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Club Advisor Training for the ICC

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1 Club Advisor Training for the ICC

2 Role of Advisors Help students understand their duties and responsibilities as council or club members Understand and convey AS and District policies and procedures to be followed Review, approve, & sign all club expenditure forms Be present and provide supervision for all club events and activities Ensure safety of council and club members *A list of advisor responsibilities is also described on the Club Advisor Contract and the AS Council Advisor Agreement*

3 Club Recognition Process
There are a few simple steps to complete to have your club recognized by the AS Council: Complete the Electronic Club Packet available online Complete the: (1) Signature card, (2) Advisor Contract, and (3) Cash Advance Form Complete ICC Club Officer and Advisor Trainings** Club Recognition at AS Council Meeting (after all paperwork and trainings are completed, the club will be informed that they meet the requirements to be recognized and can attend the ASC meeting)

4 Signature Card(1) Club Treasurer and Club Advisor must sign a signature card Signatures are kept on file to check against any forms that are signed by the club Student Accounting and Student Activities keep copies of the signature card If the Treasurer or Advisor changes throughout the course of the semester, a new signature card must be filled out and turned in

5 Club Advisor Contract(2)
If you sign the contract, follow through as an Advisor on the responsibilities listed on the agreement Please be up-to-date on all A.S. policies and procedures before signing anything for your club If there are problems with the club paperwork or events, you will be contacted by Student Activities

6 Cash Advance Form(3) Only Advisors can take out a cash advance
To be used for materials, food, registration fees, etc. before an event occurs Must be submitted 4 weeks prior to an event in order to have the money in hand for event Must be settled within 2 weeks after event Your club must provide a list of student interest with names and ID numbers

7 Club Base Allocations To receive a $ base allocation: paperwork and Advisor/Officer trainings must be completed in the first 4 weeks of the semester Clubs must receive ASC recognition by the following week To receive a $ base allocation: paperwork and Advisor/Officer trainings must be completed in the first 6 weeks of the semester *If you are a new club, the recognition process will take longer because you need approval from the District to create a new fund number*

8 Things to Remember as Advisors
You CANNOT be an Advisor for more than 2 student clubs (these clubs should not be closely linked with one another) You CANNOT be an Advisor for your AS Council and another student organization If there is more than 1 Advisor for a club, you need to decide which one will be signing the paperwork so everything remains consistent (and follow through with the agreement)

9 Diversity The Associated Student Council and the Student Activities Office are committed to the rich diversity of the student population of CCSF. Acknowledge We acknowledge that human difference comes in many forms, including: race, ethnicity, national origin, gender identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religious beliefs and customs, political affiliation, age, sex, and ability. We believe that meaningful exposure to diverse people and ideas has enhanced the educational experience. Advocate It is our aim to maintain a safe and friendly environment that embodies our ideals of cooperation and mutual respect. We will not tolerate any form of behavior pertaining to racism, sexism, bigotry, harassment, intimidation, threats, or abuse, whether verbal or written, physical or psychological, direct or implied. For more information visit: Celebrate We consider the cultural diversity at CCSF as one of our finest assets. Encouraging students to embrace diversity is at the heart of our mission to provide a holistic education. 

10 A.S. and District Financial Guidelines
Information and Forms that you’ll need to understand and use

11 District Financial Guidelines
Read and Follow the Guidelines If you don’t follow the rules, your club or council account is at risk for being frozen, not being recognized the following semester, and/or not being reimbursed for expenditures You can access a copy of the guidelines in full online at the Student Activities website and if you have any questions, please call the Student Activities Office at for clarification

12 Use of AS Funds Speakers/Performers
Services (i.e. flyer printing costs) Food and Drinks Conference fees (must be approved by the Associate Dean of Student Activities) Hotel and transportation (must be approved by Associate Dean of Student Activities) Gas (must be approved prior to the event by the Associate Dean of Student Activities and you file the necessary paperwork for travel {Field Trip Forms, Travel Expense Statement, follow guidelines for keeping track of mileage (see Management Asst. for help in SU207)})

