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“Normalcy” & Isolationism

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1 “Normalcy” & Isolationism
Chapter 20 Section 2

2 I A Return to “Normalcy”
1920 election won by Warren G. Harding Promised a “return to normalcy” & to simple America before the progressive era

3 A. Working for Peace Post WWI prob include war debt, arms control, & reconstruction of wartorn countries Harding wanted to solve prob. While keeping peace Major naval powers agree to disarm navies Kellogg-Briand Pact= renounced war as an instrument of Nat’l policy NO WAY TO ENFORCE BECAUSE NO WAY TO PUNISH COUNTRIES WHO DIDN’T STICK TO AGREEMENT

4 B. High Tariffs & Reparations
GB & France cant pay loans try to pay by forcing Germany to pay reparations Germany econ struggling toocan’t pay GB & France France invades industrial area of Germany US proposes Dawes Plan to avoid war Dawes Plan= US loans $ to Germany to pay France & GB, who would then use that $ to pay US This caused bad feelings among pplwho believed US wants paying their fair share US viewed other nations as fiscally irresponsible

5 II Limiting Immigration A. Quota System
Emergency quota act set up the quota system Established max # of immigrants to US Discriminated against ppl in E & W Europe (Catholics & Jews) Also completely closed door to Japanese Japan angry because it lived up to its part of the gentlemen’s agreement Goal was to cut immigration for EuropeUS

6 Classwork Question Answer the following question in at least one FULL paragraph How does the Kellogg-Briand Pact & Quota System reflect America’s isolationist, nativist, & conservatist feelings?

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