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WAGNER SAILING RALLY 2012 Beef Island, Trellis Bay January 2012

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1 WAGNER SAILING RALLY 2012 Beef Island, Trellis Bay 21-22 January 2012
2012 WAGNER’S YEAR WLADEK WAGNER’S MEMORIAL on British Virgin Islands (Caribbean) WAGNER SAILING RALLY Beef Island, Trellis Bay January 2012 Organizers Portfolio Documents & Photos until 6 January 2012

2 Who is Wladek Wagner? Born in 1912 in Poland, which had regained its independence and access to the sea in 1918, as a young boy-scout he was fascinated by maritime life possibilities and his own spirit of adventure. He started his circumnavigation of the world in 1932 from the newly constructed harbour town of Gdynia. The young sailor continued his voyage with remarkable perseverance on board three consecutive boats called ZJAWA ‘ONE, ‘TWO and ‘THREE. The Polish name Zjawa means ‘The Phantom’. He was accompanied by changing crew members on different legs of the trip. On his way he met famous sailor Alain Gerbault. He closed the loop in 1939 but the outbreak of WW2 prevented his return to Poland. Detained in Great Britain he spent the war years in Polish Merchant Navy under British Admiralty. The geopolitical results of war barred his return to homeland for good and he remained an expatriate in the Americas. As such, in spite of his unquestionable merits, he was not much revered by the official authorities in Poland at that time. Alas, the second regaining of independence by Poland in 1990 came a bit too late in life for him. With his Scottish wife he had two children, Suzanne and Michael. He lived for prolonged period pioneering in Trellis Bay, BVI and later in San Juan, Puerto Rico where he established Wagner Shipyard for all type of marine vessels. He wrote books about his sailings, titled “By the Sun and Stars”- 1988, “Temptation of the Horizon” and “Podlug slonca i gwiazd” He died in at Winter Park, Florida.

3 Who is proposing the memorial?
The idea was born among Polish expatriate yachtsmen, who yet had opportunities to personally meet W. Wagner. The proposal is now shared and backed by the whole community of Polish yachtsmen at home and abroad - regardless of their place of residence. As a consequence and as an offshoot, similar commemoration events are planned in Gdynia, Poland as well. All this is a ground swell initiative among the rank and file sailors who proclaimed the year 2012 as a WAGNER’S YEAR and feel that it is THE HIGH TIME to fix for him a right and due place in the history of yachting. People who are already involved in preparatory works: Jerzy Knabe London; Andrzej W.Piotrowski Chicago; Kris Kaminski Chicago; Zbigniew Turkiewicz Toronto. The list is not closed and not exhaustive. At some stages they are going to visit BVI - to make consultations and generally engage in execution of the project. As mentioned, the WAGNER 2012 YEAR is especially significant. It will be the 100 years anniversary of his birth (17th September 1912), the 80 years anniversary of his departure for historic voyage (8th July 1932) and the 20th anniversary of his death, (15th September 1992).

17 Hillside Road, N15 6LU, London, UK Proposal for the erection of a monument for WLADEK WAGNER on Beef Island, BVI A community of Polish yachtsmen represented by an organizing committee at the Yacht Club of Poland in London propose erection of a monument or memorial for Mr. Wladyslaw WAGNER, known as WLADEK, on Beef Island, BVI, where he spent ten years of his pioneering life, leaving behind a first airport runway, building works, recognition and the fond remembrance of local residents. He will always be remembered by sailors as the first Polish circumnavigator of the world in on a sailing yacht. After World War Two he decided not to return to his homeland due to political instability and spent the rest of his life as an émigré. Polish yachtsmen who are frequently visiting the region would like to connect, emphasize and commemorate these aspects of his life on the occasion of his big Triple Anniversary Year in 2012. (A similar prècis appeared in Memorandum presented in February 2011 to the Representative of British Virgin Islands in London)

5 The purpose of consultations at BVI Office in London on 17 February 2011
The organizers felt that establishing good relations with the local authorities at BVI is indispensable and vital for the success of the plan. Therefore we : - informed the authorities of the proposal - requested advice, help and directions on how to gain acceptance of the project in general, agree the timetable, discuss and fix the localization of the monument and request formal ongoing cooperation with the local authorities regarding all possible ancillary issues of the case. - and last but not least, discussed public relation issues, possible impact on the local tourism, interaction with the local community and media in the spirit of sharing with them the celebration and memory of Wladek Wagner.

