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Integrating halFILE with Your Closing Package Session VII.

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1 Integrating halFILE with Your Closing Package Session VII

2 Relate Plant Documents to the GF Associate the GF Number to your Plant Records Database and add it to recorded documents index when you do a closing Add the GF information to the Plant Database (Red Line) Scan Back Chain documents/workpapers into the Plant Database for easy access during Abstracting

3 Build a Closed File Database Electronic file of all documents related to a closing Covenant/restriction files can be imaged as well Documents can be grouped and given to the closing parties in TIF format at close Eliminate trips to the fax machine by using halFILE for emailing and faxing documents related to closing Receive paperwork and image into halFILE without scanning with PrintTo halFILE Immediate access to the file – no hunting for it underneath desks or misfiled in cabinets Upload closed files to halTRACK to deliver them to your customers via the web

4 What are the Benefits? Eliminate all those paper files and storage costs associated with them Have access to the closing files at your desk Institute off-site backups to give you disaster recovery and reduced liability Instantly send copies of documents or files to your clients or underwriters

5 How Is It Cost-Effective? Copying and paper trail expenses are reduced Time required to locate back-chains or in duplicating chains is reduced or eliminated Electronic file formats are preferable to lenders and underwriters Reduction in storage fees for paper files

6 Whats the Hardest Part? Preparing and organizing old files to be scanned (staples, post-it notes, duplicate and triplicate copies of forms) Getting through the timeline until employees can see the benefit of scanned files Convincing personnel to use halFILE instead of the paper trail for looking up information

7 Who halFILE Can Talk To… SoftPro AIM for Windows RamQuest Complete Closing

8 Indexing is a Breeze… Input the Order Number in halFILE Fields like Buyers, Sellers, Property Address, Legal Description, etc. are pulled from the Closing database using your order number as the lookup field Break down by document type if you wish Save the indexed record and youre done! Add barcodes to your file and you dont key ANYTHING at all!!

9 SoftPro Lookup Demonstration

10 System Requirements hals Link to SoftPro hals Link to AIM for Windows hals Link to RamQuest Kofax Hardware or AIPE if barcodes are to be used for indexing hals Barcode Recognition Module if barcodes are to be used for indexing Check throughput on scanner to be used for closed files

11 Questions? There's no such thing as a bad hug, only good ones and great ones!

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