Evening 2011

2 All Grade 10 students will study English (Applied or Academic) Math(Applied or Academic) Science (Applied or Academic) Canadian History (Applied or Academic) Civics.5 credit (Open, can be done on line) Career Studies.5 credit (Open, can be done on line) Plus 3 elective courses

3 All Grade 11 students will study English: Workplace, College, or University level Math: Workplace - Work for Everyday Life College – Foundations for College Math M- Apprenticeships/College/University U- Pre-requisite for university level grade 12 courses Plus 6 Electives courses: - depending on career pathway, interests, skills, talents, & enjoyment.

4 All Grade 12 students will study: English: Workplace, College, or University level –All universities & college degree programs require ENG 4U, –College diploma programs & apprenticeships require 4C or 4U. Plus 5 or more Electives depending on career pathway, interest, skills, talents, & enjoyment.

5 High School Compulsory Credits Total 30 credits 4 English credits – gr. 9, 10, 11, 12 3 Math credits – usually gr. 9, 10, 11 2 Science credits, usually this is 9 & 10. 1 Canadian Geography – grade 9 1 Canadian History – grade 10 Careers & Civics – grade 10, you can take this online

6 Compulsory Credits 1 Arts credit in Gr. 9 or 10. 1 French credit 1 Physical Education credit

7 Group Requirements Group 1: 1 credit from the following –English, - 5 th course –Language -2 nd course –Social Sciences –Humanities (Family Studies) –Guidance (Leadership, Learning Strategies) –Co-operative Education Group 2 –Phys. Ed. 2 nd course –Arts, 2 nd course –Business –Co-operative Education Group 3 - Technology (TTI gr. 9) - Science (11, 12) - Co-operative Education

8 Subject Promotion You may NOT move forward in a compulsory credit until you pass that grade Summer/Night School is available to redo a course, improve a grade or reach ahead. You can retake the course in semester 1 in the next grade year.

9 Selecting the Most Appropriate Level: Applied or Academic (9 & 10) College or University (11 & 12) To continue in the academic level a mark over 70% is recommended for future success You may upgrade a mark at summer school. Gr. 9 – 11: 2 weeks if you have over 40% Gr. 12: no upgrade, must retake entire course

10 Selecting the Most Appropriate Level: Applied or Academic? Applied leads directly to: Work Apprenticeships College diploma programs Academic leads directly to: Work, apprenticeships, college diploma programs College degree programs University programs

11 Select courses for your career path! All university & college degree programs require 6 grade 12 U or M level courses. Co-op is not a U or M level. College diploma courses require college or university level courses. Co-op is looked upon favourably. Apprenticeships require college, or university level courses. Math is important, co-op is looked upon favourably.

12 Pre- requisite courses Most grade 12 courses require a grade 11 pre- requisite course. Read the program book & flow chart carefully.


14 Selecting Courses…. The courses required for future pathway destination The courses required for postsecondary programs To help become a well rounded person Of interestFor enjoymentThat you can excel in That open up a whole new world Do not select a course to be with a friend Do not select a course to make life easy

15 Electives: So many to choose from! Visual ArtsDramaMusic Instrumental & Vocal Fashion IndustryFood & Nutrition Science Family Sociology AccountingBusiness - Organizational Management Communication in Business & Technology French/SpanishLiterature StudiesWriters Craft Cooperative Education Learning Strategies Native Studies

16 Canada & World Issues World Geography & Urban Patterns World History EconomicsLawEnviron. & Resource Management (Online) Canadian & World Politics (Online) World Religions Intro to Anthropology, Psychology & Sociology Exercise ScienceSocial JusticePersonal Fitness

17 Math for Work & Everyday Life Foundations for College Math Math for College Technology Data ManagementAdvanced Functions Calculus & Vectors (NEW) MCVAP BiologyChemistryPhysics SPH4CO online Earth & Space Science (Online) Cooperative Education Environmental Science

18 Technology Electives: Communication Technology CosmetologyApprenticeship Cosmetology Construction Cabinetmaking Technological Design Interior Design Transportation Technology Vehicle Ownership Computer & Info. Science Computer Engineering Cooperative Education

19 Looking for Something Different? Check out these Regional SHSM Opportunities! Bronte Creek Canadian Forces Halton Home Builders Personal Support Worker Gary Allan Self Reliant International Baccalaureate Ford Academy of Manufacturing Sciences- FAMS SHSM

20 SHSM Sectors NOT-FOR-PROFIT BUSINESS Arts & Culture Aviation & Aerospace Construction Education & Training Energy Environment Health & Wellness Horticulture & Landscaping Hospitality & Tourism Information & Communications Technology Justice, Community Safety & Emergency Services Manufacturing Sports & Recreation Transportation

21 Non Profit: Social Justice and Community Development The Social Justice and Community Development SHSM will provide students with the tools to become engaged community members. It will foster the development of socially aware, globally minded critical thinkers. Through this program, students will KNOW the role of NGOs in a local national and global context. Students will UNDERSTAND, through a variety of experiences, the complex issues associated with social justice and community development; diversity, sensitivity, equity and inclusion, civic mindedness, global thinking. Further they will understand the processes associated with facilitating communities as they identify their needs and goals.