6 BVI Representative’s reply
I would like to inform you that you have the full and unequivocal support of the British Virgin Islands (UK), and I am delighted that you have finally managed to fix a date for the gathering in the Beef Islands Trellis Bay for the weekend of January I am sure that it will be a spectacular weekend particularly with the unveiling and mounting of the memorial plaque for Mr. Wagner. I have informed the British Virgin Islands Tourist Board of your request for their participation and support and they have enthusiastically agreed. In the meantime, you will be contacted by a representative of the BVI Tourist Board. Alternatively, you may contact the Director, Ms Hadassah Ward, on telephone number or Yours sincerely Kedrick Malone Director / UK Representative for the British Virgin Islands (UK)

7 Roots of WAGNER’S YEAR After the War Wladek Wagner, who married British subject, settled on British Virgin Islands. He lived there for years but died on retirement in Florida. Still during communist rule in Poland, where Wagner as a political emigree was not deserving any official recognition, there were occasions to let him know that against all odds there are sailors in Poland who remember him and his merits. One of them was in 1970-ies Capt. Andrzej Drapella, who skipering r/v ‘Mazurka’, invited and hosted Wagner on board. The contact was enabled by information supplied by Capt. Zdzisław Pieńkawa. Ludomir Mączka, widely known Polish sea wanderer of the younger generation, visited Wladek during his voyages in 1990-ties.

8 Roots of Wagner’s Year, continuation
WORLD POLONIA SAILING JAMBOREE 1991 Gdynia - Szczecin Later on, there were an idea and trials to arrange participation of Capt. Wagner in the first gathering of émigré sailors organized in Poland in 1991 by Andrzej W. Piotrowski and Jerzy Knabe. Entry of sy ZJAWA III with Capt. Wladek Wagner on the helm would be a symbolic closure of the former voyage of Great Sailor. Alas, in spite of many efforts, due to Captain’s illness and fruitless searches for a ZJAWA III , that was no to be.

9 Roots of Wagner’s Year - continuation
During the same 1990-ties, Capt. Andrew W. Piotrowski from Chicago was visiting Wagner in Florida. He managed to deliver a ship’s bell with inscription „To the First Pole on the Great Circle - Polish Yachtmen”(see the photo). It was from Polish Yachting Association in Warsaw and the delivery preceded Wagner’s death by only few weeks. Direct contacts with Wladek established also sailor and writer Anna Rybczyńska, who was then able to write her three books about Wagner. In recent years, on the internet, Wagner was mentioned a bit more often. A story written by Commander Zbigniew Turkiewicz’s from Toronto was particularly fascinating.

10 President of the Caribbean Republic of Sailors Capt. A
President of the Caribbean Republic of Sailors Capt. A. Piotrowski, on the dawn of the New Millennium, suggested to establish a monument, for the first Pole who circumnavigated the world under sails, at his BVI place of abode. The suggestion was made on a Zafarrancho of Polish Brotherhood of the Coast. (Hermandad de la Costa) Approaching year 2012, which brings three important anniversaries, together with congregation of many willing sailors attending the 20th Anniversary Jubilee of Polish Sailing Club in New York, delivered a decisive push to start preparations. Invitation calling collaborators was widely published on the internet. In December 2010 an Organizing Committee in the shape of group ‘wagnerw2012’ started its activity. Among its personal and institutional members are: Hermandad de la Costa Polonia, Polish Maritime Foundation, member clubs of Polish Sailing Association of North America (PYANA), Caribbean Republic of Sailors and Yacht Club of Poland. Near the end of 2011 they are joined by Polish ham-radio enthusiasts and the new owner of sts F. CHOPIN. Their common and widened aim is now to assure observation of Anniversaries of WAGNER’S YEAR not only in Caribbean but also in Gdynia – Poland, where the historic circumnavigation started. Information about progress of preparations is published at the portal of Polish Brotherhood of the Coast: i and repeated by media sponsors.

