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Perlita Tiro, Managing Director Tiro Consulting Services Pte Ltd.

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1 Perlita Tiro, Managing Director Tiro Consulting Services Pte Ltd

2 Company Profile 20 Years in Creating Futures

3 Our Firm Leading international executive search organization. Combined partner-driven services with global search capabilities. Now in its 21 st year of operations, has long tradition in local, regional & international executive search.

4 Types of Services Started in 1989 specializing in HR consultancy mainly in: Executive Search Advertising – based Recruitment Human Resource Development Career Transition Programmes

5 What we offer Web based databank Off-limits policy: extensive search Six months guarantee Extensive experience of consultants Local and international experience Discreet and professional Wide industry experience Psychometric testing

6 Our Team Perlita Tiro, Managing Director Choo Boon Tiong, Deputy Managing Director Agnes Mah, Managing Consultant Katherine Chong, Senior Consultant Ricky Baroña, Consultant Carolyn Mendoza, Assistant Consultant Sharon Wong, Consulting Assistant


8 Perlita Tiro Pioneer in executive search & recruitment consultancy in Singapore 38 years experience in search and selection in Asia Pacific region 9 years with PA Consulting, CEO for 4+ years Earlier with SGV Group in Singapore (now Deloitte & Touche) & Manila (now E & Y) BBA, MBA, CPA

9 Sample Assignments SENIOR POSITIONS Managing Director US Fortune 500 Software Co General Manager German Manufacturing Co Group General Manager Diversified Conglomerate Vice Pres, Fin and Admin Diversified Conglomerate Dir of Sales and Marketing Global Electronic Manufacturer General Manager European FMCG General Manager US Travel Management Co General Manager Australian Equipment Rental Co

10 Sample Assignments SENIOR POSITIONS (contd) General Manager, ShanghaiDutch Manufacturing Co Senior Vice Pres, HRGlobal Electronic Mfg PsychologistA National Airline Vice Pres, HR A National Airline Director of FinanceGLC Director, FinanceGLC, Waste Mgmt Senior Vice Pres, MarketingGLC, Industrial Parks Deputy CEO GLC, Trade Board

11 Sample Assignments MANUFACTURING COMPANIES Snr Sales EngineersLeader in motion control technology Financial Controller US Contract Mfr of PCBAs and Box-built Products Dir of Sales & Mktg US MNC Mfr of Specialty Electrical & Electronics Products Reg Supply Base Mgr US Computer Manufacturing Product Manager Leader in Electrical Cabling Solutions Accountant Australian Light Mfg Firm Sales Devt Mgr US Microelectronics Company Quality Control Mgr German Wafer Packaging Mfr

12 Banks and Financial Institutions Director, Transaction BankingBritish Commercial Bank Director, Business DevelopmentASEAN Merchant Bank Head, EDP DepartmentLocal Insurance Group General ManagerInsurance Company Senior Investment PositionGovernment, Gulf Region Private Banking ManagersUS Investment Bank Dutch Offshore Bank Private Banking Relationship MgrCanadian Bank HR ManagerMajor Fund Mgmt Co Investment AnalystJapanese Merchant Bank Fund ManagerGerman Merchant Bank

13 Sample Assignments HOSPITALITY General Manager US Travel Management Co. Marketing Director Live Entertainment Company General Manager, Taiwan Exclusive Resorts Group Corporate & Marcom Manager Arts Entertainment Company Business Development Director Entertainment & Leisure Co. Legal Counsel Exclusive Resorts Group Head of HR, Shanghai Luxurious F&B and Retail Establishment General Manager Major Orchard Retail Mall

14 Sample Assignments IT / TELCO SECTOR Managing Director US Fortune 500 Software Co General ManagerComputer Software Co Regional Sales EngineerFrench Data Communication Co Regional DirectorUS Fortune 500 IT Co Regional Sales DirectorWireless Communications Group IT ManagerAsian Conglomerate IT AdministratorJapanese MNC Web DeveloperEuropean IT Think Tank

15 Sample Assignments ELECTRONICS Vice President - OpsWafer Fabrication Deputy GM, PhilippinesAudio Equipment CIM ManagerSemiconductor Packaging Design QA EngineerTest And Assembly Services Com & Ben ManagerListed MNC in Singapore Marketing Manager, US Microprocessors Manufacturer Asia Pac

16 Sample Assignments FINANCE-RELATED POSITIONS Deputy GM, Finance (China) Asian Conglomerate (Tire Mfg) Group Controller, (Shanghai) German MNC (Belt Mfg) Finance Director UK MNC (Intelligent Building) Chief Financial Officer (Suzhou) Asian Conglomerate (Pulp & Paper) Group Chief Financial Officer Local Hospitality Group Chief Financial Officer, China SGX Listed Property Company General Manager, Finance SGX Listed Company (Diversified)

17 Our Search Procedures are Comprehensive and In-depth

18 Executive Search 1. Obtain information on: Company Job Responsibilities Requirements of person Key results areas 2. Draft specifications

19 Executive Search 3. Conduct Research on companies & candidates Checks through industry contacts Preliminary assessment of candidates 5. Prepare & present shortlist reports