13 Prohibited Expenditures
The following limits are set by the District financial guidelines Equipment, supplies, forms, postage, service for curricular or classroom use or for district business Repairs and maintenance of District owned equipment Professional books and magazines, and memberships in professional organizations which should be District funded Custodians’ supplies and equipment Salaries for services which are the responsibility of the District or for District assignments Articles for personal use of District employees, students, or others Gifts, credit or accommodation purchases for District employees, students, or others (includes gift certificates) Contributions to political or religious activities and campaigns Contributions to fundraising drives for charitable organizations (can raise money and then donate but not donate allocated funds) Memberships in and contributions to non-collegiate organizations

14 Commonly Used SAO Forms
Payment Voucher, which can be used for Reimbursements Cash Advances Payment of performers/services Requisition Form Contract for Speaker/Performer Transfer of Funds Form Fundraising Deposit Form Cashier Request Form Event Request Form

15 Conflict of Interest It is a big conflict of interest if you use a non- CCSF approved vendor that is related to you in any way. You CANNOT purchase anything from your father’s company, for example. Please check the CCSF approved vendor list online through the Purchasing Department, or work with the Management Assistant to find appropriate vendors.

16 Submitting Financial Forms
ALL financial forms must be reviewed and signed by the Advisor Turn in completed forms to SU205 The Associate Dean of Student Activities will sign forms (if there are no problems with the paperwork and/or issues with what you are spending money on) and SAO will process them before sending to Administrative Services in Conlan Hall

17 Sample Forms – for reimbursements
All reimbursement paperwork must include: a completed and signed payment voucher, club minutes stating the person and amount to be reimbursed, a list of students that attended the meeting, and all original receipts initialed by the club advisor Do not itemize receipts on form, just put receipt total in amount column A flyer of the event would also be appreciated, but not necessary Club fund numbers are kept in SU207 and by the VP of ICC in SU213 Reimbursements should be turned in within 30 days of event

18 Sample Forms – for cash advances
All cash advance paperwork must include: a completed and signed payment voucher, club minutes stating the amount to be requested and approval from the club membership, a list of students that attended the meeting, and a budget A flyer of the event would also be appreciated, but not necessary All cash advances must be turned in 2 full weeks before your event

19 Sample Forms – to settle a cash advance
After the event, tape all of your receipts (initialed by the advisor) on blank pieces of paper and attach them to this form, the Expense Statement List all of your receipts on the form and the amounts The advisor and club treasurer must sign the form before turning it in to SU205 If you spent less than the cash advance, the remaining balance must be returned to E104 All cash advances must be settled within 2 weeks after your event

20 Transfer of Expenditures (Specifically For Digital Print)
If you want to get your posters and flyers printed by Digital Print Production at the Mission Campus, these are a few things to keep in mind: Fund number: Make sure to clearly state before anything is done that the printing is for your club and give them your club fund number. This will help the staff decipher how to bill your club for the expenses. Transfer of Expenditure Form: Digital Print will give you a Transfer of Expenditures (ToE) form for everything you have printed. To pay off your bill, your club will need to have your advisor and treasurer sign the ToE. Invoice: They will also give you an invoice for the printing costs. The club advisor must initial the invoice and submit the invoice with the ToE. Club minutes: You must attach a copy of your club minutes that approved the purchase of the flyers along with the list of students that attended that particular club meeting. Turn all the forms and paperwork into SU 207 once completed. Please see the Management Assistant in Student Activities SU 207 for help with paying off your bill.

21 Keep In Mind (From AS/ICC Guidelines)
Speakers/Performs $500 max shall be paid for all performances per event $300 max per performing group $100 max per performer $50 max per student performer $300 max may be spent on food by a club (per event, excluding fundraising purposes) Off-Campus Food Expenditures $10 per person per meal To receive reimbursement, you must include a list of students that attended the off-campus meal Must include a menu or business card of restaurant if not stated on their receipt On-Campus Food Expenditures $10 per person per meal (Pierre Coste, the Cafeteria, City Café) To receive reimbursement, you must include a list of students that attended the meal