11 Wladek Wagner W.Wagner age 19 in 1931. ZJAWA III, II and I
W.W. with his crew members from Australia Dave Walsh & Bernard Plowright ZJAWA III, II and I

12 1. During the circumnavigation 2/3
1. During the circumnavigation /3. With Mabel - his wife and children 4. The cinerary urn 1992

13 Witomino Cemetery in Gdynia

14 Text of the memorial plaque
Some books by him and about him

15 Localization of the plaque – Bellamy Cay in Trellis Bay of Beef Island

16 Invitation for ceremony Unveiling of the Memorial Plaque
Meeting of sailors for that purpose called WAGNER SAILING RALLY is scheduled for January 2012 in Caribbean, British Virgin Islands, Beef Island, Trellis Bay, Bellamy Cay. Coordinates for sailors: N 18˚26.79’ W 064˚31.91’ Many crews from Poland and abroad are announcing their participation. Confirmed attendance of Polish tall ship, brig sts FRYDERYK CHOPIN will give the high rank to this event. Notifications of arrival are not obligatory because preparation of the voyage is entirely up to the people wishing to go. However voluntary notification is welcomed by organisers. It could facilitate complement or exchanges of the crew and perhaps allows for arrival of sailors not having their own deck. Please consult special page for that purpose. Favourable winds!


18 Trellis Bay – birds eye view

19 Preparatory visits on BVI and costs of Wagner’s Year organization
Visits to Beef Is., in advance of the Caribbean event, are a necessary and costly element of preparations. Advance consultations, regarding the localization of the plaque, required works to be made at the spot and plans for the event program, enabled compilation of remaining actions list and preliminary costs of implementation and supervision The organizers are giving their time voluntarily and without gratification but some external costs are very hard to avoid. Therefore the need to ask for the funds from institutional and private sponsoring is obvious. By the intention of organizers any surplus remaining after reckoning Wagner Sailing Rally 2012 on BVI is to be spent on actions helping to push through similar Wagner’s celebrations in Gdynia, Poland in July 2012.

20 Ways to transfer funds for WAGNER’S YEAR organization The list of contributors shall be inserted to the publication for that occasion. Everyone of them shall receive final statement of takings and expenditures. Thank you for your help in advance! Special account of PYANA in USA: Transfers from USA: Transfers from abroad: Routing number: SWIFT CODE: CHASUS33 Acc. number: Acc. number: Cheques paid for PYANA Polish Yachting Association of North America please send to: Michal Laster Plover Pl., Pittsburg, CA 94565

21 Transfers via YKP Londyn are accepted on accounts of the Commodore:
Jerzy KNABE, 17 Hillside Road, LONDON, N15 6LU, UK in CITIBANK International plc London, UK. Please do not forget to mark your transfer with: your name or other ID and remark Wagner 2012 Transfer in pounds for account: Transfer in euro for account: Transfer in US dollars for account: Internal UK transfers by giving Sort Code: and account number (omitting two initial zeros) Transfers to UK from abroad by giving code BIC/SWIFT: CITIGB2L – the same one for any of the above accounts and individually for: Sterling Current Account code IBAN: GB69CITI Euro Savings Account code IBAN: GB47CITI US Dollar Savings Account code IBAN: GB03CITI additinally for US$ only - routing number: Cheques, but ONLY in pound sterlings, can be paid for: Yacht Club of Poland London - Yacht Klub Polski Londyn Cheques in remaining currencies must be paid for: Jerzy Knabe Please send them to: YKP Londyn, 17 Hillside Road, London N15 6LU, UK.

22 Report from visit on BVI in July 2011
Representatives of Organizing Committee, Mr. Andrew W. Piotrowski – President of Caribbean Republic of Sailors and Mr. Kris Kaminski – Commodore of Polish Yachting Association of North America, made a working visit on BVI in between 15 and 22 July 2011. During that stay they agreed with the manager of The Last Resort (Mr. Ben Banford – son-in-law of owner Mr. Tony Snell) the localization of a pedestal with a plaque commemorating W. Wagner. (See photo). They met several times with the owner of Cyber Café (Mr. Jeremy Wright) and established cooperation regarding events on the shore of Trellis Bay during celebrations of WSR Mr. Wright agreed to take upon himself the coordination of such actions with the remaining businesses. The agreement was made with the owners of The Loose Mongoose guest house (Mr&Ms. Chris & Mary Ann Syms) regarding the accommodation for possiblyy attending VIPs.