20 Executive Search 6. Assist in arranging meetings between client and candidates negotiation of terms with appointee 7. Conduct formal reference checks

21 Searches are Well-defined

22 Assignment Specification The Company The Position Reporting Relationship The Man or Woman The Reward

23 Advertising for Cost-Effective Recruitment

24 Advertising-based Recruitment 1. Obtain information on : Company Job description Requirements of person Key results areas 2. Draft advertisement

25 Advertising-based Recruitment 3. Conduct interviews & evaluate good prospects, supplemented with psychometric testing 4. Prepare and present shortlist reports

26 Advertising-based Recruitment 5. Assist in Arranging meetings between client and candidates Negotiation of terms with appointee Conducting formal reference checks

27 Database Search for Generic Positions

28 Database Search Maybe considered for generic positions Would supplement full search assignments Could apply if positions need not be filled immediately Involves : client review of blind CVs before assessment brief evaluation and reporting shorter guarantee period

29 Our Shortlist Reports are Comprehensive

30 Personal Details Education Special Courses Languages Computer Literacy Career History Detailed Shortlist Report

31 Personal Qualities Initial Impressions Communication Personality & Work Style Mental Abilities Executive Qualities Availability Summary and Recommendation Detailed Shortlist Report

32 Our assessment is supplemented by a Psychometric Exercise

33 Task Orientation Hard Work Ambition Leadership Responsibility Decision Making Organization Detail Orientation Thinking Mental Agility Physical Vigour Closeness to Individuals Closeness to Groups Social Extension Need to be Noticed Flexibility Emotional Control Aggression Need for Superior Support Need for Direction TIPP Profile Sheet


35 Current Key Challenges

36 Current Key Challenges Handful opportunities available in the market due to recession Plenty of supply of candidates who either go straight to companies, or found directly by hiring companies Pricing, pricing, pricing Tendency for low or no upfront fee Non-exclusivity 3-6 months guarantee, along with low fee

37 Current Key Challenges Faster turn-around delivery required Emergence of new sources of candidates: Face book Monster, Jobsdb, Jobstreet Linked-in, Zing, Plaxo [But also new sources of candidates for us.]

38 Steps Taken Pursue companies/industries hiring Faster turn-around on both pursuing green- shoots and delivery of candidates Competitive pricing and terms – to a limit (Depends on how eager we are to work for the company; still avoid C companies) Extensive upgrading of database systems Web-accessible by candidates Web-accessible by clients – to come soon Timely delivery of quality candidates

39 Employment Outlook

40 Current Situation CHANGE EMPLOYMENT LEVEL 6.09 1Q 092Q 09 TOTAL-6.2-12.42,933.8 MANUFACTURING-22.1-17.6546.6 CONSTRUCTION8.33.4371.7 SERVICES7.52.11,995.6 Employment (In 000s)

41 1Q 092Q 09 REDUNDANCY12,7605,500 Retrenchment10,9004,800 Early Release of Contract Workers 1,860700 Redundancy

42 2Q 081Q 092Q 09 TOTAL1,88012,7605,500 MANUFACTURING1,2509,2502,600 CONSTRUCTION20330500 SERVICES6203,1702,400 Redundancy by Sector

43 6.089.0812.083.096.09 S EASONALLY A DJ O VERALL (%) R ESIDENT (%) N ON -S EASONALLY A DJ O VERALL (%) R ESIDENT (%) Unemployment Rate

44 Points to note: Employers generally not renewing work permits of FW FW not counted among unemployed Out-of-work residents attending training not counted as unemployed

45 Economic Outlook G LOBAL O UTLOOK World economies recovering - US, Germany & France FED Bernanke Ex IMF C Economist Kenneth Rogoff SG London C Economist Recovery will be slow, unemployment declining from high levels

46 Economic Outlook Singapore Outlook Spores GDP dropped 10% Dec 08 – Feb 09; now drop slows down to 6.5% Recovery of US Market no longer only basis for regional growth Growing protectionism in the US and Europe, reducing investments in Asia

47 Economic Outlook Asia Pacific (especially China & India) now epicentre of economic growth to play a critical role in global recovery Singapore has to be cheaper, faster, and better to boost productivity and maintain its competitive edge SMEs becoming more resilient as an impetus for economic growth

48 Government Initiatives Jobs Credit Scheme SPUR programme Have they worked?? For how long?

49 Employment Outlook – Mixed Gradual bottoming out in labour market before it improves towards yearend Picture of job market is much brighter than projected Too early to celebrate; worst not yet over Economy could plunge again, due to employers holding retrenchments Jobless rate to peak at 4 % at yearend Companies can no longer hold on to workers due to: Weak global demand for goods Move out of Singapore to cheaper location (eg Seagate).

50 Employment Outlook Conclusion Economy will remain sluggish till yearend except for: IR-related activities (Junior roles) Health care Precision engineering Biomedical Sciences Recovery will be slow SMEs will emerge resilient

51 Your Experience Input Views Your Experience Input Views

52 Thank You

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