22 Things to Remember… Expect to wait up to THREE WEEKS to receive checks once your paperwork is turned in Checks are only cut on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 33 Gough St. Paperwork travels between 3 offices; please give it some time. Do not hold onto receipts! Receipts from one semester cannot be reimbursed the following semester. All cash advances must be settled within 10 days. All deposits from fundraisers must be made within 2 days of event. Incomplete paperwork CANNOT and will NOT be processed Club Advisors/officers will be contacted to make the corrections

23 Tips and Forms that will help make all your events successful
Event Planning Tips and Forms that will help make all your events successful

24 Planning ahead Figure out if your event is going to be on-campus or off-campus and where you want to have it Most of our event forms are still in hard copy only, available at SU205 or SU207 You MUST always start with an Event Request Form (available online at the Student Activities website) Turn this form in ASAP to get your event on the SAO calendar in advance before things get booked Check the SAO online calendar of events to see if your event was approved (if your event is not on the calendar within 2 business days, check with SAO)

25 Keep in Mind… Plan events a month in advance
Turn in all completed and signed paperwork together at SU205 If you want to spend club money, decide if you want to take out a cash advance or get reimbursed later (check with SAO if you aren’t sure what to do) Only 1 food sale is allowed in Ram Plaza per day If you know you’re going to have performers, have the necessary paperwork filled out early so we can pay them the day of the event

26 For events in the Student Union or Ram Plaza
Event Request Form (Club Advisor MUST sign) Check the online calendar and with SAO (SU205) to see what spaces are available Make sure to pick a contact person that will answer and return our phone calls For all food sales, make sure you reserve the necessary equipment (and be trained in how to use A.S. property) BBQ, extension cord, canopy, table, chairs If you want music or a microphone, you MUST fill out the Sound Equipment Request Form and coordinate with the VP of Cultural Affairs

27 Event Request Form – Student Union
All Event Request Forms must be turned in to SU205 at least 5 working days prior to event This form is used for rooms and spaces of the Student Union ONLY – if you are not using this space, please use the Non-Student Union form Make sure the contact person is reliable and will respond to the SAO

28 For events in buildings on-campus you need to check with…
Classrooms: Room Conformation Forms must be turned into SU205 MUB: Forms required for use of MUB140 or MUB115 must be picked up from and turned into Sanela Latic in the Office of Outreach and Recruitment (MUB130A) Wellness Center: Proof of approval (permit) from Dan Hayes Diego Rivera Theater: Proof of approval from Patrick Toebe After confirming the use of the space, your event will still need approval from Associate Dean Santos **With any room request, you MUST submit an Event Request Form. If event is held outside of the Student Union, please use the Event Request Form (Non-Student Union)**

29 Event Request Form – Non-Student Union
All Event Request Forms must be turned in to SU205 at least 5 working days prior to event This form is used for rooms and spaces that require additional approval from the Campus or Building Dean of the space you intend on using Using another space may require you to fill out other forms; Buildings & Grounds permit, Confirmation Form, MUB usage packet

30 For events after hours, on a weekend, off-campus, or on another Campus
You MUST complete the After Hours/Off-campus Event Form + Event Request Form (Non-Student Union) Your Campus Dean must sign off on your Event Request Form Advisors MUST be present at all after hours, weekend, or off-campus events All students MUST complete and turn in Field Trip/Excursion Forms before attending any off-campus event (give copies to SAO while advisors keep originals to take on the trip) Make sure to find out if there will be any additional charges (custodial services, police services) to your club/council if you are having an event after hours or on a weekend

31 Student Activities Office
SAO located in SU205 and can be reached at (415) SAO Hours: Monday-Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-2:30pm Student Union Hours: Monday-Thursday 8am-7pm, Friday 8am-3pm If you have any questions, please ask! Lauren Castro, Management Assistant (x5669) Samuel Santos, Associate Dean (x3679)

32 Completion of Advisor Training
Once you have finished reading through this online training powerpoint, please Associate Dean Samuel Santos and CC VP of ICC Andi Pulido that you have completed the advisor training. Please also remember to take a look at the A.S. and District Financial Guidelines Overview also posted on the website for any questions related to the financial side of the club. Samuel Santos: Andi Pulido:

33 THANK YOU!!! Without your support and guidance, students would not be able to have clubs and host the wonderful events and activities they hold on and off-campus! Thank you for contributing to our students’ success at CCSF!!!

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