23 They get in touch with and interviewed Mr
They get in touch with and interviewed Mr. Obel Penn, his son Ephraim and granddaughter Shamora. Mr. Obel Penn was Wagner’s right hand during his stay at Trellis Bay. Another established contact was with Ms. Carol Vanderpool, the local artist and very influential personality on Islands, the owner of The Cyber Café at the Beef Island Airport. Organizers visited BVI Tourist Board in the capital Road Town to introduce the WSR 2012 project. Ms Jennifer David agreed to give TB support and promised writing a relevant confirming letter - together with help for achieving similar supporting document from the office of the Prime Minister. On the same day there was a call to editorial office of The BVI Beacon in the capital. Mr. Freeman Rogers, publisher and editor in chief, was briefed about the project and promised far reaching help from the mass communication media. The visit enabled also some other important contacts which will be pursued. Among them was renowned Aragorn Studio. Evaluating the visit from hind-sight it must be regarded as a considerable success K.K.& A.P.

24 We have two logos We have adopted two contributions from our kind
sympathizers. One, in form of conventional round stamp, with warm tropical colours is for use on documents etc. The second, more freehand is earmarked for other convenient destinations.

25 Visiting Mabel Wagner The search for information about circumstances of Wagners’ life on British Virgin Islands guided us in September 2011 to the wife of Wladek. She supplied quite a lot of interesting news – enough for much more comprehensive tale. Mabel recalled a big importance of their yacht RUBICON. Not only she brought them from Great Britain soon after WW2, but the vessel was subsequently serving as an universal mean of transport for their pioneering enterprises, and one of them was cruising charter for tourists . Other important info is, that they established their family house not on Bellamy Cay but on the shore of Trellis Bay, in the spot where now is extended runway of local airport. By the way, Wladek was closely involved in building of that airport. The house was called ‘Tamarind House’. It is now gone but Mabel has a model of it on her window sill. We have a photo of the whole family in front of their home on other page of our presentation. The building erected by Wladek on Bellamy Cay was called the ‘Trellis Bay Club House’. The important result of our visit is that text of the commemorative plaque can now reflect the true historical facts. K.K. & A.P.

26 We know its earlier chapter – as said by Mabel Wagner:
Bellamy Cay Story as said on The islet Bellamy Cay is known for the Last Resort, a dinner house made famous by comedian-musician Tony Snell and by Chocolate, a rum- and wine-swilling brown donkey. The buildings on the cay were originally built in the 1950s by a 1930s-era Polish circumnavigator named Wladek Wagner. The cay was little more than a vertical stone, so to clear flat spots for building, Wagner built fires to heat sections of the rock, then threw water on the hot spots causing them to crack and spall. Then, Wladek and his wife lugged the spoil to the edge of the cay and dumped it in the bay. Tony and Jackie Snell opened the original Last Resort on Little Jost in 1971, but bought Wladek out in 1973 and moved the restaurant and act to Bellamy Cay. For over 25 years, Tony’s act was a must-see by crewed and bareboat charterers alike. He knew most of the charter skippers and his comic routine was interspersed with disparaging remarks about each boat, its lack of seaworthiness, the captain’s excessive drinking or the salad girl’s reputation ashore. We know its earlier chapter – as said by Mabel Wagner: The tiny islet in the middle of Trellis Bay was sold to Mabel Wagner in 1953 by H.M. Queen Elizabeth II. As part of the original Trellis Bay project, pioneered by Wagner family, P , the rocky islet was transformed into Trellis Bay Club House. Many years later it became known as The Last Resort, operated by entertainer, Tony Snell.

27 Pirate roots of Bellamy Cay
Bellamy Cay situated in the middle of Trellis Bay was a site of Trellis Bay Club House built by Polish sailor Wladek Wagner in middle of XX century. But much earlier well known British pirate Samuel Bellamy was using that place (called then Blanco) during his short but successful pirate operation in Caribbean. And that shows in the changed name. Samuel Bellamy was born in 1689 at Hittisleigh, Devonshire in England. His brigand’s by-name was Black Sam because he kept his long black head of hair tied behind. For his attitude and knightly behaviour his crews called him also the ‘Robin Hood of the seas’ or ‘Prince of Pirates’. He appreciated and used the advantage offered by localization of Trellis Bay for repair and maintenance of his sailing vessels named Postillon, Mary Anne and Whydah. The famous pirate perished during the mighty storm of April 1717 when his ship Whydah was stranded near Massachusetts and completely destroyed by raging waves. From the crew of over 150 there were only two survivors.