22 Business SHSM Overview A cross-curricular program that focuses on the integration of Business Studies with Mathematics, English, and experiential learning A program dedicated to those interested in any sort of business-related activities for their career A great way to gain experience in the field; more preparation for the world of business! Demonstrates the different pathways within business

23 Apprenticeships - OYAP Auto Body & Auto Painter TransportationHairstylist WeldingEarl y Childhood Educator Precision Machining/ Millwright HVACChef/BakerChild and Youth Worker Carpentry/Cabinet Making Electrical

24 Haltons eLearning: Civics & / or Careers Music & Computers (AMM3MO) Canadian & World Politics (CPW4UO) Earth & Space Science (SES4UO) Environmental & Resource Management (CGR4M0) Entrepreneurship: Venture Planning in an Electronic Age (BDV4CO) Math for College Technology (MCT 4CO) Philosophy: Questions & Theories (HZT4UO) College Physics SPH 4CO) English (ENG4UO) Chemistry (SCH4CO) Family Sociology (HHS4MO) Intro to Anthro (HSP3MO) Bus Technology (BTA3OO) Computer Science (ICS3UO) Environmental Science (SVN3MO) Health for Life (PPZ3OO) Designing Your Future (GWL3OO)

25 Volunteer Hours / Literacy Test Students should be currently working on completing 40 community service hours by the end of Grade 12 All students must successfully pass the grade 10 Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test

26 Unsure what courses to Select? Seek advice from: Teachers Older students Parents Guidance Counsellors Mrs. Cole – grades 10 & 12 Mr. Maras – grades 10 & 11 Ms. Barran – grade 9 Mr. Richards – grade 9 & Student Success Access the AP Program Book

27 Research, Research, Research! Look at: (haltonboards- activation key) Apprenticeships - Colleges - Universities - Ontario School Counsellors Association - Career Cruising – user name – halton password – abbey

28 Full Disclosure! In grade 11 & 12 if students are not doing well in a course and do not think they can earn the credit they can drop that course before April 26, 2011 If dropped by this date it will not show on a students transcript.

29 Full-time or Part-time students Must select a minimum of 6 courses to be a fulltime student and attend Abbey Park Fulltime status is required to participate on school teams & clubs, is often required for extended health plan coverage, some family benefits and some car insurance policies APHS policy is to not allow Part-Time studies

30 Online Course Selection Process Grade Assemblies Period 1: Option sheets, Courses flowchart Program Planners, Review program book Start selecting course selections for next year Parent Information Meeting on Course Selection Thursday February 3 rd 2011 @ 7:00pm

31 Online Course Selection Process Online Site opens: Mon. Jan. 10 th, 2011 Online Site closes: Feb. 18th, 2011 Online web site may be accessed from school or home. Website address on your option sheet. Enter your courses, print off your verification sheet. Review your credit history & your choices with semester 2 period 1 teacher or Student Services

32 Online Course Selection Process Completed paper option sheets require parental signature. DOUBLE CHECK for accuracy By Friday, February 18th, 2011 signed paper option sheets stapled to online verification sheet submitted to semester 2, period 1 teacher. Students without a period 1 class are to submit their sheets to Student Services

33 Avoid long lines in August & THE DISAPPOINTMENT Avoid the disappointment of not being able to get into a course in September or February SELECT THE COURSES YOU NEED AND WANT NOW. RESEARCH WHAT YOU NEED FOR YOUR FUTURE!

34 Working Backwards Grade 12 Grade 11 ArtsENG4U5 other U/MENG3U BusinessENG4U, MHF4U, MCV4U or MDM4U 3 other U/M courses ENG3U, MCR3U ScienceENG4U, MHF4U, MCV4U, 2 of SCH4U, SPH4U, SBI4U, 1 other U/M course ENG3U, MCR3U, SCH3U, SPH3U, SBI3U EngineeringENG4U, MHF4U, MCF4U, SCH4U, SPH4U 1 other U/M course ENG3U, MCR3U, SCH3U, SPH3U,

35 Returning for Grade 13? Students are welcome to do so, about 25 – 30% do in Ontario as at Abbey Park H.S. Evaluate the reasons for returning If returning for 1 semester only, students must take a minimum of 3 credits If returning for the entire year, students must select a minimum of 6 credits.

36 If only 1 credit is required: Consider other possibilities: Gary Allan High School – Self Reliant Summer school Night school Co-operative education On-Line


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