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Course Selections For 2013 Presentation for Students Currently in Grade 9 Moving into Grade 10 Next Year.

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2 Course Selections For 2013 Presentation for Students Currently in Grade 9 Moving into Grade 10 Next Year

3 OVERVIEW 1. Course Selection Timelines/Process 2. Review of Diploma Requirements 3. Specific Information for Gr. 10 4. Other Resources 5. Tips 6. Explanation of on-line course selection process

4 Timelines Jan. 7 th to Feb. 8 th - Class discussions Wednesday, Feb.6– You should have received the following in your homeroom: - your personal CCS ( marks are not final) TODAY YOU WILL RECEIVE: - GRCI course calendar supplement - instructions for completing your course- selection on-line ( in your supplement ) -a course-selection worksheet

5 Timelines (contd) WRDSB Common Course Calendar ( more information about each course) Wednesday Feb. 6th –Monday Feb. 11 th Students will be entering their courses online. Monday, Feb. 11 th – A printed copy of your on-line course selections are due to homeroom teachers during Period A. After period A on Monday-return your forms to Guidance.

6 OSS Diploma Requirements 30 Credits - 18 Compulsory credits -12 Optional credits 40 Hours of Community Service (Your Activity Tracking Record Form can be submitted to the Main Office anytime) Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test/Course

7 COMPULSORY CREDITS (18) 4 credits in English 1 credit in French as a second language 3 credits in Mathematics (at least one in Grade 11 or 12) 2 credits in Science 1 credit in Canadian History 1 credit in Canadian Geography 1 credit in the Arts 1 credit in Health and Physical Education.5 Civics.5 Career Studies

8 COMPULSORY CREDITS (continued) Group 1- 1 additional credit in English or French as a second language or a native language or a classical or international language or Social Science and the Humanities or Canadian and World Studies or guidance and career education or cooperative education*. (The following courses fall under the heading of Social Science and the Humanities or Canadian and World Studies: Geography, History, Family Studies, Law and Economics). Group 2 - 1 additional credit in Health and Physical Education or Arts or Business or cooperative education*

9 COMPULSORY CREDITS (continued) Group 3 - 1 additional credit in Science (Grade 11 or 12) or Technological Studies (any grade) or cooperative education* or computer studies * A maximum of two credits in cooperative education can count as a compulsory credit.


11 TYPES OF GRADE 10 COURSES ACADEMIC covers essential concepts plus additional course material more emphasis on theory and abstract problems APPLIED covers only the essential concepts more emphasis on practical applications OPEN one set of expectations that are appropriate for all students designed to prepare students for further study in certain subjects and to enrich the overall education of students

12 TYPES OF GR. 11/12 COURSES University Preparation Courses (U) University/College Preparation Courses (M) College Preparation Courses (C) Workplace Preparation Courses (E) Open Courses (O)

13 EXAMPLES: ENG3UI HSP3MI MBF3CI TFH3EI, SVN3EI BTA3OI, CGG3OI, IDC4OI ( yearbook-some grade 10s accepted-talk to your English teacher or Mrs. Murison)

14 THINGS TO BE AWARE OF … BTT 1OI / BTT 2OI are the same course HFN 1OI / HFN 2OI are the same course

15 FUTURES FORUM A package of courses- grade 10 English, Careers, and Civics All morning or afternoon Integrates all three courses Strong use of technology Collaborate with other schools More freedom with due dates Focus on Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration, and Creativity

16 COURSE TYPE/LEVELS Selecting the appropriate course type/level is a very important consideration. Ask your teacher which type/level they recommend. Know the prerequisites for future courses. Appropriate level change from academic to applied may be done at the start of each semester if there is room and the timetable permits.

17 Appropriate change in level from applied to academic in some subjects can only be done in the first two weeks of each semester Level changes are possible through: Summer School – Full credit Night School – Senior students


19 COURSE SELECTIONS FOR GRADE 10 Compulsory Courses: English Math Science Canadian History Civics/Career Studies Electives: 3 of your choice

20 Course Load Students in Grade 10 must take a FULL COURSE LOAD, consisting of 8 COURSES. When you are selecting your courses online you will actually select 9 courses since Civics and Careers are 0.5 credits

21 CHANGING COURSES Do your best to make good choices NOW! Complete you course selection on-line and make an appointment with your guidance counsellor if you are still unsure. Your counsellor can start seeing you now to discuss next years courses. If you dont have your printed course- selection sheet handed in by Mon. Feb. 11 th it will be considered LATE

22 CHANGING COURSES (contd) Their could be some consequences for late course-selection After course selection is complete students can still make limited changes with their guidance counsellor until the end of FEBRUARY. If you are LATE with your course selection then come to the guidance office and talk to your counsellor. After Mon. Feb 11 th your are LATE

23 CHANGING COURSES (contd) After course selections are complete, you will receive a printout of the courses you selected. This occurs in the spring and is called course verification. It is best that you make any changes to your course selections at that time. (no guarantees at this point) There are NO course changes once school starts in September

24 CHANGING COURSES (contd) After you receive your report card in April and/or after summer school, you may need to make changes as a result of failed or passed courses. Do this right away in April or come in to the school the last week of August. Waitlists will be used once course maximums have been reached. Do your best to make good decisions now.

25 Access People You Know In addition to this session, take time to talk to: 1. Subject teachers 2. Parents/Guardian 3. Peers

26 Ask Your teachers….. What course(s) in their subject area do they recommend for you for next year? Will this course meet a diploma requirement? What skills will you gain from taking this course? What level of study should you take? (academic/applied)

27 Assistance from Your Guidance Counsellor Counsellors are also available to assist students with their Course Selections. Students are strongly encouraged to do their research and to talk to their parents before requesting an appointment to see their counsellor.

28 Tips… Make sure your are selecting the appropriate level for your ability and for your future goals. Make sure you are giving yourself the best future opportunities by: Doing your homework Staying Organized Getting extra help from your teachers

29 Set short and long term goals Get your community service hours done early Pick your elective courses based on your strengths

30 CAREER CRUISING PORTFOLIO REMEMBER TO CREATE A PROFOLIO FOR YOURSELF ON CAREERCRUISING.COM Your guidance counsellor will want to look at this when they are helping you to pick courses and to plan for your futureextra sheets with instructions are at the front

31 IN SUMMARY… Make sure you know what credits you have earned and what you need to meet your diploma requirements (OSSD) Check Gr. 11 and Gr. 12 course requirements at Grand River, as well as prerequisites for post secondary studies If you are moving please indicate this on-line.

32 Choose your courses wisely and carefully use the correct course codes. Hand in your signed Course Selection Sheet ( printed from the computer) to your Homeroom teacher during Period A on Monday, Feb. 11 th, 2013. (DO NOT hand in your worksheet) Good luck with your planning and decision- making!

33 SOCR Secondary Online Course Requests Apply on-line now or in line later

34 ONLINE COURSE SELECTION Please follow along closely as I go through the computer process with you. Please put your hand up if your have any questions.












46 NEED HELP !!!!!!! Counsellors will be available in T-108 on Fri. Feb. 8 th at lunch


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