28 Polish ham radio-operators in action during Wagner’s Year
Captain Janusz Słowiński, who is a ham radio enthusiast, initiated, together with members of his radio-club SP9KRT, an action of wireless contacts with operators in the whole world on special occasion of Wagner’s Year. That is an interesting and efficient way to propagate the man and his achievement far beyond sailing communities. Such contacts, linked to WSR 2012, shall be executed from Poland in the period of 7 – 26 January 2012 by station using call sign of special meaning SN2012WW. Capt. Słowiński himself shall transmit from the deck of sts Fryderyk CHOPIN as a MM i.e. Maritime Mobile. Contacted hams can learn more about the occasion looking-up the call sign on the internet page

29 Such ham-radio Award shall be granted on the occasion of Wagner’s Year for contacts with Polish special stations: HF80WW 8.06 – HF20WW 15.08 – HF100WW 17.09 – It is enough to compare dates of three Wagner’s anniversaries in to know what these call signs are meaning...

30 Sail training ship built in Gdańsk,
STS FRYDERYK CHOPIN Technical details: steel hulll LOA 55,5 meters, draught 3,8 meters, sail area 1200 m², height of masts 37m aux.engine KM. The owner: Oceans sp. z o.o. , Warsaw, Poland. Sail training ship built in Gdańsk, in commission under Polish flag since 1992 That greatest in the world sail ship tackled as a brig takes part in WSR 2012 making a special voyage for this purpose. She shall be a flag vessel of the whole flotilla. The owner, captain and organizers give a reception on board for local British Virgin Islands community members led by the Governor and the Prime Minister. .

31 Invited guests 1. Dr. Orlando Smith - BVI Premier & Mrs.Smith
2. Dr. Kedrick - BVI Premier-Deputy & Mrs.Pickering 3. Mr. Myron Walwyn - Education & Culture Minister & Mrs.Walwyn 4. Mr. Ronnie Skelton - Helth & Social Development Minister & Mrs. Skelton 5. Mr. Mark Vanterpool - Communication & Works Minister & Mrs. Vanterpool 6. Mr. Ralph O’Neal - Opposition Leader 7. Sir Richard Branson - Chairman Virgin Group 8. Excellency Mr.Boyd McCleary – Governor & Mrs. McCleary 9. Mrs. InezArchibald - Governor Acting & Mr.Archibald QC 10. Mrs. Carol Vanterpool - Reso Cyber Cafe, Airport 11. Mr. Ben Benford - manager of The Last Resort Mrs.Benford 12. Mr.Tony Snell - Owner of The Last Resort 13. Mr. Obel Penn (Wladek Wagner’s friend) 14. Mr. Epfraim Penn - Owner of Trellis Bay Market (son of Mr. Obel Penn) 15. Mrs. Marlon Penn - MP (Mr. Obel Penn daughter)

32 Invited guests continuation
16. Mrs. Charles Penn & Mrs. Penn 17. Ms. Juliette Penn - Obel’s granddaughter 18. Ms. Nathaniel Penn - Obel’s granddaughter 19. Ms. Shamora Penn - Obel’s granddaughter 20. Ms. Sharoma Penn - Obel’s granddaughter 21. Mr Chris & Mrs Marry Ann Syms - owner of The Loose Mongoose Guest House 22. Mr. Jeromy Wright - owner of Cyber Cafe 23. Mr. Dick Aragorn - The Aragorn Studio 24. Mr. Steven Steer - Minine’s Plants, contractor 25. Mr. Geoffrey Brooks - Virgin Island Maritime Museum 26. Mrs. Branda Lettsometye - Head of Culture Department 27. Mrs. Catherine Smith - College Professor of History 28. Dr. Henry Jarecki - Norman Island Owner 29. Mr. James Bridgewater - Comodore of Royal BVI Yacht Club 30. Mr. Clive Petrovic - College Professor of History 31. Mrs. Judith Towel - writer of history of Trellis Bay 32. Mrs. Hadassah Ward – Director of BVI Tourist Board

33 Working visit in Dec. by Organizing Committee
Mr. Joseph Aleksandrowicz commodore of Polish-Canadian YC Toronto and Mr. Zbigniew Turkiewicz of Port Credit YC, Mississauga visited BVI (2-5 Dec 2011) and held meetings regarding preparations and program of WSR 2012 with several local partners - among them: Mr. Jeremy Wright of Cyber Café in cooperation with Mr. Aragorn Studio shall arrange all details of the party and the Holly Mass planned on Trellis Bay shore Mr. Ben Benford of The Last Resort agreed the spot and undertaking preparation for the Ceremony of embedding & unveiling of Commemorative Plaque, confirmed among others: facilities of water transports, public address system, refreshments and catering during festivities. Mr. Steven Steer of Minine’s Plants agreed to arrange & execute related engineering & landscaping works. Ms. Carol Vanterpool undertook delivery of printed invitations to the agreed list of local VIPs.

