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MediTract Contract Management Software

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1 MediTract Contract Management Software
And Archival Tool

2 MediTract Provides a cost effective and efficient solution to contract management exclusively tailored to the health care industry regardless of the size of the organization.* Study conducted on 6% of the nations hospital’s with a variety of demographics showed every $1 spent on MediTract allowed approximately a $15 return through cost avoidance and increased efficiencies. Industry Standard-used prior by Gaynor and Chris *Meditract Website

3 Capabilities Installation included
Company scans documents and develops database upon start of service included in price External Storage Contracts are stored in a multi-location, central database separate from CRHC Archive Outdated contracts archived and stored as attachment to subsequent contracts Analysis Reports After installation performance analysis reports are generated

4 Search Engine Internet Access
Access through internet portal with login in allows securities to be set giving certain users limited access OCR Technology Allows searching of specific words or phrases within a scanned pdf document Lift and move pieces of contract’s to or word files in order to review Find contract’s easily Find contracts by vendor, phrase, department, and date created

5 Tracks Important Dates
reminder ’s sent to proper user when important dates arise Escalator system in case needs of contract are not met by specific date Quick Look Function Screen on contract page shows important dates of contract without having to open and read contract

6 Corporate Compliance Regulations
Customization creates “to-do” list for a company to ensure compliance with Stark II, HIPAA, and other healthcare regulations Configurable compliance audit checklist FDA, Internal Audit, Stark, OIG, DOJ, Joint Commission

7 Logistics Pricing Between $28,000 and $35,000
Variable price determined by the amount of contracts selected by CRHC and subject to penalty costs if contract limit is exceeded Training Internet Training available to employees who will be working with program Initial contract requires three or five year plan Non-negotiable on majority of contract

8 Additional Modules

9 Contract Collaborator
Automates the process of routing reviewing and approving contracts within the company Routing and Reviewing Originator can create and submit a contract for review to predefined list of recipients who receive that contract was submitted for review with link to contract Control Libraries Alternate Language and Template library control the contract design and make it easy for reviser to change wording to more compliant language Efficiency View where contracts are in process Quickly find, centralize, and report pending contracts

10 Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement (COIDS)
Automates the distribution, submission and management of conflict of interest disclosure statements, and provides an industry leading, web based solution to identify, resolve and manage conflicts and resolutions. Report A comprehensive report including risk analysis, legal issues, best practices, and operational gains Build Collaboratively develop system to include statements, categories, “Priority” reporting parties and visibility Test Quality control maintains that prior to launch system is accurate, comprehensive, and accessible Launch Assist in launch of reporting parties in all categories base on frequency of use and desired schedule

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