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“The Honeywell Web-based Corrective Action Solution”

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1 “The Honeywell Web-based Corrective Action Solution”
eCATS “The Honeywell Web-based Corrective Action Solution” Overview Honeywell Confidential & Proprietary Last Revised: January 14, 2002

2 What is eCATS? A web-based system for managing all aspects of corrective action within Honeywell. Available through the Honeywell Intranet and external Internet It also manages supplier requests for RMRAs and Reversals Intended to handle all types and sources of corrective action: Internal (systems/process audits, product non-conformances, metrology, etc.) Customer (returned product, customer audit findings, etc.) Regulatory (ISO registrar findings, government issues, etc.) Supplier (supplier audit & supplied product non-conformances) Health & Safety eCATS is a Shared System Allows for initiation of C/A at one site and response at another Customers and suppliers have access and can contribute to the C/A Process Metric roll-ups across sites, SBEs, or SBUs Developed within Honeywell eCATS developed and maintained by Honeywell Aero Quality and IT. Functionality is based on input from users across Honeywell.

3 Manages All C/A Life-Cycle Phases
Initiation - Collects Problems/Issues/Findings Issues are segregated by type to allow for better filtering reporting. Requirements for response can be determined by the Requester. Owners are notified through of issues as they are assigned. Response - Responses are entered directly into the system by Owners Owners can be asked to respond with Direct Causes, Contributing Causes, Root Causes, Specific Actions, Preventive Actions, Systemic Actions, Investigation Activities, Other Products/Processes affected by the finding. All required actions require a date that the action will be completed. Approval - All response approvals are done electronically within eCATS SPOC and Lead have the opportunity to accept or reject the response. Follow-up/Effectiveness - System tracks reviews that ensure actions have been implemented and are effective. Follow up reviewer evaluates the actions have been completed. Effectiveness reviewer determines if the changes made were effective.

4 Why was eCATS created? Non-standard Image to Customers and Suppliers
Each site provided different requirements and forms to suppliers. Each site responded to customers with different formats and terminology. Fragmented Processes and Systems Across Honeywell, each site duplicated effort by creating unique CAR processes and systems to manage them. Within each site, there was often multiple system to manage different types of corrective action: Customer Requested Supplier Issues Internal Audit Findings Duplication of CARs within Honeywell when sites do business with each other. No Visibility into Issues Across Organization No ability to roll-up metrics, reports by SBE/SBU

5 Benefits of using eCATS
Usage by multiple sites and functions establishes a “one company” image to external customers and suppliers Currently being used in approximately 320 Honeywell sites around the world Facilitates process standardization within the Company. Required for all Aerospace sites. Allows for digitization of many previously paper-based processes Suppliers can respond directly through the Internet to issues rather than responding manually using faxes or s. Simplifies Training A single method to handle all documentation of problems and their resolution Allows all issues associated with a product or process to be located in one place for historical review and trending. Integrated with and Compatible with Microsoft Office tools Automatic notifications of many events including: New/Past Due/Coming Due CARs, Approvals needing to be accomplished, Scheduled Reviews, etc. Reports/Forms can be exported to Excel or PDF as appropriate.

6 eCATS Highlights - Accessability
Available through Internet or Honeywell Intranet Uses Honeywell ID for all internal and external users. Accessible to both suppliers and customers through the Internet. Since eCATS is browser-based, no installation is necessary User ID / password security ensures: Users can only edit items where they are authorized. Suppliers/Customers can only view/edit data associated with their company.

7 eCATS Highlights – Main Menu
Home Search for CARS, view and modify your CAR list, hyperlinks to existing CARS CAR Initiate new CAR, view draft CARs, or use advanced search to extract selected CAR data from the database. Reports Provides a variety of pre-formatted reports (CAR forms, Open CAR reports, etc.) Administration Allows authorized members of each local site to maintain site specific information such as user accounts, suppliers, code tailoring, etc. eCATS Keeps Users Informed About Their Issues

8 eCATS Highlights - Awareness
Each user has a personal listing of issues that pertain to them The user can change the list to a several views Nightly s keep users notified about: Past Due CARs CARs that are coming Due is sent automatically when triggered by events such as: New CARs initiated Approvals are needed Change in status / due dates / owners eCATS Keeps Users Informed About Their Issues

9 eCATS Highlights - Initiation
Corrective actions can be shared between sites eCATS accommodates both product and process based issues Standard codes allow for consistent metrics, but can be tailored by site. Required responses can be tailored by the Requester

10 eCATS Highlights - Teams
eCATS allows for team members to be recorded with corrective actions. Team members can also collaborate on responses.

11 eCATS Highlights - Response
Specific required categories that help organize responses. Categories use same terminology as CAMP Investigation Activities Other Affected Product and Processes Direct Cause Contributing Causes Root Cause Completion dates must be provided with each required action. Specific Actions Preventive Actions Systemic Actions

12 eCATS Highlights - Approvals
All approvals are handled electronically. Only authorized individuals are able to approve CARs. Automatic s notify when approvals are necessary;

13 eCATS Highlights - Owner Implementation
Owners are given an opportunity to indicate when they have finished executing the plan and are ready for Follow-Up Review

14 eCATS Highlights - Follow-up/Effectiveness
Follow-up reviews verify implementation of actions, and Effectiveness reviews verify their effectiveness at resolving the issue.

15 eCATS Highlights – CAR History
eCATS keeps an audit trail of all historical activity associated with CAR. External files such as pictures, spreadsheets and other documents, can be appended to a CAR for later retrieval and viewing.

16 eCATS Highlights - Queries
Users can save frequently used filters for future retrieval and use. “Quick Filters” allow for fast queries on frequently used fields. eCATS always assumes users want to see their local data. However, internal users can search data across Honeywell. “Additional Filters” allow users to build complex queries on any fields collected in eCATS

17 eCATS Highlights - Reports / Exports
Advanced Search and Reports lets users select their own fields to view/export. Standard Report features allow users to view pre-formatted reports and forms in HTML or export them in Excel.

18 For More Information About eCATS...
Contact: Scott Long Honeywell Aerospace Quality Or Ramses Camara

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