34 Program Friday, 20 January 2012 Saturday, 21 January 2012
The Loose Mongoose Guest House, Trellis Bay WSR 2012 Office opens in the morning Signing in arriving yachts, crews and individuals. Organizational matters. 19:00 - The Last Resort on Bellamy Cay Get acquainted evening. Informal Polish party. Saturday, 21 January 2012 08:00 – Hoist-up full dressing on participating vessels. 09: – Fixing the plaque brought ashore from sy Husaria 13:00 – Ceremony of unveiling WAGNER’S Commemorative Plaque 15:00 – Reception on board of sts Fryderyk Chopin for local community & organizers – by Captain’s invitation. Water transport :30 – 15:00. 17:00 – Visiting sts Fryderyk Chopin by yachtsmen participating in WSR Water transport – guests exchange 16:30 – 17:00 19:00 – Cyber Cafe Party on shore of Trellis Bay. Sunday, 22 January 2012 10:00 – Aragorn Studio i Cyber Cafe – Holly Mass in Polish. The priest arrives from St. Croix I. 12:00 – Trellis Bay – Sail past of yachts and vessels participating in WSR. At sunset – Hoist-down full dressing on vessels. 19:00 - The Last Resort on Bellamy Cay. Participants meeting. Closing ceremony of WSR 2012 at Trellis Bay. Information about Monday regatta.. Monday, 23 Januar 2012 Sail race on route: Tortola – Jost van Dyke. Detailed program from Sunday meeting. Expected time of start: 12:00 In the evening – Abe’s by the Sea restaurant, Great Harbour, Jost van Dyke Closing ceremony of the race. Farewell meeting for WSR & race participants.

35 sy HUSARIA Sail racer HUSARIA is owned by one of the organizers – Mr. Krzysztof Kamiński from Chicago. The name of the yacht derive from famous and well known in military history Polish heavy cavalry – ‘Winged Hussars’ - , which was victorious in many battlefields of 16, 17 and even 18th century in Europe. Participation of sy HUSARIA in WSR 2012 has three special meanings: She is now a flag vessel of the whole community of Polish sailors living abroad. She is a yacht which comes to WSR 2012 by presumably longest voyage (covering distance of over 6000 nautical miles) On board of sy Husaria arrives on Beef Island Wagner’s Commemorative Table founded and manufactured by Mr.Janusz Kędzierski from New York.

36 Occasional Albums The one shown, in English language,
earmarked for WSR 2012 is still in printing at the moment. ETA on Beef Island January 2012 Polish variety enriched by illustrated reports of our happenings in Caribbean shall be published in time for 80th anniversary ceremonies of start to historic voyage by W.Wagner from Gdynia, 8 July 2012 It is known that yet another occasional publication for WAGNER’S YEAR is in preparation in Poland for distribution on many yachting and maritime events during 1992.

37 Jerzy Knabe YKP Londyn 6 January 2012
After word We are closing this presentation before the end of preparations to WSR so last moment amendments can not be excluded…. WAGNER’S YEAR is not designed to be recreational, amusing or profit making. It stems from the heart feelings and longing for historic justice within members of Polish sailing community Wagner Sailing Rally was not sponsored by any institution. WAGNER’S YEAR is just beginning. We hope that our act of remembrance will be continued in Poland, where memory about Wladek Wagner suffered the most. We will give a help wherever possible. Our thanks go now to participants of WSR for their compassion and attendance and we are sorry in case your expenses, because of mentioned reasons, were higher than budgeted for. Our gains are rather of spiritual nature and also lie in the raising integration of our community. Some pecuniary profit will perhaps come to local people - in a longer perspective. The Commemorative Plaque on Bellamy Cay has a potential to become an additional tourist attraction pulling not only Polish but also international yachtsmen. Jerzy Knabe YKP Londyn January 2012

38 This presentation was updated several times following progress of the project WSR 2012
6 January 2012

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