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单句改错专练500题 1. Everyone of us is working hard in the factory.

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1 单句改错专练500题 1. Everyone of us is working hard in the factory.
2. I have caught a bad cold for a week and I can’t get rid of it. 3. This is the steel plant where we visited last week. 4. Following the road and you will find the store. 5. This is all what Dr. Smith said at the meeting. Every one had which Follow

2 6. He promised to come and see us after the supper.
7. John had been here to see you, but he left five minutes ago. 8. My mother is busy preparing for supper. 9. I’ve heard him but I never know him. 10. We got on the school bus and which took us straight to the People’s Park.

3 11. From what I have seen and heard, I must say
Chinese people are living happily. 12. Everyone agreed to his suggestion which we should hold a meeting to talk about the problem. 13. Oliver Twist, the hero of the story, he was an orphan. 14. Why don’t you ask anybody else to help you? 15. The pen is missing, for we cannot find it everywhere. can that somebody anywhere

4 17. The two languages are not at all the same in
16. Sorry, I have such book. 17. The two languages are not at all the same in neither spelling or grammar. 18. Most people can quick get help from a doctor when ill. 19. He told me that how important it is to learn English. 20. Can’t you remember tell me that the other day? ^ a either quickly telling

5 21. She asked me if I had found out my new pen.
22. He had changed so much that I could hardly know him. 23. I learnt of from Joan that Mary had fallen ill. 24. I didn’t hear you. Please repeat the sentence again. 25. Would you please speak something about your family? recognize say

6 26. We must study hard in order to serve for the
people better in the future. 27. I know little about Tom, but I know Mary better than he. 28. The writing of the report spent me two evenings. 29. If I had time, I shall see the new film. 30. Don’t let the children who are so young to go swimming. ^ about took would

7 31. It took place in France, an European country.
32. Would you bought the dictionary if you had had more money yesterday? 33. I shall lend the money to who comes first. 34. That is known to all, Taiwan belongs to China. 35. What was it that woke up the baby? a ^ have whoever As

8 36. “Do you mind getting me some water?” “Certainly don’t.”
37. He enjoyed nothing but listen to music. 38. Cotton feels softly. 39. He is by far the clever student in our class. 40. I came here especially to ask you for advice. not ^ to soft cleverest Specially

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