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1 Moving to Grade 11 Port Credit Secondary School Peel District School Board.

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1 1 Moving to Grade 11 Port Credit Secondary School Peel District School Board

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17 17 Pathways to Opportunity

18 18 PAUSE FOR REFLECTION Can you see yourself earning money while enjoying doing this?

19 19 PAUSE FOR REFLECTION Can you see yourself earning money while enjoying doing this?

20 20 PAUSE FOR REFLECTION Can you see yourself earning money while enjoying doing this?

21 21 The Pathways Students in Ontario have many options for post secondary training. They can choose from 28 colleges, 20 universities, over 140 apprenticeship opportunities and on the job training programs.

22 The Apprenticeship Pathway a “hands-on” training program that has existed for 1,000’s of years one of Ontario’s best kept secrets of post-secondary training

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24 Community college programs provide a valuable combination of academic and practical/technical skills training for a specific career There are almost 600 programs to choose from at Ontario’s community colleges, including Business, Biomedical Technology, Computer Animation, Engineering Technology, Paramedic, and Social Worker Colleges now offer Certificates, Diplomas, Degrees and articulation agreements with Universitites The College Pathway

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26 University programs provide theoretical academic training In general, there are 5 main types of programs at most universities:  Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences  Life/Health Sciences  Physical/Engineering Sciences  Business/Commerce  Professional programs The University Pathway

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28 The Workplace Pathway There are many viable entry-level job opportunities for students who have completed their OSSD and have workplace experiences. Students who are fast-tracking into the workforce/community directly after high school should:  work with guidance, community-based education, subject teachers, employment centres to create a personal portfolio (resume, cover letters, letters of reference, successes, etc.) to present to prospective employers, and,  be aware that cooperative education is an important component of workplace preparation. Remember we are all going to work but we enter the workforce at different times in our lives!

29 29 Many employment sectors have a full range of training opportunities: Social Work Child & Youth Studies Child & Youth Worker More hands-on More conceptual Graduate degree (Masters) University Degree (4-6 yr.) College diploma (3 yr.) Apprenticeship Certification (2-5 yr.) Child & Youth Worker

30 Most employment sectors have a full range of employment opportunities: scientist engineertechnologisttechnician skilled trades assistant More hands-on More conceptual University degree (4-6 yr.) University Degree (4-6 yr.) College diploma (3 yr.) College diploma (2 yr.) Apprenticeship Certification (2-5 yr.) skilled trades person On the job Training (1 – 2 yr.)

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32 32 COURSE TYPES AS WELL AS CHOOSING SPECIFIC COURSES, YOU ALSO NEED TO CHOOSE APPROPRIATE TYPES. College (C) Mixed (M) Open (O) University (U) TALK to your Parents/Teachers/Guidance Counsellor LOOK at PREREQUISITES COPIES of department reference sheets

33 Prerequisite courses Grade 11 English Math ENG3U0 MCR3U0  MCF3M0 ENG3C0 MBF3C0  MEL3E0 33

34 Pathway Chart Grade 12 U Calculus and Vectors MCV4U Grade 12 U Advanced Functions MHF4U Grade 12 U Mathematics of Data Management MDM4U Grade 12 C Mathematics for College Technology MCT4C Grade 12 C Foundations for College Mathematics MAP4C Grade 12 E Mathematics for Work and Everyday Life MEL4E Grade 11 U Functions MCR3U Grade 11 M Functions and Applications MCF3M Grade 11 C Foundations for College Mathematics MBF3C Grade 10 LDCC Grade 9 Foundations Applied MFM1P Grade 11 E Mathematics for Work and Everyday Life MEL3E Grade 9 LDCC Grade 10 Principles Academic MPM2D Grade 10 Foundations Applied MFM2P Grade 9 Principles Academic MPM1D T Alternate Pathway 70% Recommended Prerequisite Course Mark PCSS MATHEMATICS 70%

35 35 Additional Prerequisites for Diploma FIRST CATEGORY An additional credit in one of: The Arts, Business Studies, French, Health and Physical Education, Co-op SECOND CATEGORY Canadian and World Studies, a Social Sciences and the Humanities, a 3rd language, French, a fifth English, Guidance, or Co-op.

36 36 Additional Prerequisites THIRD CATEGORY Senior Science, Technological Education, French, Computer Science or Co-op.

37 New Courses for 2013 Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology and Sociology HSP3M0 - Old Course Code New Course Codes: HSP3C0 HSP3U0 HSP3ML(ESL) Plus AWD3M0 – Visual Design/Yearbook 37

38 38 Cooperative Education Must have 16 credits and careers course Can earn up to 2-4 credits in a semester, summer school offers a 2 credit program may be registered as an apprentice and have hours count through OYAP

39 39 In addition to 18 compulsory credits > 12 optional credits > 40 hours of community service > pass the Provincial Literacy Test (April 2013) All grade 11 students MUST take 8 courses. If you are taking a course at summer school do not choose it on your option sheet

40 Strings Timetable English Math Strings AME 3M0 Strings AMO 3M0 Other compulsory courses Optional courses Total of 8 courses 40

41 Sci-Tech Timetable English Math Chemistry SCH3UR A Second Science Biology or Physics Technology Other compulsory credits Optional credits Total of 8 courses 41

42 42 Specialist High Skills Major in Manufacturing. (SHSM) The SHSM at Port Credit is Ministry approved specialized program that allows students to focus on specific courses in the manufacturing sector while at the same time meeting the requirements for their Ontario Secondary School Diploma. (OSSD)

43 43 Grade 11 SHSM Credit Package College & Apprenticeship University ENG 3C0 ENG 3U0 MBF 3C0/MCF 3M0 MCR 3U0 TMJ 3C0 TMJ4M0 TDJ 3M0 SPH 3U0 TEJ3M0 AND… 2 Credit Co-op in either grade 11 or grade 12. SEE YOUR TECHNOLOGY TEACHER IF INTERESTED

44 44 Post Secondary Preparation RESEARCH, RESEARCH…….. Ontario College Fair Ontario University Fair Career Library in Guidance Research on line

45 45 Choose your courses wisely! Students are responsible for going to and choosing their courses starting Feb. 11th Verification forms are due in Home form on February 19th. Don’t be disappointed that a course you want is not available due to insufficient enrollment or that a course is full that you did not select.

46 46

47 47 Think about your own Career Journey Be mindful of the destination, but focus primarily on the journey. Remember that pathways are changeable and flexible. As interests, skills and aptitudes develop and mature, there will be many opportunities for yourself to re-chart your journey.

48 48 Opening Doors When you choose courses for secondary school, it is important that you do some honest self assessment, matching your ability with your interests and aptitudes. When we choose courses based on a concern about “closing doors” we are suggesting that the door locks behind us. There are many pathways to the destination they dream of!

49 49 School Work College ApprenticeshipUniversity International Travel/Educ’n Private Training Pathways to Opportunity Which path will you choose?

50 50 GOOD LUCK! Any questions???

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