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Spring 2015 Austin Bailey SGA Treasurer Allocations.

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1 Spring 2015 Austin Bailey SGA Treasurer Allocations

2 Requirements Be a registered student organization per Campus Activities Center Must have a on campus university account Must Attend Three SGA Meetings Attend an Information Workshop Attend a Finance Committee Presentation

3 Where Do Allocations Come From? University Fee Council Meets January through early March Votes on amount to fund Allocations SGA Senate then approves or amends recommended total President Scott has ultimate approval

4 How Much Money is Available? FY 15: $60,000 funded for Allocations $30,000 allocated for each semester Money not claimed in Fall rolls over into the general fund for the following Spring.

5 What can be Funded? Films, Videos, DVD’s, Other Electronics Must be kept in the media library for use by ALL PSU Students. Electronics will be kept in SGA office upon approval. Lecturers/Speakers Consultant Agreement Form needed Travel Mileage, hotel, meals, registration fees Appendix B: Travel Registration Appendix C: Advisor’s Checklist for Travel Liability purposes

6 Restrictions Advisor expenses CANNOT be paid for through Allocations. You must fill out Appendix D: Event Summary Form for each event that you use Allocations money. All on-campus events must be open to the students, faculty, and staff at NO COST and must be ADVERTISED.

7 Restrictions (cont.) Two or more organizations CANNOT receive funding for the same activity. Organizations CANNOT purchase supplies for fundraisers with Allocations funds. Organizations CANNOT use Allocations funds as a donation.

8 How My Organization is Reimbursed All Receipts must be turned in electronically. NO EXCEPTIONS Send receipts to Austin Bailey, Treasurer at You may also bring receipts into the SGA office 207 Hartman Hall on a flash drive. These must be handed DIRECTLY to Barb Circle, Administrative Assistant, or Austin Bailey, Treasurer These documents received electronically shall be signed electronically and a notice of receipt returned back to the group within 5 school days. Treasurer sends funds transfer to Business Office

9 Free Scanners Axe Library First Floor, next to the DVDs KTC Library In the back room of the library Kelce Computer Lab Center Lab

10 How my Organization is Reimbursed (cont.) On Campus Accounts Amount from invoice is paid into given account To reimburse individuals: Individual organizations must submit a separate DPR to the Business Office No Off Campus Accounts will be utilized

11 General Info All forms are available on the SGA website and can be filled out Electronically and turned in via email. (Exception is the Appendix A) Organization Information in Appendix A must be turned in BEFORE a Finance Committee Interview will be scheduled. Maximum amount that can be requested is $1,000 per semester.

12 Finance Committee Presentations 10 minutes to present and answer any questions the finance committee might have. Things to include in presentations: Events you are requesting allocations for. The amount you are requesting. Who will be attending your events. What the goals of your events are. Only things requested in your presentation will be reimbursed unless discussed with the treasurer beforehand.

13 Finance Committee Presentations Presentations must be made by students. (Remember you are registered STUDENT organizations.) Advisors should not attend Advisors may be consulted if there are any unanswerable questions A computer will be available for students to use during presentations. If using handouts please make 5-7 copies.

14 Important Dates to Remember

15 Contact Person I will be communicating directly with the Informational Workshop representative unless requested otherwise. SGA website: life/groups/sga/

16 Allocations is a current PSU Registered Student Organization privilege. Allocations is a reimbursement program only, DO NOT depend on Allocations to fund your organization. (SGA is NOT responsible for your budget or over-spending.) Any event that takes places after March 13 th, 2015 can be saved and turned in for Fall 2015 Allocations.


18 How to set up an On-Campus Account To apply for a student organizational account the organization's faculty advisor must make a written request to the Asst. Controller for Business Services (Misty Button, 110 Russ Hall, giving the organization's name, purpose, and faculty advisor's name and PSU ID Once the account has been created an electronic notification will be issued informing the faculty advisor by email of the account name and number. Keep this for future reference as this account number is necessary for the expending and depositing of funds.

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