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Welcome to Middlefield Collegiate Institute!

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1 Welcome to Middlefield Collegiate Institute!


3 Learning Goal: To instil in every potential MCI Gr
Learning Goal: To instil in every potential MCI Gr. 9 student the appropriate knowledge and skills in preparation for September Part ONE: Course Request 1O1: “The Basics” Dec. 16th, 2013 Part TWO: Course Request : Career Cruising Jan.13th-15th, 2014 Part THREE: Grade 8 Information MCI Jan. 16th, 6:30pm

4 Diploma Requirements (O.S.S.D.) for your 4 years
18 Compulsory Credits + 12 Optional Credits = 30 Total Credits Successful Completion of the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test 40 hours of Community Involvement

5 Applied Academic Open Locally-Developed Grade 9 & 10 Course Types

6 Understanding Course Codes
ENG1P1 Course Type Grade Subject MCI Specific Understanding Course Codes

7 Applied (P) A practical, more hands-on approach with some theory
Smaller class size More teacher interaction to ensure focus and direction of task e.g. CGC1PL

8 Academic (D) Theoretical in Approach Abstract Thinking
Self-Directed Learning/Independent Learner Larger Class Size e.g. SNC1D1

9 An opportunity to explore an area of interest for all students
Examples: Art, Music, Drama, Integrated Technology, Family Studies, Business, Physical Education, Learning Strategies (GLS) Choose your area of interest/strength/need e.g. PPL1O8/PPL1O9 Open (O)

10 Courses Requiring Special Permission and/or Advice
Grade 9: Locally-Developed ESL Learning Strategies (GLE) Later: Co-Op Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) Advanced Placement

11 Advanced Placement Advanced Placement: Grade 12 – Exams
For highly-motivated students Great interest in Math & Science Pre-AP: Grade 11 Advanced Placement: Grade 12 – Exams

12 How do you wisely determine which courses are best for YOU?
Research Consult Reflect ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS! Courses can be found in : MCI Course Offering Booklet (Inside the Planning Guide) Career Cruising Website via YRDSB Website York Region Course Directory (online) Passion, Career, Ability

Read Carefully! Choose Check

14 Thursday January 16th, 2014 6:30p.m. to 8:00p.m.
What’s next? See you and parents/guardians Thursday January 16th, :30p.m. to 8:00p.m. Where? Middlefield C.I. Cafeteria Guidance Counsellors will visit your school on January 13-15th, 2014

15 Grade 9 Registration Booklets
HOOLEY Grade 9 Registration Booklets All registration booklets due to MCI on Tues. February 4th, 2014 PRINT NEATLY !!! Booley

16 Course Planner/Course Request
6 or 7 compulsory + 2 or 1 electives 3 additional music IF desired If no music, maximum of 3 spares entered 3 alternates Submit electronically Print – Signatures - Hand to homeroom teacher Course Planner/Course Request

17 February 14th, 2014 February 14th, 2014.
All course requests due on Career Cruising February 14th, 2014 Signed hard copy course requests forms due on the same day February 14th, 2014. We LOVE to meet deadlines!!!

18 Thursday Jan. 16th @ 6:30pm! We will see You with Your
Parents/Guardians on Thursday Jan. 6:30pm! @ Middlefield C.I.

19 Post your parent’s/guardian night reminder card on your fridge or somewhere visible
Visit our MCI website Follow us on Next Steps…

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